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Red Pill Dude: I don’t hate women. I just think they’re vindictive, hurtful, hateful, solipsitic child-stealing sociopaths who deserve no respect.



You know, maybe I’ve been unfair to these manosphere fellows. I’m always saying that they hate women. But what if they don’t really hate women? Like hate hate. What if they just don’t respect women, you know, for totally understandable non-hatey reasons that aren’t misogynistic at all?

I mean, there’s nothing misogynistic about refusing to show an entire gender any respect because of some reasons you came up with, right?

Anyway, what’s got me wondering all this is a recent stickied post on the Red Pill Subreddit, home to ALPHA DUDES who totally score with the hot women like all the time. The post, by a dude with the totally non-lady-hating name of bitchdantkillmyvibe is titled “I don’t hate women, I just don’t respect them, and unless many changes within their gender come about, I never will,” and really, I don’t think I’ve ever read a less lady-hating title than that.

So let’s hear this dude out, huh?

TRP gets regularly blasted for ‘hating’ women. TRP does not hate women, bar the vitriolic men usually new to TRP who are still overcoming their understandable bitterness and resentment.

Exactly! Red Pillers totally don’t hate women, except for the ones that do.

TRP just sees women for what they are, and the ways they behave, and treats them accordingly.

Exactly! We don’t hate women for being women, we just hate them for acting like women.

Oh, wait, we don’t hate them.

TRP does not hate women – TRP does not respect women, and they give us reason after reason not to.

There are a number of reasons I do not respect women. Again, as creatures of fun and entertainment, I love them.

Like, seriously, how can you hate something if you like to stick your penis in it, huh? PURE STEM LOGIC.

I never feel feelings of hatred towards them, more annoyance, dissappointment and, as mentioned, a severe lack of the respect they claim they so desperately want.

Yeah, bitches are always claiming to desperately want respect. What’s that about?

So anyway, bitchdantkillmyvibe goes through his list of reasons for not giving the ladies the respect they claim they so  desperately want.

His list begins with all those terrible fatties who want to be treated as human beings despite being terrible fatties.

The fat acceptance movement is one of the clearest and best examples of how women completely lack any sense of agency and how they demand the most respect for the least amount of work or effort. ….

In reverse, you never see anything close to a fat acceptance movement among men, when men still face a lot of the issues about image and self esteem. Men get just as bombarded by the media about what is attractive and what isn’t, and instead of trying to rewrite the rules to our benefit, we either shape up, or don’t.

Yeah, I mean, it’s not like men are actually more likely to be overweight or obese than women or that women are actually likely to face more criticism and outright discrimination based on weight or anything. And it’s not like most diets actually fail and that dieting in the end often backfires and can cause people to gain more weight. Or that stigmatizing fat people is completely ineffective at causing them to lose weight and, yep, can also cause them to gain weight instead.

Oh wait, all of those things are true.

But bitchdantkillmyvibe is on to his next topic: child custody.

The way women embrace the broken system surrounding child custody laws is another example in women’s solipsism, and worse, their complete disregard and almost sociopathic lack of care for not only their husband/partner/lover, but the father of their child, their offspring, who without, would never have been able to grant her such a gift to begin with.

Yeah, I mean, it’s not like judges grant primary custody to the person who’s been doing the bulk of the child care and that this person is usually the mother.

In my opinion, the way women abuse child custody laws is reason enough to lack complete respect for women and is the biggest reason, personally, I will never respect their gender. Taking a father’s child away from him is one of the most horrible, disgusting, vile, vindictive, malicious and heartless things you can do to a man. I don’t care how much he may have hurt you, or how badly you want to get back at him, taking his seed away from him eclipses almost any wrongdoing he may have done to the woman.

Wait what? If the father has been, say, beating the crap out of the mother, wouldn’t it make sense to keep him away from the kids so that he won’t beat the crap out of them too?

This shows the true nature of modern women – that they only care for themselves and lack compassion almost entirely. I wouldn’t take a man’s child away from him even if he was the lowest of scum.

Uh, really? I’m pretty sure kids are a lot better off when they’re not being raised by “the lowest of scum,”particularly if this particular scum has a history of violence.

I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, and for women to do that to someone they once loved and who once loved them back, and most likely supported them in a number of ways, not only dumbfounds me, but it scares me.

Hmm. I’m sort of beginning to wonder if this bitchdantkillmyvibe fellow might actually hate women. And possibly children too.

Oh, but he’s not done yet. He next takes on the specter of FEMINISM.

I’m a bit conflicted, because while the feminist movement did succeed in earning women some basic human rights that they shouldn’t have been denied, it is also largely responsible for the dismal state of the modern woman now.

After the world gave women almost everything they demanded, they still want more. …

For all this talk about ‘male privilege’, if you are born a white women with relative attractiveness, you are living life on easy mode.

Ah, yes, because all women are “white women with relative attractiveness.” And because that’s all it takes to become massively successful and powerful in the world today. That’s why 95.6% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are “white women with relative attractiveness.”

Oh, wait, I’m being told that 95.6% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are actually men, not women. Sorry.

The feminist movement is now about the most trivial ‘rights’ being awarded to women and continuing to uphold the image that women are ‘oppressed’, when this could not be further from the truth. Women are more privileged than ever and get more pussy passes than in any point in history.

Here is a chart showing the increase in pussy passes over time.



Oops, sorry. That’s actually a chart showing the average annual output prices for potatoes in Scotland from 2003 to 2012. So in case you were wondering about that, you’re welcome!

