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Meet Dr. Thaddeus Pixel, Inventor of Science

Dr. Thaddeus Pixel, Inventor of Science. (Detail of poster from Chateau Heartiste)
Dr. Thaddeus Pixel, Inventor of Science. (Detail of poster from Chateau Heartiste)

So the other day some of the fellas over on Chateau Heartiste — one of the internet’s top destinations for racist, misogynist pickup artist wannabes — ran across a little graphic celebrating some of the lesser-known “[w]omen in science that you should know … and probably don’t.”

Apparently offended by the reminder that, yes, women have actually had some influence over history, one of Heartiste’s readers decided to make a graphic similarly celebrating the men of science. But while the original graphic contained pictures of only 12 women, this new graphic featured a vast sea of male faces, as if to rub in just how male dominated the world of science has been, and still is.


Looking at the graphic, Heartiste also thought he spotted another demographic anomaly: a preponderance of white faces. “That’s one pale looking pastiche,” he wrote.

“The Men in Science poster. A Snowvalanche of Whiteness,” agreed one of his commenters,”Bwahahaha.”

Huh. That’s weird. because when I look at the poster I don’t see a lot of white. I mean, if you blow it up a little you can see that the spaces between the various squares are white, but the squares themselves are all sorts of colors. Red. Pink. Black. Brown. Blue. Green.

Are a significant portion of the Men of Science from Mars?

And there’s another odd thing about this not-so-pale pastiche: it’s full of repeating patterns. If you look closely, you’ll discover that this isn’t one vast sea of male faces. It’s a small pond, endlessly repeated.

Specifically, it’s this bit (from the upper left-hand corner) pasted over and over.


Also, when you look closely at these alleged “scientists” they turn out to be real blockheads. Yep, if you zoom in a little further you don’t find an assortment of tiny Einsteins and fig-sized Newtons. You get this:


All hail the founding pixels of science!

Heartiste, you may want to get your eyes checked for bigotry.

Thanks to dashapants for bringing this wondrous graphic and its repeating patterns to my attention.

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Torontonian lurker here, canuck_with_pluck. Trying to find the info, since my bf and I would have a blast at a late night screening, The Royal website doesn’t really give times, Still looking.

I’ve done a little digging and I discovered that Roosh used to be a microbiologist and threw it all away to be a pick-up artist.

Lemme guess: He got clobbered at it by a feeeemale, said “fuck this”, and stalked off to become a skeevy date-rapist for fun and profit instead, because that is one arena where women will NEVER want to outcompete the menz?

These guys are always going on and on about pretty women “getting away with murder” and and fuck them. Then why do they want them so bad? Also, they have a habit of thinking that below average looks — whatever the fuck that means, anyway, makes you smarter. Pretty equals dumber. No. Nope. Wishful thinking perhaps? I dunno. In any event, anyone with half a brain would question the scientific veracity of someone who uses the word “fugly.”

Lemme guess: He got clobbered at it by a feeeemale, said “fuck this”, and stalked off

A guy in my gen chem lab literally stormed out of class never to return, much to the confusion of his (female) lab partner.

I think he left because he might have felt that microbiology is too “beta” and they don’t get women. After all, obtaining sex is his number one goal in life.


You might have a point. He and his fellows believe a lot of that pop psychology crap and things that border on eugenics. He probably has a poor grasp of biology in general. The thing that pisses me off to no end is when PUAs talk about neuroscience, psychobiology, psychopharmacology (Can’t understand the difference between Ritalin and Prozac), and abnormal psych and act like they know everything about it. -_-

So, if they weren’t reading, nice-looking women in their twenties would be going around killing people for a lark? I guess “not being a serial killer” is why I spent so much money in Barnes and Noble all those years? Well, thank heavens for graduate school and Harry Potter, or we’d have a bloodbath on our hands!!

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