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A Voice for Men has set up a phony White Ribbon website to coopt the international anti-violence campaign of that name [UPDATE: Real WRC responds to AVFM]

Beware of cheap imitations
Beware of cheap imitations

[UPDATE: The real White Ribbon Campaign has responded; I’ve added excerpts at the bottom.]

Apparently, A Voice for Men is just itching to be sued.

Paul Elam and the gang over at everyone’s favorite Men’s Rights hate site have just launched a new website — — that seems pretty clearly designed to undermine and co-opt the real White Ribbon campaign, a long-running international initiative to fight violence against women.

The REAL White Ribbon campaign has a number of websites, reflecting its international reach — in Canada, where the initiative originated, as well as in the UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand. and other places. But apparently the organization didn’t buy up all the related domain names.

And so the little schemers at A Voice for Men have grabbed the URL for themselves and set up a site of their own that seems intended to, as the lawyers say, cause confusion in the marketplace and take advantage of the White Ribbon campaign’s good name for its own purpose. As least that’s how it looks to my non-lawyer eyes — and to the eyes of one lawyer I contacted.

The site has evidently just gone live, heralded by a post from Elam on AVFM declaring

Gents and ladies, I present to you without further ado and It is a website I am very proud of, and proud to say that AVfM will be investing whatever resources it takes to make the most highly recognized and iconic voice in the worldwide White Ribbon Campaign.

With our resources, and our reach on Google, it is only a matter of a short period of time before we can make good on that promise.

AVFM has also set up a phony Facebook page as well. Here’s the real White Ribbon Facebook page.

A Voice for Men may pretend that their sites are an attempt to fight domestic violence “against everyone.” But evidence of AVFM’s bad faith is everywhere, and overwhelming.

On its faux White Ribbon site, for example, AVFM declares that it is the REAL White Ribbon campaign and that the real campaign … is a fake.

In a post with the title Caution: Please beware of false White Ribbon initiatives, Claire Bissett – identified as the “administrative manager of” – writes:

There is only one

First, allow me to welcome all of you to White Ribbon is a worldwide initiative to bring awareness of the problem of intimate partner and other forms of family violence to the population at large. …

It is … my sad duty to caution you that there are numerous attempts by other entities to corrupt the message of the White Ribbon Initiative by inserting dishonest and sexist messages into this movement. …

[W]e urge you in the strongest possible terms to consider what you are actually seeing when you encounter groups going by the name “White Ribbon” whose message is gendered, as in “Stop Domestic Violence Against Women.” …

These people are much more interested in raising money than in raising awareness. …

There is only one White Ribbon Initiative that seeks evidence based, scientific and realistic ways to help reduce the problem of violence in the home. You are at the source of that initiative right now. Please help us out by donating and by passing this website on at social media sites and your own blogs.

Yep, they’re asking for money. The donation button is at the top of the page, with the perhaps deliberately ambiguous message: is owned and operated by A Voice for Men. All donations for our White Ribbon effort will be used to maintain and enhance this website.

It’s not clear to me whether “this website” refers to or A Voice for Men. In any case, if you click on the PayPal button, it takes you to an A Voice for Men donation page, and it’s up to you to specify the purpose of your donation. There are no assurances on the page that donations intended to support will be kept in a separate account or even spent on that website.

Elam’s own post announcing the page is so extravagantly disingenuous, so suffused with self-satisfied gloating, that you can practically hear him snickering sadistically like some cartoon villain as you read it.

The people behind the White Ribbon have undoubtedly put in a huge amount of sweat equity and actual funds in branding the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC). …

Obviously, the people getting the job done on behalf of WRC really outdid themselves on planning and marketing.

Well, there was one goof. They neglected to pick up the obvious choices for domains for their program, especially given they are aiming for growth. …

As I mulled over the considerable resources we now have at A Voice for Men, and our ongoing interest in the area of domestic violence, I surmised that this was a very opportune moment to invest vigorously in the WRC project. This was confirmed when I found out that,, and most of the .coms and .nets associated with that name were similarly unspoken for.

