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So #MetalGate is a thing: A survey of the ridiculousness

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What’s wrong with being sexy?

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With interest in their pet cause waning, #GamerGaters have been casting about for something that might give their little movement an infusion of energy and new supporters. They got a temporary boost a month ago from the ridiculous concoction that was #ShirtStorm, but that didn’t last.

And now, as you may have heard, they’re trying again with yet another contrived controvery called #MetalGate.

On Friday, a writer for Death Metal Underground warned fellow metalheads that “the same people who intruded into the gaming industry despite a striking lack of actual contributions” have now decided to take over the world of heavy metal music.

His proof of this Social Justice Warrior invasion? A Spin article mentioning – and celebrating – what it described as a recent “increase in conversations about racism, politics, and feminism” amongst metalheads. And a 2006 Washington Post article suggesting that metal was getting more “socially conscious.”

No, seriously. His entire argument relied on an 8-year-old newspaper article and a single sentence in Spin.

But apparently that’s all it takes to create a #Gate these days. #GamerGaters, desperate for some sort of continuing cultural relevance, are hanging onto the new hashtag with the grim determination of, well, I was going to say this guy

… but the dog is pretty adorable, and he seems to be really enjoying himself.

But, anyway, #MetalGate is now a thing.

GamerGate celebrities Mundane Matt and Sargon of Akkad have already posted YouTube videos on the subject; bumbling Sarkeesian Effect co-creator Jordan Owen has weighed in with a nearly hour-long lecture on the subject in which, among other things, he explains at length why he is not comparable to Beavis or Butthead. (Well, obviously; Butthead is a lot less obtuse than Owen.) Fortunately, he’s not in a bathtub this time.

Roosh’s Return of Kings blog – a kind of bellwether of manosphere opportunism – has posted its own guide to the alleged controversy, prophesying that

The SJWs will likely try the same excessive tactics with metalgate that they used on gamergate and shirtgate, and they will get the same negative reaction from the masses. The harder the SJWs push, the more Average Joe is repulsed by them. Their unfounded optimism and willful naivety will be the death of them.

[For even more ridiculous reactions on Roosh’s video game blog Reaxxion, see this post of mine.]

Over on Twitter, meanwhile, outraged metalhead #Gamergaters and neoreactionary Manosphereians and other easily outraged asshats are busily posting tweets about the evils of SJW influence in metal; the Tweeters include some names that will be familiar to long-time readers of this blog:

Some other, er, highlights from the discussion.

(CONTENT WARNING: Slurs galore.)




The desperation could not be more obvious. Sorry, fellas, but this one isn’t going to take off.

Hell, even #GamerGate’s most famous hanger-on is dubious, asking

If you can’t even convince Milo to believe – or pretend to believe – your bullshit, well, you’re kind of screwed.

247 replies on “So #MetalGate is a thing: A survey of the ridiculousness”

Well, then I guess I’m the minority of (used-to-be)metalheads who actually care a lot about lyrics 😀

Although I totally agree it’s not the lyrics what defines the style…

Anyway, here’s Megadeth openly SJWing about… ecology! *gasp*

Well, there`s this song by Motorhead where they are openly misandering: Don`t Let Daddy Kiss Me.
(I`m not posting it here because the lyrics are about emotions of a sexually abused child and can be very triggering.)

I’ve already alluded to this one, but everyone else is posting awesome Misandry Metal videos, so:

The lyrics are in German, but the message pretty much boils down to “People like to think of us as or want us to be Nazis, but we’re very much on the left.” It’s a good analogy for this whole stupid trying-way-too-hard farce.

Oh! Y’all want Misandry Metal? No one does Misandry Metal better than Otep. Case in point:

(Maybe a trigger warning on this one? It is about killing abusive men, so…)

Seriously… I’ve been jamming out to Otep for a while now. They are fucking incredible.

I love that cat. I have a charming Chickapea who carts all manner of things all over the house and has yet to work her way up to blankies but I am sure that day is coming.

I’m not much of a fan of metal but I did watch a couple of videos that you all posted and I really like that one song, Babymetal.

#GamerKey, #Bonbongate and #Candlegate are a few that I could think of


And now I’m watching Jordan go on a huge rant about libertarianism and how SJWs totally hated Bioshock Infinite because they’re all cultural marxists who think the state should be god and blah blah blah and I’m just going…

SJWs hated a game that showed racism for the nasty, terrible social construct for what it is and give you an option to stand up to it, had a badass female co-main character (who was the main character in an AMAZING DLC that tied the first game to it), and had a really amazingly smart and witty female scientist character (who won Character of the Year alongside her Alternate Universe male self, bee-tee-dubs) who *invented the fucking floating city that the game takes place on*?


