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Pickup guru Roosh V tries to drum up page views with vicious transphobia, his regulars applaud



Pickup guru and human stain Roosh V. continues his search for attention at any cost. His latest grab for page views takes the form of a nasty little post on Return of Kings ostensibly “warning” his readers how they can protect themselves from evil “[t]rannies [who] will try to trick a player to get some loving.”

The post, written by someone calling himself redpiller1985, is a transphobic rant in the form of a jokey list purporting to show guys “8 Ways To Spot A Transsexual.” Redpiller1985 starts off by declaring that

It’s not just betas and closet conning alphas trying to hold us back. It’s cross-dressing men who are so mentally ill that they think they’re women. They’re delusional omega men who think acting like a caricature of the women who don’t give them play is how they can finally get some sexual pleasure from unwitting men.

The “humor” of the post is so strained it’s doubtful it would even elicit a chuckle from even the most egregious transphobe. Redpiller1985 mocks “trannies” for allegedly having silly names “[l]ike the name Jessica but spelled as Jessika.” He think’s its hilarious that they don’t like being referred to as “he,” and that some “trannies” use words like “kyriarchy” and “cisgender.” He thinks it’s risible that “[t]ranssexuals have an incredibly high suicide and drug abuse rate..”

Indeed, a portion of the article is devoted to mocking the suicide attempt of a trans game designer; I’m not going to quote any of that.

Redpiller1985 ends by proclaiming, with mock sincerity, that all this nastiness is really an attempt to help poor “trannies” get their lives in order:

We as red pillers must even tell the most beta blue pillers in existence when the “hot girl” at the bar is really a lying mentally ill man in a dress. If we stand up to their mental illness and call them out instead of making their delusions worse. It will inspire these disfigured men to stop being omegas and start being true men again.

In the comments, someone calling himself Ben “Race War Now” Garrison declares that “Trannies will be the first to hang on the Day of the Rope.” Another commenter posts a photo of a murdered trans woman lying dead in the street, with the note “[h]ere’s a good example photo of what happens once trannies get found out.”

Not all the commenters are on board with the transbashing. One suggests that

[T]rannies (especially the Asian kind) are super friendly and outgoing. No girl is every as nice or friendly to the strange guys around her.

That bit of racial and sexual fetisihization is about as “trans-friendly” as it gets on Roosh’s hate site.

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9 years ago


Why do these guys seem to believe that trans* people are simultaneously easy to spot and always lurking in the shadows ready to ensnare a hapless peen? I can’t even…

It’s a dehumanization effort:
a) they’re not “normal”, therefore they’re easy to spot;
b) they’re not “normal”, therefore they’re evil and lurk in shadows ready to ensnare hapless peens.

I’ve noticed it quite a lot in bigots, it doesn’t matter if the individual elements of the dehumanization match up as long as the target is made to look lesser in some way. There’s probably also a “grab bag” effect to it, since different bigots object to different things, everything gets thrown into the stereotype and it’s assumed that it’s all true.

9 years ago

RE: marci

Those stereotypes mostly get pegged on trans women, which is disgusting behavior. Trans guys like me tend to, at best, be dismissed as wannabes, or treated as magical hybrid unicorn men. (“Half the guilt for the same mileage!”)

There are a LOT of awful myths all meshed together. It’s incredibly gross.

9 years ago

“Indeed, a portion of the article is devoted to mocking the suicide attempt of a trans game designer; I’m not going to quote any of that.”

Dani Bunten Berry is rolling in her grave right now…

Mandy Burgundy
9 years ago

I wonder if they realize that they’re ‘way of the red pill’ (which is a reference to the movie, The Matrix) is a culture symbol popularized by Lana Wachowski, who just so happens to be a….wait for it…transsexual female. So does this mean the author of that article will change his name, that culture symbol??? Ya know, since he’s so disgusted in TS women.

9 years ago

RE: Mandy Burgundy

I’ve never seen any red-piller actually ACKNOWLEDGE that fact.

9 years ago

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