What a fantastic time, I told myself, for the AVfM organization to figuratively join hands with White Ribbon Campaign organizations worldwide and to help them spread the unyielding truth about the problem of domestic violence in this culture.

So that is exactly what we did.


As I said before, I’m no lawyer, but someone who is a lawyer tells me that what AVFM is doing is such a clear violation of trademark law that the real White Ribbon campaign could not only sue but win its case. The evidence of AVFM’s bad faith is so clear and overwhelming, the lawyer notes, that the judge hearing such a case would likely “choke.”

Not only that, but AVFM seems to be acknowledging upfront that their new “initiative” is an attempt to divert money from the real White Ribbon campaign and into AVFM’s coffers. The reader comment chosen as the “featured comment” for Elam’s article is from a longtime AVFMer saying that he will be taking the money he would have donated to the White Ribbon campaign and sending it to Elam’s initiative:

 Peter Wright Mod • a day ago  I am personally very pleased that the White Ribbon Campaign now has A Voice For Men as its vanguard. This is fortuitous for everyone wishing to stop violence against all people (instead of just women) and who wish to donate their hard-earned dollars to such a widespread anti-violence campaign.  All money I was going to pledge to the White Ribbon Campaign to stop violence against only women will now be directed to the AVfM campaign to stop violence against women, men, and CHILDREN.  Praise to the individuals who set this up. :-)

Other commenters praised Elam’s “genius” and did little victory dances, their comments indicating that they understand full well that Elam’s claims to be “figuratively join[ing] hands with White Ribbon Campaign” are transparent bullshit. Here an an assortment of comments taken from the 100+ now up on the site.





Some commenters took it a bit further. Shrek6, so gleeful in the comment above, earned some upvotes with a violent rant against the original “white feather” and the White Ribbon campaign that he sees as its modern equivalent:

If I had the power and I could, I would arrest every single white feather wielding coward, strip them of all their female clothing, put them in army greens and send them directly to the front line to have their heads blown apart by high powered bullets or shrapnel. Or they can watch as their female friends get their bodies blown into many parts by a bomb of some sort.
That is the only way to treat the lowest form of scum on this planet. You have to make them actually experience the hell they are shaming men into.

They are nothing but murderers and the most vial and foul thing to walk on 2 legs.

Knowing this white ribbon campaign is nothing but an extension of the white feather campaign, we must show them our indignation, our hatred and our anger. We must do all we can to beat them down, even if we have to get into their filthy nest to do so. And having this website is hopefully going to achieve that end.

(Emphasis mine. See a screenshot of his full quote here.)

A fellow by the name of Mike Gibbs added:

Traitorous white-knights and mangina’s are exponentially worse that feminist and as such, both should be eliminated.

(See a screenshot of his full quote here.)

One commenter responded, for some unknown reason, with a graphic photoshopped picture of … Anita Sarkeesian with bruises all over her face, as if she had been severely beaten. Screenshot here.

If you plan on “fucking up the shit” of a large international organization by infringing on its trademark, it seems to me, it’s probably a bad idea not to announce this publicly – and gloat about it.

And if you’re trying to pretend that you care about ending violence, you should probably not be posting comments calling for violence against your enemies.

UPDATE: The real White Ribbon campaign has responded to AVFM’s campaign. Here are some excerpts of their response, which you can see in full on their web site.

Today, White Ribbon ( ) became aware that a “so-called” men’s rights group has launched a copycat campaign articulating their archaic views and denials about the realities of gender-based violence.

Their vile sentiments – which include disparaging comments about women’s shelters and victim blaming survivors of rape – are completely incongruent with our values at White Ribbon.

