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>Pee-ple Power


Future revolutionaries?

On January 1, 2010, a day that will live in … calendars from last year, the blogger at The Futurist published a long-winded crackpot screed called The Misandry Bubble, which rehashed a bunch of standard-issue “manosphere” memes — doofus sitcom dads oppress men! beta man can’t get laid! marriage sucks!  — in one exceedingly pretentious package. While rampant misandry and uppity women were destroying American civilization from within, he argued, the “Four Horsemen of Male Emancipation” would rescue us all and put those dirty feminists and White Knights in their place. One of the Horsemen? Virtual reality sex toys for men.

To say that Mr. Futurist was optimistic about his ability to predict the future popping of the “misandry bubble”  is a wild understatement. His manifesto, he declared, was

a guide to the next decade of social, political, and sexual strife …  As the months and years of this decade progress, this article will seem all the more prophetic.

Naturally, with so many in the manosphere being pretentious douches who like having their own crackpot notions repeated back to them in pretentious language, The Misandry Bubble was a smashing success, and became for a time the talk of angry-man town.

I’ve been meaning to write about it for awhile, but that would have required me to actually reread the damn thing.

But Mr. Futurist has beaten me to the punch. On January 1, 2011, “exactly 365 days after The Misandry Bubble was posted,” he posted his long-awaited followup. It starts off as portentiously (and pretentiously) as his original manifesto:

We have completed the first year of the decade of The Misandry Bubble, and I remain as convinced as ever that The Misandry Bubble will correct by 2020 no matter what due to the Four Horsemen of Male Emancipation.  However, there is much to lose if the correction is turbulent, rather than orderly.  Millions of innocent men and women can be saved from wrenching misfortune if we act now to fight the culture of misandry that is cancerously pervading the entire Western world.

So how does one fight such a hydra-headed menace as modern misandry? Mr. Futurist, borrowing a page from third-world revolutionaries, suggests that what is needed to save “millions … from wrenching misfortune” is a “a simple, low risk solution that enable this small civilian force [of MRAs] to wage asymmetrical warfare against misandry.”

This solution?

Urinal flyers. 

Yep. His grand plan to save civilization from “misandry” is for a super seekret guerilla army of angry dudes to put up little posters above urinals in public restrooms suggesting that dudes taking a piss  … go read The Spearhead, or some other manosphere site with “a professional appearance and clean format.” He calls this campaign “URLs @ Urinals.”

I shit you not. (Or perhaps that should be “I piss you not.”)

Here’s his explanation:

Male restrooms in public buildings have urinals.  When a man is using a urinal, he has no choice but to see the blank wall that is directly in front of his face above the urinal at eye-level.  Every man taller than 5’2″, whether young or old, rich or poor, is a captive audience for that brief passage of time.  …

If a man sees a flyer that provokes a jolting thought where he leasts expects it, he will remember it for a long time to come.  Those of us who have studied and practiced Neuro-Linguisting Programming (NLP) will recognize this as a very strong anchor, and thus ensure that he will remember the seed planted in his mind in many future instances of standing in front of a urinal.  The periodic recollection will be unshakeable, due to such a strong anchor being planted.  Whenever he hears of yet another such situation again, he will think back to the thought evoked by the flyer he saw on that day. 

Mr. Futurist refers to this strategy, with utter seriousness, as “piercing the Matrix.” You know, like in The Matrix.

All that remains to be done, besides purchasing a roll of tape, is to come up with some appropriately “jolting” posters. Mr. Futurist has already come up with a bunch of them. They won’t win any awards for clever design, or clever wordplay, or even “World’s Greatest Grandpa,” but, hey, if they’re printed up on sheets of paper they can indeed be considered flyers. Here’s one:

And another one, perhaps my favorite:

Our good friend ReluctantNihilist from Reddit — who apparently is none other than Jay Hammers, whom you may remember from my The Worst of the Men’s Rights Movement post — has already come up with a few of his own slogans:

The Constitution no longer protects men and boys.What happened?

Chivalry is Dead And Women Killed It

Why do men die younger than women?It’s not just biological.The truth may surprise you.

Buying That Girl Drinks Will Get You Nowhere

All it will take to bring these sorts of messages to a million men, Mr. Futurist estimates, is a mere 1000 hours of collective action, printing up and posting these little flyers in the men’s restrooms of America. “Which could,” he explains,

plant a seed in the minds of hundreds of thousands of them.

Which could lead to tens of thousands of them reading the websites introduced in the flyers.

