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“Misogyny is secondary misandry” and other perplexing insights from non-feminism’s philosopher king

Fidelbogen, philosophizing
Fidelbogen, probably saying something that doesn’t make any sense

It’s been a while since I took a look at the Twitter feed of noted non-feminist philosopher king Fidelbogen. And, well, it’s still there. And as perplexingly Fidelbogenish as ever.

Let me know if any of these Tweets make any sense to you.

76 replies on ““Misogyny is secondary misandry” and other perplexing insights from non-feminism’s philosopher king”

Ok, the anti-antifeminism one does make sense; it’s just a needlessly confusing way to make a pretty basic point. And, yeah, the mildew one seems to be a joke, albeit a terrible one; I didn’t realize that he’d posted it before, and he probably didn’t realize it either. There are a few others that make a little bit of sense (the first one, the one about provoking feminists, maybe one or two more). But Fidelbogen is pretty much the least competent propagandist the world has ever seen. Also, why does he need to wear that hat in all his videos? Is he recording them all in an unheated basement?

Fidelbogan is… well, the purple prose seems to be a manosphere trait, but at least with most of them you can boil it down into plain English (which reveals exactly how horrible what they are saying really is). But Fidelbogan… I don’t even understand what he is trying to say. He’s gone past purple prose. He’s into ultra-violet prose, which humans can’t even see.

That guy looks like Craig Cobb. He has the same crazy eyes.

Ooo, what a fun game this fellow has invented! Let me see if I can say something that rings like a profound statement but which is instead self-referential misogynist hogwash: Feminism defines itself using the terms of Feminism to describe a Feminist belief system and must be forced to reveal its true intentions, which is to elide the nature of reality by denying the true superiority of the Male over the Female.

Damn, I think that was too coherent to qualify for the game! I am terrible at this sloppy form of unthinking doublespeak.

Okay, let me see if I can attempt a Numbskull-to-English translation here…

#Feminism promised #women independence. They didn’t tell you it would be a one way trip.

Translation: “I’m really pissed that women, having tasted independence, don’t want to go back to Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, etc. So I’m gonna pretend that all these evil feminists alienated the likes of me rather than the other way ’round. Aren’t I clever and elliptical about that?”

A feminist-based definition of #feminism cannot be an item of non-feminist discourse.

Translation: “We hateful MRAs must make up our own straw definition of feminism so that our idiotic discourse makes some semblance of sense and attracts more haters to our ignoble cause. We can’t use the actual definition of feminism, because (a) feminists defined it, and (b) it sounds much too reasonable for our liking. Tricksy bitches, outlogicking us at every turn.”

Feminist hostility to everything that is not feminist, must be provoked into showing itself.

Translation: “Always be trolling.”

#Misogyny is just secondary misandry.

Translation: “I hate myself, so I must project that onto women and pretend THEY made me do it.”

Somebody wants to “recuperate” #feminism. Interesting how the venn diagram makes feminism both misandric AND misogynistic. #antifeminism

Translation: “I’m pulling shit out of my ass here, folks. There is no ‘somebody’ and no Venn diagram, either.”

Anti-antifeminism serves feminism, and feminism encourages it.

Translation: “Tricksy bitches made me hate them, and now they’re laughing at me for making a fool of myself over it.”

Every anti-male stream feeds into the #feminist river. The Femplex is a vast watershed.

Translation: “I have no clue how rivers work or what watersheds are, I just think this silly metaphor sounds incredibly clever.”

“The Sky is Blue” is code for “not a feminist”.

Translation: “Also, ‘The Grass is Green’ is code for ‘Damn, these drugs are strong’.”

I don’t recommend misogyny. It’s too gynocentric.

Translation: “Haw haw haw, look how clever I am, pretending I don’t really hate women and obsess over them constantly. I don’t. How dare you say I do! Women women women!”

Pure “men’s rights” discourse will fall under feminist control by various means. Only Strict Anti-feminism can b decisive against feminism.

