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A new low: One of Zoe Quinn's harassers was selling rape fanfic about her on Amazon

The "book" as it appeared on Amazon
The “book” as it appeared on Amazon

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Every time you think they can’t go any lower, they go lower. This morning game designer and #GamerGate target Zoe Quinn discovered that someone was selling, er, “erotic fiction” about her on Amazon. Which is to say: a Kindle eBook apparently filled with explicit descriptions of her being gang-raped by five “upset” gamers trying to “teach her a lesson.”

Here’s the author’s blurb for the book:

Zada Quinby is a controversial video game designer who may have stepped the line…

When her latest game offends the nation, five upset players decide to teach her a lesson. This gang of gamers decides to give Zada of piece of their mind, and much more!

Things are about to get incredibly rough when these five men unleash their pent up anger on poor Zada. It’s an experience that she’ll never forget.

As Quinn, a rape survivor, put it:

Apparently I was a character in the “book” as well.

I say apparently because I haven’t read it. Few people have. In the one silver lining to all this: Amazon took it down shortly after a reporter for Raw Story called them to ask about it. But you can see an archived version of the page here.

Unfortunately, not everyone on Twitter thought the book was a bad thing. Here’s how one terrible person responded when #GamerGate opponent Ian Miles Cheong posted about the book being on Amazon.

@MilesVork has complained that this tweet was taken out of context, but that is the entirety of the exchange, and he has since refused to apologize for it. He also, for what it’s worth, claims not to be a #GamerGater, though if you scroll back through his tweets you will see a number of nasty attacks on another of #GamerGate’s main targets, whom he describes as an “absolute cumbucket” and “a bigger bucket of crazy than all the stupidity in GG combined.”

When @PixieJenni posted a screenshot of the above exchange on Twitter, this conversation ensued. Some highlights:

    Paul Wood ‏@SuperRetroid · 2h2 hours ago     @DiehardDante @PixieJenni Would you be fine with someone writing rapefic about your mother or other significant woman in your life?     0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites     Zadok Allen ‏@DiehardDante · 11m11 minutes ago     @SuperRetroid @PixieJenni I'd be confused as to what they did to warrant it     0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites     Jenni Goodchild ‏@PixieJenni · 9m9 minutes ago     @DiehardDante @SuperRetroid Sorry - are you implying there are certain situations were it's justified?     0 replies 0 retweets 0 favorites  Zadok Allen ‏@DiehardDante @PixieJenni @SuperRetroid What makes Zoe Quinn so sacred and untouchable? Hell if anything the reaction shows that this is NEEDED.

I think it’s safe to say that @DieHardDante is a #GamerGater, if his dozens if not hundreds of Tweets on the subject are any indication. He also seems to think  anti-Semitic cartoons are hilarious.

There is no bottom to this barrel.

H/T — r/GamerGhazi for some of the links above; thanks as well to those who alerted me to this on Twitter

195 replies on “A new low: One of Zoe Quinn's harassers was selling rape fanfic about her on Amazon”


Wasn’t there that meme that tried to illustrate how hard it was for dudes to look nice for dates, so they listed about ten different things that mostly fell under basic hygiene for the man, and listed something like “don’t be too overweight” for the woman? They’ve got a pretty warped sense of the general standards people and society have.

It always baffles me how often I see this shit. Like MRAs and PUAs don’t realize that the shit they ask for isn’t that fucking easy (be attractive, don’t be fat, cater to my every desire and be entertaining, cook for me, pleasure me, take care of our kids, ect.), while the things women want are simply “basic hygiene, some basic respect for me as a person, and please don’t kill me, rape me, or beat me”

“Men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.” – Margaret Atwood

I’m not gonna lie, men exhaust me.

@grumpyoldman It also takes a special kind of narcissism to conceive of the most perfect being and have it be a mirror image of yourself, only with more power and lightning bolts and enemy-smiting abilities. It’s not a huge leap from “God is a white bearded man, worship Him” to “I am a white bearded man, worship me”.

You never hear a politician say, “I was uncertain whether running for office was the right thing to do, so I prayed about it. In response, God told me to be more humble, retire from the public eye, and start helping the poor.” Nope, it’s always God’s will that they run for office and acquire even more power.

