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#GamerGater declares "the only harassers are anti-GGers." Then sexually harasses an anti-GamerGate woman

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Sexual harassment: it’s not just something that dudes do. And here’s a little story from the GamerGate wars on Twitter to demonstrate this.

Yesterday, an anti-GamerGate Twitterer known as directed a question to Adobe Software. And got an indignant reply from a GamerGater known as Cameralady.

Now, this response is interesting for several reasons.

For one, Cameralady on Twitter, called that because she is the, er, camera lady for the YouTube channel ShortFatOtaku, is the same Cameralady I ran across repeatedly when going through those logs of the #burgersandfries IRC channel, one of the main organizing hubs of the campaign of harassment that became #GamerGate.

Cameralady, one of the angriest commenters in that angry bunch, showed up in the IRC channel on August 23rd ready to do battle with Zoe Quinn, who she claimed had once “belittled me for having autism.”

She turned out to be an indefatigable researcher, digging up a great deal of dirt about Quinn’s past, including what she said was a photo of Quinn at age 13. And she passed along lurid gossip from Zoe’s terrible ex about her sex life.

Here’s the charming way Cameralady introduced herself to the IRC channel, the log of which you can find online here. (I’ve removed some unrelated comments, indicating cuts with ellipses. )

Aug 23 01.51.50 <Cameralady> fuck zoe quinn

Aug 23 01.52.08 <Cameralady> she’s not interested in equality she’s interested in stuffing her flappy cunt with flaacid boy penises
Aug 23 01.52.14 <TechPriest> So your in this to take her down, and dehumanize her because she deserves it


Aug 23 01.52.38 <foTTS> To be honest, I wouldn’t credit her with depression quest since she only provided 75 lines for it, Cameralady
Aug 23 01.52.54 <Cameralady> that’s less than the lines of cum she’s swallowed

Aug 23 01.53.26 let’s al capone her

On another occasion, she thought about releasing all the dirt she found on Quinn to the world.

Aug 23 18.57.47 <Cameralady> there’s a part of me that is evil and says MAKE A BIG DOXX AND RELEASE IT AND SHIT ON ZOE MOOOORE …
Aug 23 18.57.57 <Cameralady> but the rational part of me is “what no what will that even do”
Aug 23 18.58.18 <W334800> exactly, give her more attention her current monstrous form craves
Aug 23 18.58.34 <rd0952> attention is not the same as punishment

You may also recall in one of my previous posts about the IRC log that I quoted someone fantasizing about starting a relationship with Quinn just so she could “dump her in the most brutal, heartwrenching way possible.”  That was Cameralady.

So that’s one of the interesting things about this alleged opponent of harassment.

The other one?

Well, shortly after Tweeting about how only anti-GamerGaters harass people, she sexually harassed an anti-GamerGater.


When someone called her on it, Cameralady accused him of homophobia:

No, I’m pretty sure what we’re talking about isn’t lesbianism (or misogyny) but harassment. When you say, to a woman you’re having an argument with on Twitter, that you want her to prove something “preferably in a post-coitus conversation with me, grrl,” that’s harassment, not a clever pickup line. Regardless of your gender.

Especially since this isn’t the first time that Cameralady has crudely “propositioned” Izzy Mariana on Twitter. Indeed, a week ago, they had this exchange:




Indeed, to even call these “propositions” is a bit misleading. These are attempts to rattle Mariana by addressing her in a crudely sexual way, not serious attempts to ask her out.

Are any GamerGaters calling out Cameralady for this behavior? No, they’re trying to pretend that she’s being oppressed as a lesbian — for sexually harassing a woman who already told her to get lost.

GamerGaters always deflect accusations of harassment by saying that “we don’t know if the harassers are GamerGaters.” Well, here’s an example of a rather prominent GamerGater sexually harassing a woman in broad daylight on Twitter — and all her GamerGater comrades can do is deny and deflect and throw out accusations of homophobia.

Oh, and give Cameralady virtual high-fives for her harassing tweet — which at the moment boasts seven favs and retweets, all of them from active GamerGate supporters.

Such ethics. So anti-harassment.

EDITED TO ADD: According to this Storify, Cameralady has done this to at least one other person.







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8 years ago

Many years ago, I was in a customer service job with a bunch of other people, and we were bored. So we all did on-line IQ tests. Our scores ranged from 145 – 175. Either boring-ass customer service jobs attract highly intelligent people, or there’s something a little off about this intelligence-measuring technique.

8 years ago

To summarize: IQ tests measure things that can be easily quantified and neglect things that can’t — which may actually be a pretty large part of what we can fairly consider intelligence.

8 years ago

I’ve always been interested by the group called Mensa, which is composed of people who do very well on IQ tests, but a very large portion of them have very modest real-world accomplishments.

I was a member of MENSA for a while. The test placed my IQ on the high 140s, and I was sleepy and not trying very hard.

IQ tests were created to predict success in school, so that students at risk of lower scholastic achievement could receive early intervention to help them.

That just makes it extra ironic to use them as an argument for taking education AWAY from people.

8 years ago

She tweeted a creepy comment about “lesbian coitus” to Mara Wilson when she first started tweeting about #GamerGate. It seems to be her default behavior when engaging women on the internet.

M. the Social Justice Ranger
M. the Social Justice Ranger
8 years ago
8 years ago

At the heart of Lourdes is the Grotto at Massabielle.

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