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Men's Rights leader: "Gynocentric" females are lazy prostitutes with smelly vaginas who assault men with their cleavage

Temple of Gynocentrism
Temple of Gynocentrism

Noted Men’s Human Rights Activist Paul Elam reported, in a statement earlier this week, that “female gynocentrics” are smelly, lazy prostitutes who assault men with their cleavage and expect men to pick up the tab. Elam believes we live in a “gynocentric” culture, and seems to believe that most women and possibly most men are “gynocentric,” which means (if I remember this correctly) that they worship gynecologists.

I may not be remembering that correctly.

It is believed that Elam’s mention of the alleged smell of female gynocentrists is a reference to vaginal odor. A Voice for Men illustrated his statement with a photo of a “Taco 12 Pack” from Taco Bell. Vaginas are sometimes casually referred to as “tacos” because they traditionally contain a spicy meat or fish filling, as well as an assortment of other foodstuffs that can include cheese, onions,  lettuce, tomato, cilantro and/or salsa. (I may not be remembering this correctly either.)

In his statement, titled “12 ways to spot a female gynocentrist (other than the smell in the room),” Elam explains that the gynocentric female, among other things,

insists on taking the softest, lowest paying job she can, uses that as the excuse for depending on men to finance her social life, and bitches endlessly that she is not being paid fairly.

She talks to you while wearing a blouse cut so low you can see her navel, then leans over directly in front of you to indignantly point out where her eyes are. …

She spends 45 minutes at dinner reminding you she does not need a man, then looks the other way when the check arrives …

She expects you to lavish her with wining, dining and expensive gifts, just to spend time with her, then looks you in the eye and denies she is a prostitute. …

When you put a stack of irrefutable evidence and logic in front her that everything forming her worldview is false, she falls silent, starts to tremble, then suddenly turns into Captain Queeg.

Gynocentrism, Elam explains, is funded by a mysterious source known as “Daddums” — much as Elam’s blogging career has been funded in part by “Long-suffering Girlfriendums” — and enabled by gynocentric males who “are standing there with their thumbs up their butts, allowing it to happen.”

Elam and his collegues at A Voice for Men are not thought to have anything blocking their butts, which serve as the source for most of their information about the world.


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Closeted homosexuals forcing themselves into an eternal de-gaying camp? This could explain their obsession with “icky, smelly vaginas?” I mean really think about it… Imagine if you were homosexual but because you bought into toxic-masculine patriarchy so much that you really believed you were not allowed to be homosexual and you had to force yourself to like women…… you’d probably hate yourself and hate women too and try to find a way to blame everybody else for a problem is actually quite simple….not that it’s justified in any way, just a thought.

Yeah, no. Self-hating closeted gay men, on the rare occasion that they take it out on other people and not just on themselves, take it out on other gay men (see: Anti-gay pastors, “Ex-gay” “Activists” and certain Republican politicians); internalised homophobia has known to cause externalised homophobia, but I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that it’s ever caused misogyny.

(Also, am I the only one who really doesn’t like “Homosexuals”? It’s like “Men and females.” We’re people, call us people.)

I have actually met a woman sort of like that. I remember this girl in high school, who went out with a rich boy (his father had the biggest jewelry shop in town) and she made up that it was her birthday, so that he would buy her an expensive gift (which he did) and then she dumped him.
But it was high school, she was 16, and all the other girls, especially us feminists, thought she was acting like a scumbag, and didn’t support her at all. This is the only instance I can think of.


Btw, which jobs are simultaneously soft and low-paid? Low-paid jobs tend to be hard. Seriously, I can’t think of a single job that is soft and low-paid.

This whole job hardness thing seems rather difficult to measure, considering that different people have different interests, skills, dealbreakers and practical limitations. Obviously, your salary doesn’t depend only on job hardness and hours but also the value of your skills and dog knows what else.

Most MRAs probably do not approach this issue from “Women generally work X jobs and men generally work Y jobs, and the former are easier than the latter”. It’s more like, “Women generally work in less than men and get paid less per hour; it must be because they choose to work less and lower-paying jobs, as they can generally rely on men for support. Those jobs must be easier because why else would you choose them”.