Translation: “Fuck you, Paul Elam, you’re not the boss of me. I’m the boss of YOU!”

Here’s the plan: we need to isolate the #feminist community within the prison of its collective mind.

Translation: “This is not a plan. I don’t have a plan. This is just me talking out my ass again, and trying to make it sound like something other than a wet fart.”

Circular reasoning can be defeated by linear reasoning. Spherical reasoning cannot be.

Translation: “Holy balls, these drugs are fuckin’ STRONG.”

Dew from the mill is mildew.

Translation: “This is my favorite pickup line. Hasn’t worked yet. I think I’ll repeat it until somebody laughs.”


Fidelbogen must consume several tigers worth of drugs every single day in order to maintain this level of profundity.

Oh thank god somebody else remembers this in-joke. I was worried I was the only one.

Bina-LOL! I think those translations are accurate. 😀 The guy sounds like a complete whackjob.

I sincerely can’t tell if he regards himself as the linear thinker, who can deconstruct circular reasoning, but is helpless against the baffling, evidently illogical spherical feminist thought (in which case he admits that he can’t argue against feminism)…

Or if he thinks he’s the the spherical thinker, whose dudelogic is simply at a higher dimension than feeble feminist linear reasoning (in which case he admits that he can’t think logically)…

Basically I can’t tell whether the linear reasoning or the spherical reasoning is supposed to belong to the baddies, in his view.

“Spherical reasoning”? I guess MRAs like their logic and their women to be 2D.

If the Femplex (which apparently is shorthand for the Feminist-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower so famously warned about, except no he didn’t) is a vast watershed, then the manosphere must be a huge lifeless desert. Somebody didn’t think that metaphor through.

As for dew from the mill, it reminds me of a stoner friend who once spent half an hour trying to convince me that a mucus membrane is really the brain of a “mucus mem”. Woah. Dude.

I have to say, Dave, your sense of humor at times is downright hilarious. I literally just snorted I was laughing so hard at this,

“Also, why does he need to wear that hat in all his videos? Is he recording them all in an unheated basement?”

That comment about you eagerly awaiting AVfM’s recipe for toast and water was just as funny. I couldn’t even read the original article on AVfM without snickering. It was quite strange.

I doubt I’ll comment much on here anymore, because to be brutally honest, I have no clue who most of the people are Dave is talking about. For example, I had never even heard of Paul Elam, or AVfM until recently.

I have to say though, 2 thumbs WAY up from me for the Roosh and Forney bashing. I’ll be taking some shots at both of them myself. And, of course, everyone’s favorite “gorilla”, Cernovich.

I remember hearing self-assured blather like this back in university. Somehow it’s less amusing coming from someone Fidelbogen’s age.

Zoon, thanks for the tiger reference. I think F is measuring his intake in smilodons.

“spherical logic” immediately made me think of the joke with the punchline “first, assume a spherical cow…”

Pfft, Of course you ball-hating grumpy anorgasmic femnazis aren’t able to conprehend these insightful witty tweets made by one of the most enlighted man of our times! Femnazis are allergic to logic and reason, it’s scientifically proven. /s

“Misogyny is secondary misandry”

I think this one is saying that men only hate women because women hate men. Which is pretty childish, and completely sweeping.

“Dew from the mill is mildew” made me laugh out loud and scare my cats.

Works from the fire are fireworks. Mint from the spear is spearmint. Thoughts from the ass are assthoughts.

Sitting feeding the ducks in Regents Park, two identically dressed figures in trench coats. One mutters “The sky is blue”. The other responds ” The seagull flies backwards over Krakow”. Expressionless, the first gets up and walks away, leaving a rolled up newspaper on the park bench. The other picks it up, opens it, and out falls a fedora and a day pass to an MRA conference – a snip at $600.

Isn’t the Femplex the code name for the feminine hygiene aisle at CVS?

I have a few questions:
1) What the hell is Fidelbogen on?
2) What are it’s effects?
3) Where can I get some of it?

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