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Women are “ruined by 23 in most cases. Especially if they went to college,” Red Pillers agree

This is what Red Pillers actually believe
This is what Red Pillers actually believe

This discussion on the Red Pill Subreddit is possibly the Red-Pilliest Red Pill discussion I’ve ever seen: 

Im_Hitler 87 points 7 days ago  Theyre ruined by 23 in most cases. Especially if they went to college. Jesus christ what is wrong with women.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]sirmadam 54 points 7 days ago  The girl who lives next door to me is 16 and already ruined.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]Im_Hitler 43 points 7 days ago  Lol I was talking to my younger cousin last night. Hes about 20 and he says the majority of girls his age had had up to 10 partners by the time they were 16.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]Jigsus 33 points 7 days ago  What the fuck? I bet naked bushwomen have less sex.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]Im_Hitler 24 points 7 days ago  Its probably very specific to the geographical location but the lesson is that girls are only getting alot more sluttier alot younger. Wouldnt surprise me if by 18 they are completely desensitized to sex. Good luck to the poor bastard that LTRs a 'young innocent' girl from that generation.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]sirmadam 24 points 7 days ago  Basically any girl at 16 who is half good looking is completely ruined. I'm holding out for some late-bloomers coming out of their shells. I'm really not down with putting any effort into getting a girl who's had more miles of dick in her than I've walked in the past year.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]Billybob25112 20 points 7 days ago  Eyes half open, blank look on their faces. They all have the stare by the time they're 16.  permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive gold [–]the10thrider 28 points 7 days ago  Ahh, yes, the Thousand-Cock Stare. hitler2 hitler3

(I had to break the screenshot into three parts, hence the weirdness with the lines.)

In case anyone is wondering: these guys, in addition to being horrible people and probable pedos, are also completely wrong factually. A CDC survey found that men aged 25-44 reported they’d had a median of 6.1 lifetime sexual partners; women reported 3.6. Another CDC survey found that only 9% of women aged 15-44 had more than 15 sexual partners in their lifetime, as compared to 22% for men. Less than 2% of women had more than 5 sexual partners in the last year, as compared to 3.9% of men.

The differences between the numbers for men and women may, in part, be the result of different ideas about what constitutes sex. Men, given to padding the number of partners they’ve had, are more likely to count oral sex and handjobs as sex than women, who are more inclined to want to minimize their number. But even if we assume all the women are lying, their “real” numbers aren’t likely to be any higher than those of their male peers, which are likely exaggerated a bit.

Obviously having a lot of sexual partners is no crime. It’s just a bit weird how obsessed these guys are with women’s “number,” and how prone they are to wildly exaggerate what this “number” is. Combine this with their endless discussions of what they see as the mass “cuckolding” of men by sexually insatiable women and it almost seems like they’ve got some sort of unacknowledged fetish going on here.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, in itself; the problem is that their paranoid fantasies about hypersexual women provide them with an excuse for, well, being the douchebags that they are.

H/T — r/thebluepill

165 replies on “Women are “ruined by 23 in most cases. Especially if they went to college,” Red Pillers agree”

@yurana ” Even if their ideas on how the world works were right, by their own logic it would never work, that all women are pure chaste beings of virtue while the men sleep around as much as ”

Ah but not all women. Apparently they want a group of young, inexperienced ladies set aside for them.

So.. all the casual sex they can handle, but not from anyone they’d value for anything more than that (women they openly deride as sluts etc.) Of course even this twisted ideal still couldn’t work.

@ Bryce
“Ah but not all women. Apparently they want a group of young, inexperienced ladies set aside for them.”

Well, to stay within the market terms these people like so much: I see a serious “supply problem” of young, inexperienced ladies coming their way, which of course would lead to them having to “invest” much more to get one. Which, as I understand it, is exactly what Red Pillers always get so angry about, i.e. women holding “sexual power” and men having to “grovel at their feet” to get any.

I guess I’m just truly astonished how delusional these people are and how self-defeating their logic is.

yurana – I think that the ‘logic’ fails. I am sure if they thought it through they would realise this, but are caught up in knee jerk reactions to scenarios in their fevered imaginations of women on the ‘cock carousel’, being cuckolded, believing bizarre accounts of how slutty and disgusting the average Western woman is.

@Jaygee That makes sense given the college thing, but wouldn’t it more likely be 21-22, if they started at 18? I was 22-turning-23 when I graduated, but I took an extra year.

Also, I’m sorry for saying the name “Nietzsche” was a “mishmash” of consonants. That was horribly Anglocentric, and English is no better – probably worse, in fact – for having confusing spelling.

I mean, French is my second language, and I find it easier to spell – so what does that say about English? Anyway. 🙂

I think it’s a conspiracy theory thing. The kind of people who believe conspiracy theories are especially good at compartmentalizing. They will happily believe contradictory things as long as the general thrust fits with some cherished conclusion. In this case, the cherished conclusion is that everything that is wrong with life is somehow the fault of women. That’s also why their reasoning, such as it is, is often so tortuous. If they took the path of least resistance, they’d have no choice but to realize they’re full of shit.

@ paradoxical intent I too have a Bachelor’s degree sans orgies.

I didn’t even have piv sex until 20 or 21. (Can’t quite say I lost my virginity then because it’s such a vague concept anyway.) Every time I read the MRA crap, I always feel like someone with my experience doesn’t exist to them, but then I feel like other readers must feel this way too because real people and their actual actions don’t figure into their worldview.

@epitome of incomprehensibility that was just the reasoning I had assumed, but your guess of why 23 is as good as mine. I wonder if we could actually ask an MRA to explain their reasoning for this number. Who wants to be our decent people-to-MRA liason?

(Btw I’m the same person with the green avatar. I forgot which email I used because I was reading this on a different device, so I used a different email.)

I have exactly 24 hours to be ruined everyone. I better make a Facebook post alerting all available men to come and give me a thousand yard stare. I have a lot of catching up to do.

“Why are these dudes angry that women are willing to have casual sex? ”

Because they aren’t the ones women want to have casual sex with.

“You can have casual sex, as long as it’s with me, and only me! But don’t get attached because I want to have casual sex with other women who are only having it with me too! And don’t even think about marrying me, you whore!”

Roosh and hs buddies are either eugenic geniuses or lead by one.

They have convinced thousands of a***holes to drop their “Nice Guy” act and pull themselves into even bigger a***holes, not only that but they have been conditioned to seek out the type of women least likely to settle for them and their atitude.
Not only will they remain single but many will contribute financially and hours of their times into this modern-day Aktion T4 program.
They will rage in their basements while the actually nice guys gets some! -D
That they are angry @ women for having sex is precisely because the whole game thing do not work out that well for them, because when seeing how ruined women are by feminism, so they just choose not to have sex with them.

This can help you understand their atitude.

they are probably just worried that a woman who enjoys sex will be disappointed by their complete lack of skill and consideration in the realm of sex. Women who they have to convince to have sex because of less interest (because some people have smaller sexual appetites) probably just lie there waiting for it to end (not that they have to wait long)

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