I don’t unilaterally support the Manosphere or its opponents. I never have. I have my own message, and I write it wherever I haven’t been banned, which isn’t many places these days 😉 I can simultaneously say I think Elam and Dr. Tara have made some excellent hangouts on BPD lately and still know that all women are not like that.

internalised homophobia has known to cause externalised homophobia, but I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that it’s ever caused misogyny.

Yeah, I think it’s more easily explained as a feedback loop that begins with misogyny, which leads to failure with women, which leads to deeper misogyny, and so on.

A lot of the “vaginas are icky” nonsense that comes out of MGTOW does sound like the desperate rationalizations of men who, for whatever reason, are unable to meet the standards of toxic masculinity with regard to notch count. The “whatever reason” doesn’t necessarily have to be unresolved sexuality issues. Are there conflicted non-heterosexuals among MGTOW? Possibly (any population of people is bound to have some whose sexuality is a WIP) but it’s more useful to focus on misogyny, because that’s the common root cause they all share, it’s a belief they’ve chosen to embrace, and morally, it’s hogwash.

It’s the same reason armchair psychiatric diagnoses of these guys are unhelpful, and actively insulting to those who have mental illnesses and aren’t thundering douchebags.

Speaking of money, once in my teens I heard this random piece of PUAish life advice:

“A man basically only needs money for women”

At the time, I had trouble seeing how one would spend money “on women”, especially if the amount was supposed to dwarf your actual cost of living. Obviously you could hire sex workers, but that didn’t seem much like a mainstream dating strategy.

Of course, at the time I didn’t fully understand how much much money middle-class people generally spend on their own needs, their children’s needs, luxury goods, taxes and savings, compared to what an adult needs for survival. My personal dream has always been to find an easy and rewarding job, presumably a low-paying one. (My current arrangement works great for that, at least on short term. Future is uncertain, but I have safety nets.) Recently I understood I don’t want children either.

Now, I start to get a sense that manospherians count children and the “respectable” middle-class lifestyle as costs associated with women. I guess most women do want these things but so do probably most men, at least the kind who feel insecure about their societal status. On the converse, without a woman you can’t be conventionally respectable anyway, so you might as well live in a cave. Therefore, dating and marrying is inherently tied with having money.

Historically, you really couldn’t marry or otherwise have a decent sex life if you couldn’t expect to afford a whole bunch of children. For the men, this was termed as “supporting the wife”, even if the wife actually did earn enough money to support herself and some of the children too (aside from doing nearly all homework). Since the introduction of birth control and welfare safety nets, we’ve gradually gotten increasingly over this mindset, especially here in the Nordics.


Btw, which jobs are simultaneously soft and low-paid? Low-paid jobs tend to be hard. Seriously, I can’t think of a single job that is soft and low-paid.

Film critic. Lousy (and steadily falling) pay, but not exactly challenging.

As the comedian Alexei Sayle sarcastically observed when he wrote a sketch about Britain’s film critics going on strike, the whole country grinding to a halt, desperate women in the street wondering how their children would get through the week without their regular daily immersion in the auteur theory, and the Army taking over from Barry Norman (British television’s equivalent of Siskel & Ebert).

I’m not sure if you can really call them gay _or_ straight. It might be better to say that they have sexophobia (pathological fear of sexual organs and activities, which is why they keep talking about how icky it is). You could call it a negative sexual orientation because they aren’t _attracted_ to women (or men), but rather are _repelled_ by women, a repulsion that turns into a pathological obsession.

I think a lot of the denigration of female sexuality you see from misogynists is bound up in a more general unease with physicality embedded in our culture. Part of what disgusts these guys with women is that women have been historically conceptualised as closer to organic matter than men. Culturally, I think we still seem to elevate the value of

Oh, shit, I just realized I haven’t destroyed any lives with my terrifying boobs and horrible crotch cavern thus far today. Damn, am I going to have a busy afternoon. I’ve got to start getting up earlier.

RE: zoon echon logon

My feminist friend Katie caused the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary extinction event, which is why it’s often called the KT event.