Their misguided attempts to discredit others only make clear the extent to which they see the success of our equality-driven, evidence-based, ally-focussed work on gender justice as a real threat to their ill-informed, isolated views on this issue. This latest example is clear evidence of their insincerity and lack of commitment to developing compassionate solutions for the issues they claim to care about. It also showcases their real focus: attacking, harassing and directing anger towards others. …

Allies and supporters: do not to be fooled by this copycat campaign. We are exploring all of our options, but we will not be engaging with this group in a public screaming match. They can remain a shrill minority. We will continue to engage with the vast majority of men who believe in gender justice, and want to be part of the solution.


219 replies on “A Voice for Men has set up a phony White Ribbon website to coopt the international anti-violence campaign of that name [UPDATE: Real WRC responds to AVFM]”

Either that, or they’re using Pizzey’s name to add a veneer of credibility to the enterprise. They like to trot her out as proof that feminists are sexist for focusing on abused women or w/e.

But feminists are sexist. Just like Obama is a Democrat, and Pope is a Catholic. There is no nice way to misdirect it.

lol, it’s just definitional! tidy way to avoid ever having to think for yourself, but not especially clever.

That comparison doesn’t work for any number of reasons. For example, Obama and the Pope both self-identify as those things. Also, Obama and the Pope are individuals whereas “feminists” are a group. Also, you’re a fucking idiot.

Check cricket is becoming dull as well as prosaic. Some cement proposals in order to revamp the actual test cricket happen to be suggested through former Indian native cricket participant Ravi Sasthri.

hey you just stereotyped towards all feminists are sexist! not all of them are sexist and you said violence happens everywhere not just to women but men as well so I don’t think you can lump all feminists in the room as sexist it is basically calling a kettle black and assuming that all teapot kettles are black it is a prejudgement

Legally you have a point. But are you really justifying violence against males and / or pretending there are no male victims of (male) violence ???? Then you’re only proving that AVfM should indeed do what it’s doing. So sad.

I see Nobody is trying to start another round of “liar or idiot?” I’m inclined to go with “idiot” in this case but I’ve been wrong before.

… Writing a blog post against someone impersonating a real domestic violence awareness organization is a justification of domestic violence? Criticizing someone for their conduct is the same as being against (what they claim is) their message?

What are you smoking, nobody?

So sad.

Yes, you are. I weep for your underfed brain cells. The need nourishment. Feed them something other than bs and maybe they will grow big and strong.

Saying that men should stop committing violence against women ≠ saying women never assault men.

But I guess you’d have to be daft if you actually believed it did.

nobody | March 9, 2015 at 4:35 am

Legally you have a point. But are you really justifying violence against males and / or pretending there are no male victims of (male) violence ???? Then you’re only proving that AVfM should indeed do what it’s doing. So sad.

What we said: “Paul Elam is a gross individual who not only encourages violence against women (“Bash a Violent Bitch Month”), but impersonated an organization that helps female victims of domestic violence to confuse potential donators into giving him the money meant for the real White Ribbon organization, which he’ll use to fund his own sexist website.”

What you heard: “We need that money for feeemales because men don’t get hurt and men hurt us all the time!/We should totally beat up more men!”

Yeah, your logic – MRA translator’s working just fine I see.

Oh look. A troll is attributing to us arguments that we never made and opinions we did not express.

However, even if we were claiming that domestic violence against men either doesn’t exist or is okay, that still wouldn’t actually justify fraud. That would be like saying “my wages are unfairly low, therefore I should be able to hold up gas stations to obtain money and nobody can criticize it!”

That’s not how it works. You don’t get to commit crimes and expect no consequences just because you felt justified.

Men who’ve survived abusive relationships are beaten down and silenced by feminists who run anti-male “domestic violence” campaigns that actually promote domestic violence against men by denying or minimizing how often it happens. Women are very often the perpetrators of domestic violence, and actually are more likely to use a deadly weapon against a male than males are to use a weapon. Fathers lives matter, our little boys matter, our fathers and grandfathers matter. It would be wonderful if the canadian white ribbon folks wouldn’t act as though we’re not humans with feelings and lives that matter…but I’m not holding my breath.

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