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Open thread for personal stuff, March 2015 totally real elephants edition

Totally real elephants.
Seems legit.

This month’s open thread for personal stuff is brought to you by a totally real family of elephants.

As usual for these threads: no trolls, no MRAs, no I’m-not-really-an-MRA-buts, no being jerky.

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Arrgh, I was writing a comment to K but then I hit the wrong key and lost it. :-p

@K As a fellow autistic that also took a break from college, I think you’re making the right decision. It’s a perfect time to start gradually working on writing professionally; I know of a few sites/blogs that you might find useful, if you want to get in touch (hi.xyzzyx at spamgourmet dot com). Also, if you haven’t looked into it and there are any nearby, you might try volunteering at one of the stables/ranches that has kids handle/ride horses as a form of physical/psych therapy — it can be fascinating & rewarding.

FWIW I’m a 37.96-year-old autistic on SSI with mostly-controlled depression/anxiety, I’m glad I took 2 years off from college, I’m a huge horse-lover (still collect model horses), and I’m trying to push myself to finally face the rejection and very carefully/tactically submit my writing. It’s neat to find somebody with similar traits! 🙂

@K I made it through Uni with depression.
I repeated my final year.
At 43 my doc thinks I might be on the Autistic spectrum, but this never came up in the previous 20 years of treatment.
My Uni were actually good about it. Ok, I got no support, but when I missed most of a year’s compulsary tutorials, they said they figured I was ill and didn’t throw me out.
Tutorials. Now they were an issue.
I had an issue reading out my work, and the staff said “It’ll get better”
It didn’t.
I ended up sobbing through every tutorial.

There was one good tutorial.
The topic was whether Constantine was a true convert or a pagan adopting another god.
Myself and the other person writing that tutorial said he was pagan.
One of the two Professor’s said he was a true convert.
It was a fun debate.
There was shouting.
The Latin prof in the next office came in to tell us to shut up, realised one of the people shouting was a staff member, and went away again.

(Yes, Ancient history degree)

Also, I am currently hyper. Sorry. I might bring up Maiden music. (Bruce Dickenson has been diagnosed with cancer :() And history as my last 2 posts show.

Hi everyone,

I’m a mostly-lurker, sometimes-poster that started reading we hunted the mammoth more regularly after the gamergate fiasco.

Anyway, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a 28 year old first year teacher. When I’m not stressed out at work, I spend my time playing video games, watching shows, or going to dog parks with my significant other and our dog, who is some kind of Labrador mix, possibly Pitt and Great Dane. Sometimes she’s like a little horse. I also hang out with my good friends, but it’s gotten harder to do since I’ve moved cities and started my new job.

I found my way here while learning more about feminist issues. It wasn’t something I had thought very much about before, but now I very much identify as a feminist. Even though I’m a cis hetero woman, I’ve had the fortune of not encountering terribly sexist things in my life.

I’m kind of new to actively participating on the internet, so there’s a lot I don’t know. I do want to get more involved in communities I find awesome, so I’m looking forward to maybe talking more with you people.

I’m using chopsticks.
I always thought chopsticks would be incredibly hard to use…but then when alone with an ex I tried using them to pick up a bit of spring onion.
And it was easy!

I finally got caught up on a couple of weeks’ worth of threads. Whew!

I started a new job in January; then I got snowed on A LOT and spent most of my non-work time navigating our non-functional transit system to and from work; then I got braces put on and teeth pulled out and ate soup for most of February and took a lot of vicodin. And now here we are.

But I found my wedding dress today, so that’s a plus!

Hi jaygee – click on the scented fucking candle if you haven’t done so already. I never did introduce myself – my internet etiquette is sporadic, and I have never even attempted a blockquote!

Thanks for all the advice and reassurance, guys. It has really helped cut through the initial panic.

No, uni couldn’t offer much in the way of leniency. Attendance is compulsory because of government funding, it is pretty much out of the uni’s hands if I’m missing classes, which of course makes the pressure to attend, and the fear and shame if I don’t, pretty intense. All they could offer in terms of “help” was student counselling, but as I told my adviser, I’ve been in and out of counselling since I was 10 and I can count the number of times it helped on my thumbs.