I’m not sure where to look to find the historical data on pussy pass distribution.

The feminist movement is an example in how if you give an inch with a woman, she will take a mile. We were wrong to entertain their demands to begin with, thinking that if some of their demands were appeased, they would be content and more productive members of society. But …  no matter how much more we continue to give them, they will never be sated and never feel content.

Yeah, I’m not detecting any misogyny here. Nope. None whatsoever.

And now we move onwards to rape. Well, “false rape culture.”

[F]or all the talk about ‘rape culture’, we are living in a society where women are taking more and more liberties with the law that already aggressively favors them by accusing men of rape for their own benefit.

Exactly. And there are so many benefits women get from accusing men of rape! Let’s see. They get to collect the $10,000 “rape accusation bounty” that’s placed by the government on every able-bodied adult man. And …

Wait. I’m being told there is no “rape accusation bounty” and that “you just made that up.”

Here we have another example of the vindictive, hurtful nature of women, where they only care about themselves and benefitting themselves, even at the behest of another man’s livelihood. Note, it’s not because they hate men – it’s because they hate everyone, or more appropriately, women are completely solipsistic and anyone’s wellbeing outside of their own is an afterthought.

Definitely no misogyny here at all.

This is the real reason ‘rape culture’ exists, to continue the victimisation of women and the benefits they reap by being society’s victim. They create a problem that isn’t there so they can exploit it to their own advantage. They willingly destroy men’s lives, careers and reputations, marking them permanently for the rest of their life, purely for their own gain. Men are completely disposable in a woman’s eyes, and this again is reason to not only disrespect them, but fear them.

But don’t get too sad, ladies, because, “as creatures of fun and entertainment,” he still LOVES you!

For all of men’s downfalls, nothing comes close to the manipulative, cold and psychopathic nature of women, not to mention that many of the slurs launched against men only apply to a small subset – rape is minimal and women are lucky to live in an age where the overwhelming majority of men view this as a most heinous act. …

However, the reasons I have listed here apply to an overwhelming majority of modern women …

Until these fundamental changes occur within the female gender – which I highly doubt they will – women will never be deserving of our respect and for them to demand otherwise is completely laughable.

But, ladies, remember – he still likes putting his penis in you!

Again, I do not hate women – I love women, I love fucking them, I love laughing with them, I love having fun with them, and even sometimes losing myself in the emotional rollercoaster that is their feminine nature which I am unable to experience.

Yep. “The emotional rollercoaster that is their feminine nature which I am unable to experience.” Which is located right next to “The Emotional Ragin Cajun that is their feminine nature which I am unable to experience” at “The Emotional Six Flags Great America that is their feminine nature which I am unable to experience.”

But respect them? Never. Not until these horrible rituals are called out as the disgusting, inhumane practices they are.

Ladies, he’s single! He’s horny! He loves to laugh! 

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8 years ago

Strawberry rhubarb? Sounds interesting.

I may be wrong, but this is one of those things that I think of as a quintessentially New England food. It’s a summer staple here.

THEY MAKE BANANA PUDDING IN PIE FORM?! I must find some immediately and stick it in my face. Tell me it’s on a cookie crust 😀

Graham cracker, typically. But I’ve also had this thing where they layer banana pudding and ‘Nilla Wafers and put it in the fridge till the cookies soften – it’s pretty good, and I don’t even like banana pudding that much.

8 years ago

When I see the words “hubby” and “strawberries” in the same sentence, my mind adds “bath” and goes straight in to TMI territory. 😉

8 years ago

Don’t put strawberries in the bath, Kittehs! It’ll just make everything sticky!

8 years ago

Oh gods, banana cream pie… I haven’t had that in so many years, I’d actually forgotten about it! Oh my, now I know what’s going on my foodie wish list!

8 years ago

Huh, I always thought strawberry rhubarb was a Southern thing. Goes to show what I know!

8 years ago

Graham cracker, typically. But I’ve also had this thing where they layer banana pudding and ‘Nilla Wafers and put it in the fridge till the cookies soften – it’s pretty good, and I don’t even like banana pudding that much.

My grandma used to make this for every summer church picnic (the one thing I really, really miss about the conservative fundamental church I was raised in is the church suppers and picnics). She would later banana pudding, Nilla wafers and banana slices in a deep casserole dish, then top it all off with whipped. Then, of course, she’d pop it in the fridge overnight and the Nilla wafers would absorb the pudding and would be nice and cold. Just heavenly for dessert on a hot summer’s day.

Ally S
8 years ago

Graham cracker, typically. But I’ve also had this thing where they layer banana pudding and ‘Nilla Wafers and put it in the fridge till the cookies soften – it’s pretty good, and I don’t even like banana pudding that much.

I really need to try this. Need, not want.

8 years ago

::hands Ally tissues for teh drool::

8 years ago

My mother makes a good banana cream pie, except that the last time that she made one while we were visiting, she and I made the mistake of trying the freshly made warm custard with the bananas newly sliced into it.
Fresh, warm banana custard is a delicious and soothing thing. The pie was awesome, of course, but the filling was more so.
We are having fish pie for supper, made with Trader Joe’s frozen “Alaskan Cod Pieces” (heh). They’re pretty tough in Alaska if they use frozen fish for codpieces.
There is a Cornish dish called Stargazy Pie, made with pilchards whose heads stick up through the top crust of the finished pie.

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