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Alex Jones heads further into MRAland with a video on "the antihuman transhumanist super-Nazis who are the feminazis.”

Is the bellicose conspiracy doofus Alex Jones moving further into Men’s Rights territory?

In this video, posted on his Infowars site today, Jones introduces a special report on what he calls the “bizarre excesses of the anti-human transhumanist super-Nazis who are the feminazis.”

In the report itself, Infowars’ Paul Watson – like Jones, a bit of a yeller — describes an evil plot spearheaded by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and the National Basketball Association to – brace yourself – encourage men to do more housework and child care. This includes, Watson reports ominously, scrubbing the dishes and even doing laundry.

Is nothing sacred to these depraved superfeminazis? Don’t men already have enough chores to do? Indeed, as Watson notes, there are reports of men taking out the trash, shoveling snow and even mowing the lawns.

Never mind that surveys suggest that women do anywhere from twice to three times the amount of housework as men. Never mind that this includes working women, and even working mothers. Indeed, as Bryce Covert noted in a Nation piece last year, “even mothers who work full-time will still put in a week and a half’s worth more time on household tasks than their male partners each year.”

I’m sure Watson and Jones would dismiss all this evidence as femisupernazi propaganda. Indeed, Watson starts in on a very Men’s Rightsy rant about how men work more hours than women and do more dangerous jobs and so on and so on.

Never mind that even men who don’t work do less housework than women and that overall, if you add up paid work and housework, men work three hours less a week than women do.

Watson even throws suicide rates into the equation, as if the fact that men are more likely to succeed at suicide than women has anything to do with who is washing the dishes and changing the diapers.

“Isn’t it ironic,” Watson bellows,

that Sandberg, architect of the ‘ban bossy’ campaign is now bossing men on how to behave in the privacy of their own homes?

Uh, dude, the whole point of the “ban bossy” campaign was to point out that women invariably get called “bossy” for acting the same way as men who are invariably not described as bossy.

The fact that you’re calling her “bossy” for urging men to do more housework kind of proves her whole point.

After noting that Sandberg’s new campaign has a number of – gasp! – corporate sponsors, Watson declares that it

has nothing to do with advancing equality and everything to do with creating more division between the sexes through social engineering and the promotion of 

– wait for it –


Even the evil Hillary Clinton has signed on to the campaign.

Watson rails on about sky-high divorce rates – even thought the rate has been dropping for decades. But never mind:

Feminism has clearly been a disaster for relationships between men and women. Feminism is a cancer to marriage in America. This campaign is only going to lead to more pressure on men, more resentment, more arguments and the breakdown of more relationships.

So, in conclusion, I guess, women should never suggest that men do anything differently?

Apparently. Watson, after lecturing us all about the evils of feminism, demands that Sandberg et al,

stop lecturing people on how to behave in the privacy of their own [explosion sound effect] home.

Shouting now, he orders the nazisuperfemis

Stop being bossy by dictating how gender roles in household tasks should be decided upon by couples.

Dude, you’re sounding a little, dare I say it, bossy.

Stop implying that men are deficient or losers because they’re not doing enough laundry or not cleaning up enough dirty dishes …

And so on. His voice dripping with contempt, Watson continues on with his tirade, sounding like nothing so much as an angry Men’s Rights Redditor on a rampage. Jones, muttering incoherently into his microphone, can be heard over Watson’s rant.

Watson throws in a reference to “cutural marxism.” He describes Sandberg et al as “joyless feminist harpies.” Then the segment lurches to a halt and Jones starts up again, declaring the evil plot to get men to wash a few more dishes as “a plan to wreck women” and give more power to the “megabanks raping us.”

It’s a little weird to see dudes who think the world is run by Moloch-worshipping Illuminati parroting so many MRA talking points – or, in this case, yelling points.

It’s also a bit weird to realize that Watson’s “argument” is actually a good bit more coherent, and less obviously misogynistic, than the Youtube rantings of most MRAs. Hell, he didn’t even call Sandberg a bitch or, you know, that word that starts with c.

Jones et al may need to step up their game — and crank up the hatred —  if they really want to make inroads into the Men’s Rights movement.

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He describes Sandberg et al as “joyless feminist harpies.”

Necroing to say that somebody needs to make that a band name.

Alex Jones has completely lost his lid. Whatever credibility he once had he flushed down the toilet when he had that awful man Pastor Steven Anderson on the program, who is a raving lunatic anti Semite and Quiverful rape advocate. No wonder the MRAs are tuning in in droves.

that awful man Pastor Steven Anderson

Oh shit…isn’t he the guy who said “Disobedient children deserve death”?
I bet he’s “pro-life”. If disobedient kids all died, our species would go extinct because we all disobey at *some* point…even the most Stepford clonish golden children among us.

Sigh…. @Virgin Mary <3,

Please, stop doing this.

Pastor Steven Anderson … who is a raving lunatic


I’m sorry. Force of habit. He is a very unpleasant and spiteful man.
He once held a prayer vigil where he encouraged his followers to pray for Obama to die and go to hell. The man is not nice or very well adjusted.

I agree, I have heard of him. He’s awful. He’s also nothing like the lovely people I know who are called “lunatic” and “unstable” and “not well adjusted” all the time because of their conditions. They don’t deserve to be tarred with the same brush as that horrible person.

I know it’s tough to be aware of the language, though! Words like “lunatic” and “crazy” are pretty common, and it can be hard to catch oneself. I understand. Thank you for trying!

I do find this hard, just as hard as it is to identify real evil. Is it ever right to call somebody evil, even the rapists, trolls and bullies? Maybe they are just ill, and maybe they could have therapy and become rehabilitated? Why do people feel the need to go against their better nature and be so awful and make other people’s lives terrible?
I wish there was a neurological explaination for these people, and some way they could see the error of their ways. If people could maybe learn to have a bit of empathy, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

WTF?! Excuse me while go puke…

Also, gay. does. not. mean. pedophile. you. insufferable. asshole!

@Virgin Mary
I don’t think people are good or evil. I think people are capable of actions that fall on a wide spectrum that ranges from evil to neutral to good and that even classifying those actions is subjective. But people themselves are complicated and rarely do something purely with the goal of harming others, which is the closest thing I can think of to what we might call evil.

I gather from these comments and the other thread that you’re working through a lot of things and trying to make sense of it. I had a lot of serious soul searching, questioning my religious/spiritual beliefs, questing the nature of life and humans when I was getting over my abusive past, so I understand what you’re going through (I think). I hope you find some clarity and peace of mind.

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