The meeting with my adviser got pretty unproductive as I got upset and panicky, and she just kept helping me try to find my dead fish (see hyperbole and a half on depression). I had to leave quite abruptly. My partner has been very understanding, and I told my mum and she said she agrees it’s the best decision, and she helped me think of a way to frame it to my dad so that when he tells my grandparents – who are dying and quite single-minded about these things – they won’t be disappointed, they can still be proud of me.

The local equicentre specialises in therapeutic riding, so I would love that. Where I used to ride and work, I frequently lead for the disabled kids in their lessons and I was always a favourite with them. Oddly enough I have an affinity for “problem children” and general misfits, can’t think why 😉

Emilygoddess, congrats on the job and dress finding! But…

WHY YOU STEAL ALL OUR SNOW? Seriously, have you seen pictures of the traditional Iditarod start in Anchorage? They had to haul in snow from the mountaintops, because there was no snow. In Anchorage. Alaska. In February. I cannot count the levels of wrong.

The town I’m in has also been pretending it’s May. We’ve had more snow than Anchorage, but it keeps melting! The local fitness places have been offering “Sad Skier’s” discounts, because the local ski place doesn’t have snow making things because usually the weather gives us snow, and this year the skies were all nopetopus about that arrangement.

Welcome new folks!

WWTR, I’m sorry for your loss.

K and Andrew, everyone else has said really great stuff so I don’t have much to add. Best wishes going forward.

Zephyrus, 🙁 I hope things get better for you. Depression is awful and I hope you find the support you need. You are a worthy person

LBT, congratulations on moving back home and your new comic.

Emilygoddess, yay, you found a dress and can eat solids again. Braces were worth it for me, but I’m so glad they’re gone.

EJ, glad your cousin’s baby is doing better. FWIW, a friend has a healthy 10 year-old who was a 24 weeker. Congrats on being in the PhD program

Dhag, those pictures are awesome. All the sqwee


Thanks 🙂 Both cats say meow

Personal note: Having my worst arthritis pains in weeks today. So much money spent on medication, and still.. :/

My husband is making me a lemon meringue pie for my birthday. He doesn’t even LIKE lemon meringue pie, but he knows it’s what I want. As I get older*, I’m turning into my dad more and more, which is not a bad thing. Our older son turns eighteen next month.

I like getting older – it feels like a privilege, given how many of my friends never got to be this old.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

*54 this year.

Happy birthday, Robert! (I’ve always been told getting older beats the alternative ;)) . Your husband sounds awesome. Enjoy the pie.


Even if it wasn’t a maintaining funding-related issue, getting disability accomodations from universities is a nightmare and rarely works out well, especially if it’s not an obvious physical disability (at least in the U.S.).

I barely made it through my undergrad. The last term I basically gave up. (Note that at the time I never reached out to the institution).

I took a year off before grad school in an attempt to de-schoolify but grad school was terrible. There, I did attempt to reach out and got absolutely nothing. Like, stood up for appointments, e-mails going completely unanswered nothing. Ended up burning a lot of bridges professionally. If it hadn’t been necessary for economic reasons I probably would have been better off doing my MLIS over 3 years instead of 2.

I’ve found in general that it’s easier to be successful dealing with individual faculty members than it is with the school as a whole.

Happy belated Birthday, Robert!

LBT, is it bad if I’m very, very, extraordinarily happy you and sneak exist but also really sad that all the bad things happened that make you exist?

RE: contrapangloss

That’s pretty much how I feel about it, so yes!

Also, I totally took your Mammoth prompt about 90% of your skin powers and wrote Hamster Man. Chester “Cheeks” Maccio has come all the way from Vermont to see what superheroing is like in the big leagues, and then he and Lorry end in a firefight.

This prompt is up for $24, since you paid a little in advance!

That photo reminds me of a parody of Babar the National Lampoon had back in the 1970s. It was done in the original art style, but the story was about the original inhabitants of Celesteville revolting and overthrowing Babar’s Europhile colonial regime. I wonder if any American humor magazine would run a piece like that today.

Seeing elephants in real life is a strange experience for me – they don’t look like ordinary Earth animals, and the longer I look, the stranger they get. Our local zoo has a very up to date elephant habitat; the last time I took the kids, we got there just in time to see one defecate and urinate. Oh, how the children laughed. Good elephant news – Ringling Bros. has announced that they’re phasing out the elephant acts and retiring them. Took ’em long enough.

