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Internet incels celebrate Andreas Lubitz, the alleged killer co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, as a "legitimate SLAYER" and an "incel hero"

The New Incel Hero: Neither an incel nor a hero
The New Incel Hero: Neither an incel nor a hero

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Sluthate’s “shitty advice” forum, devoted to discussing such high-minded topics as “Do fat women have dirtier vaginas?” and “why is rape bad,” is a haven for embittered “incels” — self-described “involuntary celibates” — who’ve convinced themselves that they are too objectively unattractive and un-alpha to attract attention from the cruel and superficial “sluts” of the world — a category that seems to include all the women they find attractive.

Back when the forum was known as PUAhate, it was a regular hangout of one especially embittered incel, a young man known as Elliot Rodger, who last year killed six in Isla Vista California, and then himself, in what he called his “Day of Retribution” against women. Many of Sluthate’s regulars, unsurprisingly, have embraced “ER” as a kind of incel martyr.

Now they’ve found a new and improved hero: Andreas Lubitz, the troubled co-pilot who, French officials say, deliberately flew Germanwings Flight 9525 into a mountain in the French Alps.

In a topic entitled BREAKING: Co-pilot was incel and crashed the plane!!!, Sluthate regulars have embraced Lubitz as “one of them” — and are enthusiastically celebrating his alleged mass murder as the possible beginning of a “Beta uprising.”

“New high score, and in a much shorter time too,” a commenter calling himself gobman3000 wrote happily. “Damn, legitimate SLAYER.”

Alienfranco was even more enthusiastic:

What a fucking SLAYER.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero? You are the wind beneath my WINGS. …

Why go out with a whimper when you can go out with a BANG? An incel killing 150+ people will make a lot more of an impact than killing 1 asshole or a few assholes.

A large percentage of the 150+ people on that plane were sluts and Chads anyway.

Hopefully all these incel killings get to a point where society will fear autists/incels and give us $2000/month and subsidized prostitution to placate us from killing normalfags.

OmegaKV noted that many of the passengers on the plane “were teenagers who were vacationing,” concluding

This was DEFINITELY an incel motivated plane crash.

He couldn’t take it too see so many good looking and happy teenagers with gfs, experiencing the adolescence he always longed for but never got, so took advantage of the perfect opportunity to kill himself while taking the teenage normalfags with him.

PuaKiller agreed:

Yeah. He definitely knew what he was doing. I can only imagine what he was feeling in that moment. Wow. …

This one is going in the hall of fame!

Largely dismissing the news reports suggesting that Lubitz did, in fact, have a girlfriend, the regulars examined each new picture of the alleged mass murderer that appeared in the media for telltale signs of his incel status.

PJ1 was brutal in his assessment:

-looks like a manlet from his proportions. I’d honestly be surprised if he’s over 5 10

-small frame

-critical balding

-beta face

OldRooster1 agreed:

guy does look like an incel manlet that came to the realization that the status of being a pilot was not enough to overcome his 3.5/10 looks/body.

“Look at that frame, he’s about 60kg soaking wet,” Jigar added. “I’d be surprised if his wrists were a hair over 6 inches thick.”

Still another commenter labeled him a “betafaced framecel” — whatever that is — and “the kind of guy that’s INVISIBLE.”

These are harsh assessments, to be sure, and in some cases seem to have virtually no connection with the photographic evidence, but the Sluthate regulars tend to be equally harsh in their assessments of themselves. Thread-starter Zark_Muckerberg, for example, attaches a sig to each of his posts quantifying his romantic and sexual failures:

gfs: 0
kisses: 0
handjobs: 0
blowjobs: 0
intercourse: 0

Having convinced themselves that they will never be able to have a life equal to that of the world’s “good looking and happy … normalfags,” the Sluthaters feel Lubitz’ pain — or, at least, the pain they imagine he felt.

Flawed Mentat blamed the killings on an uncaring world that didn’t deliver Lubitz  the “good woman” he deserved.

HE did not fire the first shot. Women and Society, blase, branded HIM as non human, invisible, an object of scorn and laughter. So, when it sunk in that all his effort was in vain, there were no good women awaiting him, life was gonna be just as empty, lonely and horrifying as before he even started training as a pilot, well, he probably logically decided to declare war back on the human race, since it was open in its war on him.

ThereIsNoGame agreed:

Just lol @ reddit comments saying how creepy it is that he didn’t think about the lives of all the people he killed.

Yeah, well what about all the people who never gave a fuck about him. He was probably treated like shit over and over again.

Society never looks itself in the mirror when it is to blame.

Don’t treat people like shit and shit wont happen. Why is that so hard to understand? 

He ended his comment with this chilling warning-cum-threat.

looks like more people will need to die until the message is drilled in.