I find it so ironic that these anti-feminist types, who on the one hand claim that harassed women only speak up for the sympathy and the attention, are FLAILING for attention in the most transparent and pathetic ways imaginable.

Social Justice Kitteh…..that woobie toting feline is much awesome:)

As a middle aged mommy metalhead – I can remember listening to South of Heaven, RIde the Lightning, So Far, So Good in my pre-teen and early teen years and really getting into the lyrics because it discussed things like war, famine, and so on. The love of this music segued into listening to punk music – and focused on many female punk bands : The Slits, Bikini Kill, L7, Joan Jett (and the Runaways), Fuzzbox, Sleater-Kinney, and so on.

And I believe these guys have confused metal and punk with the hairbands of the 90s that definitely participated in the exploitation of feminine sexuality.

My question is this: How can people who claim that SJW’s are shite rally to protect a genre of music KNOWN for perpetuating SJW concepts?!



Oh gooooooood, yet another thing that I’ve been a fan of longer than most of these GullibleGators have been alive.

Let me know when #scifigate and #fantasygate also become issues, so I can rehash the same!


Also also, SJWs in metal… strange, all these themes sound quite SJWey.

etc etc etc

I don’t usually post here, I usually just read, but I had to share this…I came to see if “metalgate” was a thing because the convenience store clerk yesterday started ranting about how “social justice warriors who went after games are now going after METAL”. It was incredibly surreal and my boyfriend and I both were like “dude, we don’t want to talk about this with you” but he kept going! Normally I hate complaining about anybody who works in retail because I know how customers get…but seriously considering it this time. So I came here to find out what this was even about, and am not surprised, but kind of creeped out to think this guy I see several times a week might be a fan of Roosh. Yeek.

Ugh, do those masculinists & fellow travellers have to invade every single one of my hobbies and use it as a shield? So much for not “imposing on pre-existent spaces”.

Though some parts of the black metal scene would be a match made in heaven for the reactionaries.

“My question is this: How can people who claim that SJW’s are shite rally to protect a genre of music KNOWN for perpetuating SJW concepts?!”

What you are dealing with is a group of (predominantly) young dudes who are both ignorant concerning real life and totally narcissistic (which is why they are so often suckers for Randian pseudolibertarian BS). Since they care nothing about what happens to just about anyone else, they assume that anyone who claims to be interested in social justice is a fraud who is just trying to hassle them by mucking with their toys. After all, they are clearly intended to be Lords of the Universe with a constant supply of servants (preferably women) catering to their every whim, and obviously that isn’t happening and SOMEONE must be to blame. Who? Well, someone has told them about these wicked SJWs and Feminazis. We had one of them here the other day who assumed that everyone here would agree that “feminist” is a deadly insult — only to find that we were a bunch of feminists here — vile, hateful, bigoted ones, too, according to him. They seem to live in a weird cocoon that cannot be penetrated by reality.

@GrumpyOldMan: You made me giggle:) And I concur that these particular individuals are inept at differentiating between fantasy and reality.

Initially, I thought that #GamerGate’ers were just trying to assert some feigned superiority over those females and males who they believe slighted them in the past and relegated them (the “real gamers”) to the realm of parental basements.

In this nebulous atmosphere, these self pro-claimed “lords of the [insert fantasy realm name here], were able to swaddle themselves and their respective egos from the external intrusion of reality – as we adults understand it. They roosted in their dimly lit domiciles, self -entertaining with their on screen egos, immersing themselves in the notion that the axe-wielding immortal was, somehow, them. Only to emerge later to find that more and more people were embracing what they perceived to be “their” schtick.

Now, these guys have the audacity to act as though no one has a right to enjoy games or comics unless it’s a guy, and the guy HAS to agree with their viewpoint or risk the very same type of name-calling that gamers used to whine about. Booooooo on them.

I have played video games since frigging ATARI came out, then the 64, then Genesis. I had Flash Gordon and Spider Man comics on vinyl with book inserts from the early 80s. And I have enjoyed heavy metal since discovering Headbanger’s Ball on MTV (back when they played music) and Hard 30 everyday after junior high.

It’s a pity that people no longer understand how to behave like adults, that common courtesy is no longer common, and everything one thinks does not have to be said.

BTW: I love that you mentioned Rand – I find it humorous that she is elevated to divine status by many conservatives who seem to forget that she was also an atheist and vehemently pro-choice. Oh, and she HATED Saint Reagan,lmao!