Happy belated birthday Robert and relevant LBT folks! I just caught up with WHTM all the way from December and thought I should pop by to say hello. Nothing much up here but the ever-present job-hunt slog. Puppy and Kitty say hello as well. I guess I’ll return to my lurk-cave now. Hugs for anyone who wants them!

Happy belated birthday Robert and LBT!

Wanted to ask: is anybody doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April? I did it last July for the full 50,000 and won but thanks to college workload, only got 25,000 when I tried for Nano in November. I’m planning to finish the November novel with a target word count of 25,000.

Wanted to ask: is anybody doing Camp NaNoWriMo in April? I did it last July for the full 50,000 and won but thanks to college workload, only got 25,000 when I tried for Nano in November. I’m planning to finish the November novel with a target word count of 25,000.

No, but I do make a hobby out of motivating other writers. Grab me on twitter @gwenckatz if you want to find out what “motivation” means.

(It means gifs, mostly.)

So, my daughter’s father is becoming closer and closer to a real life MRA (or maybe he was all along?)

His latest deed was calling me a parasite for taking him to court and getting an agreement on child support! Until then, I was hoping really hard we could talk like grown ups, but now…

He also called my lawyer and claimed he was “desperately trying to talk to her daughter” because I wouldn’t answer his calls for a few hours after he insulted me.

On other news, I already have an appointment with mental health services. Besides the extreme anxiety and occasional suicidal thoughts I’m considering discussing a gender transition, even though I see it as a faint possibility at the moment…

“Not sure if this is personal but Terry Pratchett passed away today.”

It sure *feels* personal. I mean, I know I have no right to feel this way since I’m just a fan, but I’m grieving a bit.

…I have bronchitis. It is annoying. But, treatable! They gave me super-cough-suppressing syrup, which is surprisingly terrible at actually suppressing coughs but fairly good at making me find things amusing.

If I weren’t so tired, I’d be freaking out over my head not working right, because there’s something in this cough syrup that’s making me think a bit weirdly, but I’m too tired to be as disturbed as usual. I’m surprised I haven’t got to the “BRAIN! STOP WORKING ALL WRONG AND I DON’T LIKE THIS AND BRAIN PLEASE WORK RIGHT” that usually happens when I go on prescription drugs with drowsiness warnings.

Usually, I’d be in tears from the brain not workingness by now.

But I’m tired, and everything is funny! Except for this stupid “Cough my lungs out every five minutes” thing.

On the plus side, now that the doc at the clinic has successfully read me the riot act about continuing to do all the things (work, class, drills, but not actual EMS calls or shifts because I’m not that much of an awful person to drag my disease laden carcass over to poor people who already have enough problems), I have a legit excuse to curl up on the sofa and do nothing.

By do nothing, I mean drink ALL the tea, cough all the coughs, take my meds at the right times, and rewatch all of the Lord of the Rings movies in t he hopes of finally feeling better by day 2 or 3 of the antibiotics!

Seriously, I forgot how excellently snarky Boromir’s “They’ve got a cave troll” line was. Seriously, the character may be kind of awful later, but that line was excellent. Like, he said it in the tone of “Oh, what an ugly dinner plate that is. Wonderful”

Also, Legolas makes all the faces. I haven’t seen the hobbit movies, because reasons, but Legolas’s goofy faces are hilarious. Who needs actual lines when you can just make ALL THE FACES.

And wait, we just started another round of “Frodo Stares at the Ring”! I should start a game. Make a new cup of tea every time Frodo Stares at the Ring… or something.

…and I’ll stop now.

Bronchitis sucks.

I hope you all are doing well, and contactless hugs in level B Hazmat gear to any who need them, because if you need hugs you don’t need this!

Stopping now.

So after a long break from writing for reasons, thought I’d try starting over. Does anyone mind if I drop a link to the work in progress every now and again here in the personal threads?

what, share your interesting hobby in a completely non-instrusive manner by linking to it so anyone can read your words at their own leiesurely pace and respond if they so desire?

no. Stop that. You’re not allowed to have interesting hobbies that you can share with other people nicely by linking things sometimes.

You have to embed the link in a gif of a cat first, obviously.

I mean, anything else is just wrong Zolnier.


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