*holds nose, flees screaming into the night*

RE: NonServiam

As someone who isn’t straight, I’m really uncomfortable with the insinuations that Elam et al are gay.

Same. Like believe me, I know, gay guys can be misogynist, but it really bothers me when people act like maybe they’re misogynist BECAUSE they’re gay, because it implies that being gay MAKES you misogynist, rather than misogynists just being everywhere. I hated being gay, but I took that out on MYSELF, not the women around me, because I knew it wasn’t their fault.

And seriously, it’s a vulva. Lots of people have them. Come on, dudes, grow up.

Sorry for the bad image – hope no one is eating right now – but I just find it weird they are obsessed by this and they have no self-awareness to think that maybe that area on them – as well as other areas are smelly – because, yo, you’re a human, and therefore have a body!

So you should be!!! I was just finishing my breakfast! >:-( But anyway…. Yeah, it is a bit weird, but not surprising that Paul Elam and people like him lack self-awareness. I am very sure that these people are Narcissists. Self awareness is just to painful for Narcissists. They won’t be able to live with themselves if they realized what awful people they are, so they create a false persona and project all their faults onto others. Here are some links about narcissism and there are plenty more out there.

Every time I casually sweep down the current WHTM page I’m confronted by the most sterile looking, unfriendly gynaecologists chair I’ve ever seen. Makes me shudder each time….

M.R.M logic – Men do crazy Helen of Troy war mess up mishaps in the name of women and dehumanize women by expecting us to be mother Mary all virginal and sweet like a mother of a god…. then turn around blaming women like it’s allll our fault men are even attracted to us. Women need to feel guilty for even being born. Beautiful women need to feel guilty for being pretty and big breasted chicks need to feel guilty for having big boobs.
Makes perfect logical sense.

Your mother neglected you only because she had to do 5 “jobs” to pay for your wasted ignorant irrogant of a sorry waste of space. Your mother must be very disappointed. Just so you know son, you came out of (according to your trash article) ….the “taco 12 pack” too just like the rest of your species. You disrespect and trash talk the female organs but yet every single night you drool over porn….so pitiful. Keep trashing cowardly on the internet because its the only social life you have…so pitiful. Vaginas are the masters of men…lol!!!!!!

lol fuck this group-think circle jerk,

ignorance isn’t freedom people

Lol, chicken shit necro troll.

@In nomine Patri
Yo, freel? Gotta do better than that

lol fuck this group-think circle jerk

You just know a muffuga is about to blow ya mind when the sentence start with “lol” /s

It’s sort of Halloween-themed…Patri is trying to raise a dead thread…

ignorance isn’t freedom people

(sings) Oh necrotroll, oh necrotroll,
How very empty is your soul…

And yeah, keep telling yourself that. Although I’m not sure if affirmations really work. I keep telling myself I’m rich and famous and universally loved, for instance, and it hasn’t materialized yet.

I find it quite fd up that a female can sit and laugh joke and disrespect a male for being small something he has no control of but when a guy be honest what he think of the smell of cooty its harmful he’s disrespectful he’s gay or he don’t like women look I’m straight I like eating cooty and like the smell of cooty if we being honest here cooty stink if it smell like cooty if it didn’t why try so hard too wash it off simple as this don’t disrespect male sex organs and you want get yours disrespected just like you have a choice of ick size we have a choice on how we like cooty to smell # all cooty dnt stink like cooty # she smells like nothing yummy

Oh, that’s fun.

In my experience it’s men that mock other men for the size of their genitals, women generally only care about that in male-oriented pornography.

Funny – it’s the same men that mock women for their genitals! Imagine that. Maybe there’s something about that subset of men that makes them want to mock anyone and everyone, in any way they know how…?

Also, I don’t think I know anyone above the age of 14 who uses the word “cooter”. Just an observation, ymmv.

Also, I don’t think I know anyone above the age of 14 who uses the word “cooter”.

I know one, but most of what comes out of her mouth sounds like it came from a 12-year-old, so…

I can’t see whatever you’re replying to. Did it get deleted?

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