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Is the devious Anita Sarkeesian "trying to prevent [men] from experiencing the joys of 2D women?"

marlospkm 0 points 2 months ago  As ridiculous as my statement is going to sound, I'm pretty sure that Anita is trying to prevent us from experiencing the joys of 2D women. The kind of joys many Japanese men who've rejected the pig disgusting ways of 3D women already have. There is nothing more frightening to these feminists than the idea of a man finding emotional fulfillment through love of a robot, or the idea of a woman as opposed to an actual woman. Most of society is set up to shame men who don't fall in line, and also fall in love with women. Men who haven't been approved by women are deemed other, and rejected from society. The future waifus, and the Hatsune Miku occulus rift sex experiences take away one of feminism and women's powerful weapons over the male gender. Their dominance over sexuality. Once man is freed from the institutional forces which oppress him, and force him to find purpose in the approval of women, he will be free to pursue his own dreams. Finally men will have no need to fight over women, as they will have something that replaces them the same way robots have replaced the male industrial work force of the world. Wars will be ended, and we will achieve world peace. The masculine will be set free, allowed full creativity, and the world will enter a new enlightened age. We will explore Mars, Jupiter, and the furthest reaches of our solar system. Male and female will be united, working together towards a better future for humanity. But only if we can free ourselves first.     permalink     save     report     give gold     reply [–]Alzael 2 points 2 months ago      I'm pretty sure that Anita is trying to prevent us from experiencing the joys of 2D women. Actually, that's not ridiculous in the slightest. It's a very common thing for feminists.
Wars will be ended, and we will achieve world peace.
Wow. Anita Sarkeesian is even more devious than I thought. Who knew she was single-handedly standing in the way of a glorious future free of wars and from the influence of sexy real-world females being all sexy and stuff.

This little exchange took place in the Koataku in Action subreddit, Reddit’s main hangout for GamerGaters; I suppose we should give the regulars there credit for downvoting marlospkm’s comment down to zero.

While his comment is just a teensy bit over-the-top, the self-described “red piller” marlospkm (who seems to be sincere) is hardly the only guy obsessed with the allegedly liberating power (for men) of “virtual sex” and/or sexbots. Indeed, this was a major theme of The Misandry Bubble, a weird online manifesto that’s been influential amongst the sorts of guys I write about on this blog; check the archives here for many more examples.

Oh, and he’s not the only guy convinced that women today oppress men with their sexiness. marlospkm, meet Warren Farrell.

H/T — Arthur Chu, retweeting Gameranx editor Ian Miles Cheong (which must be very confusing for the GamerGaters who think they’re the same person). Also posted on The Best of Outrage Culture subreddit.

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8 years ago

@Quiet Wolf
They’d whine about having to do proper maintenance on their sexbots, or about the infection they got after not properly cleaning it. Then they’d say women are just biologically programmed to be better at cleaning sexbots than men, and so should be made to do so, but then they’d get terrified of women spermjacking them through their robots…

8 years ago

I’ll admit that at this point I do think anyone who supports GG is an ass. Near the start, or even for a few months, I thought most were assholes but maybe some people were just not informed. The more I learned about it plus just reading ANY place that GG hangs out at is enough for me to feel comfortable saying they are pretty much all asses. Like, they’re supporting a hate movement.
At the end of the day, even if some people aren’t asses I don’t think me saying so will matter to anyone a whole lot.

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