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The 5 most ridiculous things causing misogynists to lose their sh*t this week



It’s the eternal question: do misogynists spend their entire lives looking for excuses to get mad at women, or are they so naturally enraged by any evidence of female autonomy that they can’t help but erupt in rage over the tiniest of things?

We may never know the answer to that question. What we do know: almost anything can provoke them, no matter how trivial it is, no matter how misguided their anger might seem to anyone who doesn’t actually, you know, hate women. Let’s look at some of the latest things to cause women-haters to lose their shit.

1) British tennis champ Andy Murray’s  announcement this week that he was hiring former female tennis champion Amélie Mauresmo as his coach. Even though she’s, you know, a lady.

On Twitter, as Buzzfeed has chronicled, some have taken exception to Mauresmo’s status as a non-man.

Others have suggested that maybe she’s more of a man than him – ho ho!

Why it would matter to any of these people just whom someone who is not them wants as his coach remains unclear.

2) An article on the Huffington Post noting that on D-Day, one woman – war correspondent Martha Gellhorn – accompanied the 150,000 men who stormed the beaches.

It’s an interesting story: all the female correspondents who requested spots on the boats were turned down, so she ended up sneaking her way into the invasion by hiding in a ship’s bathroom.

But over on the A Voice for Men forums, someone called Humansplaining w/ Jarred is outraged that “Feminists can’t even let Men have D-DAY for themselves!”

Here we are on the 70th anniversary of a watershed moment in one of the bloodiest wars in human history, where thousands of men selflessly gave their lives, and some Feminist feels the need to devote an entire article to the fact that there was also ONE woman involved! There you go, it’s official – the ratio of worth from women to men, is 1:150,000. Those two are completely equal in the eyes of many Feminists, apparently. You can spend all your time relaying the experiences of that one female in great detail, without even the slightest nod to the individual experiences of those 150,000 other human beings that were involved, many of whom perished in the process. Because VAGINA.

Yep. That’s right. Telling the story of one woman on D-Day is an attack on all the men involved. Hell, let’s take that further. Any story told about any individual person involved in a collective effort should be considered a grave insult to all the others. Saving Private Ryan is an insult to all soldiers who weren’t Private Ryan!

3) LEGO is launching a new series of scientist minifigures – only this time, they’re women!

On the Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them) website, British MRA and would-be politician Mike Buchanan sniffs that this move by LEGO belongs in the

‘You couldn’t make this s*** up!’ file. Doubtless it will sell well to hatchet-faced mothers determined to quash any signs of femininity in their unfortunate daughters.

Apparently acknowledging the existence of female scientists is somehow an injustice to men and boys?

4) Older women sometimes have sex with younger men.

There’s a certain kind of man who likes to loudly declare just which women – or categories of women – he “wouldn’t bang.” Our old friend Heartiste – the white-nationalist, purple-prose-writing pickup guru – is a member of a slightly smaller subgroup: he gets angry when other men have sex with the women he’s declared unsuitable, a group which apparently includes all but 0.1% of women his age and older.

In a recent post, Heartiste lambastes the dating site as a symptom of our “rapid cultural collapse.” Its crime? Matching up “mangy cougars” and their “dusty muffs” with “inexperienced younger men hauling a knapsack of blue balls.”

While Heartiste directs most of his hate at the so-called cougars themselves – for the crime of having sex while female and forty plus – he’s indignant that younger men, in his mind, allow themselves to resort to

the shabby hole of a bottom shelf jezebel to alleviate your incel. … a tepid squirt of pallid pleasure in exchange for your dignity and psychologically distressing confirmation that this is the best you might ever do.

Apparently the idea that a younger man and an older women might actually enjoy having sex with one another is too much for his fragile misogynist mind to take.

Indeed, it’s hard not to wonder if Heartiste actually likes sex at all  – or if his own alleged lovemaking prowess extends much beyond a “tepid squirt.” This, after all, is a guy who thinks going down on a woman is “beta,” because burying your face in what he calls that “fetid, humid mess” is sort of icky, and might lead her to think that you think she’s hot.

And last but not least:

5) Some people are trying to get colleges to take rape more seriously.

In a column in the Washington Post, George Will sniffs that colleges, by addressing what he calls “the supposed campus epidemic of rape” are bestowing upon “’sexual assault’ victims” a “coveted status that confers privileges,” thus encouraging others to jump aboard the victimhood express.

Others have already torn apart Will’s argument pretty thoroughly. So I’ll just note one not-so-little irony: the headline for Will’s column, as it ran in the Post, was “Colleges become the victims of progressivism.”

Why is it that the people who most loudly condemn the supposed “cult of victimhood” are the first to claim that they’re the ones who are really being victimized – by “progressives,” by feminists, by female tennis coaches, by stories about women in war, by LEGO figurines of female scientists, by women they don’t like having consensual sex, by anti-rape activists trying to create a climate in which more than 12% of rape survivors on campuses feel safe enough to report their rapes?


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pallygirl–after being reminded of the icky sea otter behavior, it took my brain surprisingly long to interpret “ducks” as the action rather than the animal. (Ducks–perhaps not as icky as sea otters, but still pretty icky.)

Oooh, I’m off to the Outer Hebrides in a week’s time for a week. Staying in a cottage within easy walking distance of the beach with a really good chance of seeing sea otters. Not the ass-holish ones. I am beyond excited.

LOL, @closetpuritan, I had to re-read my comment before I don’t use that word very often. And yes, ducks can be icky, particularly mallards.

@titianblue: if you post pics, I will look at them and oooo and ahhh.

And now I have a sort-of-semi* image I really didn’t want. /cries

* I have no idea what a duck penis looks like.

Don’t mention the duck penis!

THere is a daddylonglegs flying around my sitting room and I fear that Minnie & Maise are about to demolish the house in their attempts to get it.

Did you know that chicken semen is viable for up to 2 weeks inside a hen? So eggs laid up to 2 weeks after your hen has had sex may still be fertile?


Are daddylonglegs something different there? They’re spiders here, harvestmen I think?

In the UK, they’re large skinny flies with, apparently very little brain. also known as crane flies.

Ahh, ok. Thus explaining my hope spiders hadn’t learned to fly (if they have, don’t tell me!)

Nope. Well other than the tiny ones that use silk filaments as gliders/parachutes. But they’re just teeny & cute.

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