Speaking of which, God has willed that I go have another Christmas cookie. I’d resist, but who am I to disobey orders from above?

Off topic, but I upgraded my Mac OS and my copy of Civ IV I bought for five bucks on Amazon died, so I bought Civ V and went looking for tips (I remember when Civ III–the first one I owned–came with a a thick-ass users manual. And CD-ROMs). And then I found this:

I’m not gonna lie, men exhaust me.

I think I’d have felt the same way about them when I was young, ParadoxicalIntention, if I’d ever been looking for a relationship with any earthsiders. For all its downsides during those years, I’m bloody glad my attention was wholly taken up elsewhere. Mr K is far from the “you have to look like/behave like” type.

I’m not gonna lie, men exhaust me.

I was gonna #NotAllMen, but then I remembered I’m happily single right now, so #FuckYeah.

@Buttercup: The idea of god as a wrathful old man with a long white beard has always seemed ridiculous to me. I’m an agnostic, and I can’t really imagine god as being of one gender, but if I had to choose, I’d bet on female — she created men as a means of supplying genetic diversity to women’s daughters. On the other hand, since god is usually portrayed as a grumpy old man, maybe I AM god.
By the way, do you have some special technique for getting god to will whatever it is you want to do?

@ParadoxicalIntention: It seems to me that any man who has ever had a mother, a sister, or a steady girlfriend should be quite aware of the extent of preparation that women customarily have to perform whenever they go out on a significant social engagement. These dudes seem to be so oblivious that you almost have to assume that they were raised by wolves or in a Skinner box. (Please pardon the implied insult to wolves, but they are not known for their interest in cosmetology.) It’s almost a case of what do you believe, the rantings of another ignorant misogynist or your lying eyes.
Whenever I read their shit (please pardon the implied insult to shit) I shake my head and try to imagine what world they live in that could make them so immune to common everyday reality. It’s beyond bizarre.
When I was young, back when the earth was new, guys going out on a date expected their dates to make a reasonable effort to look nice, but they also expected to have to practice reasonable hygiene and grooming, and to dress and act according to normal standards. I cannot figure out what is with some of these guys — why they don’t seem to realize that their attitudes are a monstrous turn-off for most women.

A few days ago there was a discussion on WHTM about women who dye their hair. Apparently there are some men who take this as the equivalent of being given the finger, and some women who intend that men who tend to think that way should take it as a finger-equivalent. There is nothing wrong with deliberately attempting to repel people you despise but you need to expect that they will be repelled. What has struck me is that there apparently is a small group of men (albeit mostly young and inexperienced men) who seem to think that it is misandry most foul if any woman does anything not directly intended to please men in general and them in particular, but if they do anything that is even to the slightest extent intended to please women in general or a particular woman, it is the most degrading example of betaness possible. The complete lack of awareness of reality totally boggles my mind — what sort of experience of life could make anyone be so totally out of touch with how social behavior actually works. They remind me of a couple of guys I knew in prison who had gone from orphanage to juvie joint to prison without only very short interludes out in society and thus had a very limited comprehension of what life in the “real” world was like.

The vast majority of women I have interacted with have been pleasant almost to a fault, but then I haven’t been hitting on them in some random manner. I’m not sure how anyone gets through adolescence without learning that most women dislike being treated like nothing but a fucktoy, but apparently it is possible. One apparently has to believe that any woman who does not totally submit to every male whim is an unfuckable slut who needs to be fucked into obedience.

And now I need a very large bowl of ice cream to share with my kitty.

On the other hand, since god is usually portrayed as a grumpy old man, maybe I AM god.

Only if you are in fact as in gravatar, a Siamese cat. 🙂

Your kitty’s lovely! Is he/she a torbie? I seem to see hints of ginger here and there.

I can’t speak for GrumpyOldMan, Kittehserf, but I see the same reddish brown color on Pan where the tabby meets the white patches, so I think it could be more a tabby-with-white thing, especially for the more brown tabbies. If he was a tortie, I’d expect to see patches with orange stripes.