Which could result in several thousand more men becoming fully educated about the various dimensions of misandry that are silently enslaving them.

Now, Mt. Futurist realizes there will be naysayers amongst the evil misandrists of the world. As he explains, with typical understatement:

Already in a stupor of castrative bloodlust, ‘feminists’ will be tipped into hysteria by the thought of more men being sent information from outside the plantation.  Their reactions will span the whole range of derangement, from demands for taxpayer-funded armed guards to apprehend flyer posters, to feminists barging into men’s rooms to inspect for evidence of ‘misogyny’, to calls for outright bans on urinals themselves as ‘male supremacist’ appliances, to increasingly bold statements regarding the need to reduce the male population to a fraction of what it currently is … .

Also, he observes, some people might actually tear down the flyers. But do not be daunted, good men, for

that action is futile as due to the viral nature of ‘URLs @ Urinals’ they have no idea where or when the next flyers will be posted.  They will, as mentioned before, double down on their pedestalization of women.  But they can only double down so many times, and this will accelerate the process of them cracking under the burdens of their ignorance.

So onward and upward, urinal-flyer-posting men! I guess I’ll have to check back in a year to see if the revolution has begun.

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11 years ago

>Nick, I have no idea what you are babbling about now.

11 years ago

>Nick, I have no idea what you are babbling about now. Of course you don't, you're a feminist

11 years ago

>In year 2011 in western society, do intelligent feminists even exist?

11 years ago

>They do, and they laugh their asses off at morons like you. 😀 Thanks for the amusement.

11 years ago

>@doctresjulia,And such an insightful post from a prominent doctress as yourself. Is doctress a feminized version of doctor or some new profession?

11 years ago

>Nick, if you could try to make sense then I would be able to respond. But you refuse to do so to anyone.My original point stands-there is zero reason or obligation for a male to buy a female a drink. Just as there is zero reason or obligation for a female to give a guy sex if he buys her a drink. It is not a case of "if you buy her a drink you will get no where." It is a case of "neither side is obliged to do either action."If you assume someone is thinking you are cheap for not buying a girl a drink, that is your problem. And for the few women out there you assume (as well) to feel they are entitled to being given free things because of their possession of a vagina, no one is forcing you to buy them anything. You can just ignore their existence. The whining you exhibit over this issue is probably why you are unable to be happy with a woman much less the gender.

11 years ago

>It's quite safe to say that women should never accept drinks from a man at all. Specifically ones they are not already on an "official date" with. That has always been the rule my parents taught me to protect myself against men who think it "buys them something", men who react violently/badly to rejection, men who might drug your drink, etc.It's just not worth it to accept a drink from a man regardless of how honorable he appears in his offer.It's very, very common for men to become belligerent, accusatory, and demanding if you dare to accept the drink they've pushed on you just to be polite.The "politeness" (of accepting it to be nice) just really isn't worth a woman's safety or sense of well-being. As for the men…it's better to just ask a woman on a proper date (in the future) if you are genuinely interested in her and see/meet her out somewhere. It makes the man seem more genuine in wanting to get to know her and also makes the woman feel more inclined to NOT think he's a random bootyhound out trying to pick up chicks.That's a rule the women in my family have always followed (never "meet up with" a man who doesn't take you on a proper date) and there are plenty of men who understand and feel the same way in return. And they tend to respect you (as a woman) more for that.The ones who aren't willing to do that….well…count your blessings you didn't waste any time on him.

David Futrelle
11 years ago

>I have a simple one-step plan for any guy who wants to protect himself from evil women in bars who expect him to pay for drinks:Don't buy women drinks.That way, any women who simply wants to exploit you for drinks will go away. Note: If it's clear there's an expectation of drink-buying reciprocity — that if you buy one round, she'll buy the next, that sort of thing — then buying drinks is fine. Alternately, you could start start hanging out with the sort of women who expect each person to pay their own way on a date. Of course, there's a good chance these women will be feminists.

10 years ago

Haha, it is quite funny that MRAs & feminists sometimes have simliar objectives.

Anyway- I wish these guys would post flyers & get public attention. That way their insanity will be exposed to the light of day

7 years ago

So the brilliant plan of this MRA is to use the same strategy as the same folks who place Jack Chick tracts? They’ve not had too much success, but I’d love to see MRA comics in the same style as the Chick ones–they might be as hilarious.

I love this guy is a NLP believer as well. Yay quackery!

6 years ago

The “Four Horsemen of Male Emancipation” must have gotten stuck in traffic.

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