Zygominati directed his ire at a familiar target:

I blame feminism for this. In days gone by pilots would flirt with stewardesses and pinch their arses. They would leave their hotel room ajar for layover shenanigans. Now they are bus drivers in the sky that can’t even take a shit. This incel was probably sold a dream and after countless hours of flight time realised there is nothing there.

Meanwhile, the few Sluthaters who didn’t utterly dismiss the news reports of Lubitz having a girlfriend seized on the reports that the two had broken up — and blamed the girlfriend for “cucking” him. As Patriarch put it,

If its true that his girlfriend cucked or dumped him, just imagine how smug this entitled shitcunt must feel like right now. Looking at him, she was a 4 at best but now she gets her own little fairytale drama story and she gets to go on TV and talk about how awful she feels and how she never expected this to happen. In the aftermath, a bunch of whiteknights will whiteknight her into oblivion and probably donate a million € to her fundme so she can learn to deal with this tragedy…. Fucking feminist shitcunt society

It goes without saying that all of these embittered rants are based almost entirely on projection. We know very little about Lubitz, or what might have motivated him to (allegedly) crash the plane, killing 149 innocent human beings and himself.

While news reports suggest that he had suffered from depression and from some other mental illnesses as yet unnamed, these revelations raise more questions than they answer. Depression can certainly contribute to suicide, but mass murder? Mentally ill people are more likely to be victims of violence than victimizers.

While it seems clear that Lubitz was not literally an “incel” — he apparently did have a girlfriend —  it’s certainly possible that he crashed the plane because he was upset over a breakup with that girlfriend, or angry at women in general.

That’s not a conclusion we can draw based on looking at Lubitz’s “waist-hip-ratio” or the size of his wrists. It’s a possibility we can raise based on our understanding of how murder/suicides unfold in the real world.

As I pointed out yesterday, murder/suicide is overwhelmingly a male crime, and the victims are often wives, girlfriends or exes. Breakups often trigger rage in men, and a few take this rage out on the women they feel have wronged them. Or, in extreme cases, on women in general. The intended targets of Elliot Rodger’s rampage were what the “spoiled, stuck-up, blonde slut[s]” in a local sorority. (Luckily, he was barred at the door and his plan collapsed.)

But even if Lubitz was driven by “incel rage” or something much like it, it’s worth pointing out that this rage is  based on bullshit. Elliot Rodger was not objectively unattractive; his problems with women came from within, from a mixture of embittered entitlement, self-hatred and an assortment of other psychological demons.

Similarly, the rage of Sluthate’s incels is driven not by the actual behavior of women in the real world but by their fucked-up ideas about women — and themselves. Sluthaters hate themselves as much as they hate “sluts,” and project their own hyper-critical assessments of their own looks onto the women they think are perpetually judging them and finding them wanting. Ironically, they themselves view women with the same hyper-critical eyes, dismissing all but a handful of young, conventionally attractive women as “fugly hambeasts” and the like.

Sluthate reinforces a poisonous and supremely self-defeating way of looking at the world. Whether or not Lubitz was driven by “incel rage,” I think we have every reason to worry that Sluthate and other internet forums devoted to “incels” may be breeding more “heroes” like Elliot Rodger and, possibly, Andreas Lubitz.

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6 years ago
Reply to  katz

He didn’t just ‘try’.
Ick ick ick.

6 years ago

@Turkey Burger
Dude, we’ve all been there at some time in our lives, but it’s not the end of the world. This is not an issue that’s unique to any gender; get yourself a vibrator or a fleshlight to take the edge off your sexual frustration, & just try to make friends with members of your preferred gender. If you’re relaxed, non-whiny, & have friends, things will work out okay eventually.

6 years ago

Pro tip: Telling women they should try to sympathize with people who hate them and want to abuse, rape, and murder them – or cheer for those who do those things – is not going to make you more desirable to us.

Expecting us to understand your pain when you are making no effort to understand the pain we experience because we go through life knowing that so many men hate us and to want to abuse, rape, or kill us and why that pain might just make us a little bit angry at misogynists is also not going to make you more desirable.

It’s not all about you and your feelings and your feeling all the time.

Grow up.

I say that as a woman who is single, a little awkward, and has been rejected by men, or not noticed by them lots of times. I know you don’t think we exist, but we do. The difference is we don’t have forums devoted to talking about how men are evil and should be murdered.

5 years ago

Personally, I’m shocked that you’ve never discussed C-A-A-M-I-B. (Yes I hyphenated it. He’s a bit like a mentally unstable, misogynistic Beetlejuice; writing out his name summons him. Then again, that could be why.)

You could find enough material for content for months based on his drivel.

5 years ago

people spurned by society often feel no responsibility towards society. they’re not anti social, society is anti-them. so i don’t have animosity towards them, just the hypocrisy of people who just a minute before had compassion for the mentally ill, now wish to see them harmed, killed, or put into prison cells for committing the crime of being different.

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