Here is Pan showing his pretty copper highlights off:

Jade is a torbie, though the long hair+tipped fur hide it (check out the leg stripes and forehead M):

Also not my cats, but acting like them:

Yay, more Pan and Jade pics! 🙂

Yes, the copper/ginger/cinnamon highlights are a tabby thing, too: Katie has them and she’s a grey tabby. GrumpyOldMan’s kitty looks like Maddie, who’s torbie – you can’t see it here but she has a big ginger patch on her back, as well as the ginger tabby markings on her face.

Ah, I’ve never really cared about the various names for cat breeds and color patterns, so I really don’t know what a Torbie is. I think her color is brown not orange. Senny is just a close friend — though my daughter always refers to her as my child, as in “Your child was just sneaking into my room and I thought she might be looking for a place to pee.” Of course she (daughter) keeps kitty treats and catnip in her room, so … Senny is sort of like me, mostly good-natured but grumpy and cranky at times, so we’ve made a pretty good pair for the 13 years since I picked her up on a trip to West Virginia.

I am trying to figure out the point of that ad. Bank with us and you will have cute kittens?

At least it is a step up from “Buy our product and get hot chicks!”

That’s one of those ads I’d watch and probably not even remember whose it was afterward. I’d just remember the kitties. 😀

GrumpyOldMan – torbie is just tabby with random bits of tortiseshell (black or ginger) thrown in. The gingery patches on Senny’s muzzle made me wonder if she’s a torbie.

I see she has little ear-tufts like Maddie too – adorbs. 🙂

So, random thing that the vet told Mr C that I did not know – apparently black fur on a cat will turn more brown if the cat grooms that particular area a lot. This explains why my tuxedo kitty has fur that’s more brownish in some areas now, but which was black in those same areas when I got her (as a formerly homeless kitten). I had been wondering how a cat’s fur could change color and if this meant she somehow wasn’t really a tuxedo despite having the typical pattern.

(Will try to find a pic that illustrates this.)

She really did seem to have black fur there when she was little, but now it’s black in the bits she doesn’t groom as much and definitely brown around her fuzzy little butt.

All our black kitties take on that rusty colour in the sun, too. I’d never heard of it being from washing!

Black cats should come with a label “not colour-fast, may fade with washing”.

Okay, so the actual post is disgusting and I think everyone has already pointed that out. I’m just going to reply to a few comments here since I don’t think there’s anything I can add except angrily mashing my keyboard :/

*many comments later*

Yay, kitties! Everyone has such beautiful cats! I’d post some of my own but I really can’t be bothered messing around with my 3DS right now. Maybe I’ll post them another time.

I’ve never heard the term ‘Torbie’ before. I always thought I knew all the various descriptions for cats. I am disappointed in myself.

Is that what causes it? I’ve always wondered why my two black cats grew up to have a brown tint to parts of their fur. One of them has a brown tint to her fur (though it’s only noticeable in bright light) everywhere except her head, which I guess makes sense when I rarely see her washing her face.

I’ll be honest, I stopped reading after the line “as an Objectivist, I’ve adopted an ethics not of altruism but of rational self-interest.” Mostly because my eyes rolled so far back into my head that I couldn’t actually read the rest. I mean, that’s a lot of words just to say ‘I’m selfish.’
I’m sure there are fair reasons to dislike certain aspects of Christmas, but ‘giving gifts is bad because it serves no benefit to me’ isn’t really a justification I can get behind.

Torbies = any kitty (usually female) with either brown tabby and orange tabby, or grey tabby and ginger tabby mixed together. Basically, it’s two distinct colors of tabby one one pretty cat. My Sasquatch Kitty is a brown tabby/orange tabby mix, plus longhair, plus extra toes on all fours, so she’s really uniquely cute that way. Especially now, when her winter coat is in and she’s all floofy. And she has ear tufts, toe tufts and a plumy tail all year round, too!

@ katz

Yeah, I was surprised too. It does explain the color change, though, which had been confusing me. Damn kitty saliva, what’s in it that it does that?

Also, since you foster kittens, a question. There’s a kitten I spotted up for adoption at a local place who’s been ignored thus far and I think it’s because he has a vision problem. He seems to navigate around his enclosure fine, and looks healthy otherwise, but I’m worried because nobody has adopted him yet after a week and a half. He’s with a no-kill organization, I’m just worried about him getting stuck there rather than finding a home, you know? He’s super friendly and I was tempted to take him home myself but we really shouldn’t get another cat because then when we move we’ll be moving with 3. How long does it usually take for a special needs cat to get adopted? Should I be worrying? He’s a kitten, maybe 4 months old, and very people friendly and outgoing.