And thank all of you for supplying great reading material while bored to tears at work:)

I find it so ironic that these anti-feminist types, who on the one hand claim that harassed women only speak up for the sympathy and the attention, are FLAILING for attention in the most transparent and pathetic ways imaginable.

Shorter gomers: “Pay attention to us, you bitches! PAY ATTENTION TO US!!!”

Projection is to right-wing reactionaries as oxygen is to the rest of the human species.

@M: How right you are. It’s like they have found a way to run their brains on pure projection. It’s like you can read what they accuse feminists of doing and get an accurate record of their own behavior.

Eh, David? That TotalBiscuit tweet is misplaced in your article, you should probably take it out. I think you may have misinterpreted the comment, but he’s not agreeing with metalgate there, but mocking it like this site does. Starting his sentence with ‘oh lovely’ is a good indicator of the sarcasm that follows. I can just hear him facepalm as he typed that tweet. It doesn’t deserve to be up in that list (at the top, at that).

Just something I noticed while reading the article, I’ll go back to lurking now.

The irony of all of this, besides for Vox Day listening to one of the more social justice oriented metal artists, is the sheer idiocy of this. Metal’s always had a foot in the social justice sphere. Marilyn Manson? Otep? Korn? Slipknot? Any of these names ring a bell? Hell, even in the hair metal days you had Dee Snider giving a speech to Congress about free speech, and goddamn, hair metal artists were more feminine than tons of women. Just, in general, how fucking stupid are some people?

Standing up for free speech is the opposite of what SJWs want; they want metal to become a dialogue about SJW topics like feminism, anti-racism, LGBT, etc.

Oh, hello, troll. You’re late to the party. Very late.

And very wrong, too. You do realize that a lot of metal is already about those things, right? And always has been? And then there are all the parodies…

So if you think “SJW” stuff is trying to shove itself into metal… you’re even later to the metal party than the comment party.

Bye now, troll. Run along to a more recent set of comments; maybe you’ll be more amusing there.

Whuh? Free speech is already limited, and neither feminists nor SJWs had anything to do with it. And unless you are listening to dredge like ICP, the majority of your metal bands deal with social issues – poverty, racism, imperialism, corporate greed, and so on.

BTW – what’s so negative about having social dialogue?

Fair warning, the link in the troll’s name appears to go to a literal Nazi site (I say “Appears” because I only read one “Article” and nopetopus’d out as quickly as I could).


Yeah, you’re right, how dare Rage Against The Machine exist! Damn social justice warriors, invading metal…

Standing up for free speech is the opposite of what SJWs want; they want metal to become a dialogue about SJW topics like feminism, anti-racism, LGBT, etc.

Learn what free speech is, dipshit. It isn’t being a bigot without being criticized. It is the government not being able to silence you. Meanwhile, like most art alot of metal already leans to the left.
Cry moar, pathetic bigot.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these guys just don’t understand content on anything but the most superficial level, and that’s why they think that SJWs haven’t been in metal since the beginning. Didn’t some of them try to appeal to Jello Biafra? These are people who could listen to Holiday in Cambodia and think it really was suggesting Cambodia as a fun vacation destination.


If there’s any group that actually deserves to be called “Social Justice Warriors,” it’s the metal bands that use warrior-like imagery in their music.

Fair warning, the link in the troll’s name appears to go to a literal Nazi site (I say “Appears” because I only read one “Article” and nopetopus’d out as quickly as I could).

You were correct. Links have been removed.

I desperately want that troll to watch the video of Otep’s “Menicide” that I posted earlier in the thread.

I couldn’t think of any more misandrist song than that (used, BTW, as we use it here on WHTM, because I love that song and I love Otep).

Standing up for free speech is the opposite of what SJWs want; they want metal to become a dialogue about SJW topics like feminism, anti-racism, LGBT, etc.

I’m not sure you know what “dialogue” is since it doesn’t involve restricting speech in any way.

Aaaand another name for the “I don’t understand what “Free speech” or a “dialogue” is.

Free speech means the government can’t arrest you for what you say, nor can the government silence you. It does not mean you have to be given a space to shout whatever you want, nor does it mean that we have to listen to you without complaint.

Which leads me to my next point: A dialogue is a conversation between two or more parties where each party is given a chance to speak. (Note I didn’t say anyone has to listen).

Feminists don’t want “Stalin-esque thought control”. In fact, I dare say feminist want the opposite. We want to open a dialogue with other people. We want to talk about things that matter to us. You’re just mad that we’re wise to your game and don’t want you to come in and derail everything because you don’t care for what we have to say.

To say otherwise is a huge fucking red flag that you’re here in bad faith, and wouldn’t listen to anything we have to say anyways, necrotroll #46573.

Flounce and stick it.

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