My theory is that black cats aren’t really black, but dark brown — they just look black because their fur doesn’t reflect much light under ordinary circumstances. You can see what I mean from the patch on Mayhem’s rump where the sunlight hits it.
I will look into this tomorrow — we have three mostly black cats, these two tuxedos and an almost all-black (one tiny spot of white on her belly. I can’t look tonight because the black one is sleeping on my daughter’s bed — daughter works 4 am to 11 am, and you can guess what happens if I wake her up!

I’ve never heard the term ‘Torbie’ before. I always thought I knew all the various descriptions for cats. I am disappointed in myself.

Don’t worry, Mezza – I’m pretty sure I learned the term torbie here!

That tiger sitting on the desk is the BEST. Imagine having that kitty deciding to prowl your kitchen benches.

My theory is that black cats aren’t really black, but dark brown — they just look black because their fur doesn’t reflect much light under ordinary circumstances. You can see what I mean from the patch on Mayhem’s rump where the sunlight hits it.

I believe you are right.
I had a black cat (Spurgo – he died of cancer a couple of years ago) and his always looked a dark reddish-brown when he was in the sunlight.

Most black coloured organisms I find tend to either be blue or black when it comes down to it.

See the thing about objectivism is it holds very little appeal to folks who actually like other people, so evangelising it is pretty hard, the only new recruits you’re likely to find already practise the philosophy and just don’t have a pretentious and completely silly name for it. There is no way any philosophy can be objective.

Though speaking of Christmas selfishness a cheap jewellery shop was having a big sale so I got myself some fob-watches. Nobody I know likes that sort of thing so they’re just a Christmas present to myself.

Well, a life of pure altruism isn’t possible. For example, if you gave away every bit of food you received, obviously you’d starve. As in most things in life, you have to look for the sweet spot between the absurd extremes. Human beings are social animals. With very few exceptions, if we had no contact with others we’d go mad. Objectivism defends the absurd extreme of total selfishness by attacking the straw-man absurd extreme of total altruism.
The delicious irony is that Ayn Rand herself ended up living on Social Security in her old age.
When I was a child, I wasn’t allowed to buy anything for myself for the couple of weeks before Christmas. (Not that this made a big difference — we didn’t have much money anyway.) As I recall, this didn’t increase my spirit of generosity as much as my parents apparently expected it to. As a matter of fact, I’m a notorious grinch — I have a stuffed grinch, a grinch keychain, a grinch T-shirt, grinch socks, and grinch pillow cases. I have this teensy little problem with the way the celebration of the supposed birthday of the man who said, “Sell all thou hast and give it to the poor,” has become an orgy of commercialized greed.
I’m always the life of any party.

“Three free kittens when you buy our electric glockenspiel …”

Um, where’s the glockenspiel store, and do they deliver?


Thanks for the Civ V tips. Now I must go play that game!

I gotta remember the one about renaming the cities you seize. Dork. New Dork. Fartage.


The delicious irony is that Ayn Rand herself ended up living on Social Security in her old age.

She probably justified it to herself as what she’d paid for with her payroll taxes. And once she justified something to herself, it was absolutely true, don’t you know.

Aaaah kitties! I haven’t noticed color-changing with our tortie. She definitely looks black to me and not dark brown, but I hate the sun and keep our house pretty dark. Since she’s indoor-only we wouldn’t have had much of an opportunity to really see her in the sun. She is fastidious though so I’m assuming it would be pretty evident. Our grey tabby is finally grooming himself – he used to get distracted every time he would start, but the tortie decided to play mother and now pins him down and force-grooms him if he gets too dirty.

Found this quote from Camus that could be directed directly at the bitter MGTOW/wizard types.
“There is merely bad luck in not being loved; there is misfortune in not loving”

The delicious irony is that Ayn Rand herself ended up living on Social Security in her old age.

But is that really irony? I thought the whole point of Objectivism was “it’s OK when I do it”.

“When her latest game offends the nation, five upset players decide to teach her a lesson.”

Wait, I thought GamerGate was against censorship.

(I didn’t really think that.)

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