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MGTOWer: “The mask of c*ntdom has fallen off and shattered upon the cold, unforgiving stone floor of reality.”

Jees, lady! You ever heard of conditioner?
Jeez, lady! You ever heard of conditioner?

Is there something about being a completely ass-backwards reactionary that inclines one to pomposity and metaphorical overkill? There must be.

The latest bit of evidence I’ve found for this hypothesis comes from MGTOWforums, where the fellas are discussing some article lamenting the impending collapse of the economy, or civilization, or something. (I don’t know, exactly; I didn’t read it.)  Anyway, one of the commenters, a dude called DruidV, is pissed off that the article doesn’t take aim at what he sees as the true villains: Single moms.

So he writes … this:

Anything to avoid laying the blame for this whole mess right where it belongs:

Squarely at the feet of single mothers and the rapidly starving system that coddles and enables them with the blood and treasure of innocent Men and boys.

It doesn’t really matter how many boiler plate, self-indulgent, tradcon glue sniffing sessions these “writers” like this “put to paper”, for the mask of single motherhood and cuntdom in general has at last fallen completely off and shattered upon the cold, unforgiving stone floor of reality. Now revealed, the horrid, snake haired visage hidden for so long underneath has irrevocably turned many of us Men and boys to stone.

Take it away, Jeff!

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Robert, maybe? I know “agoge” is also sometimes translated as “education” instead of “treatment”. I don’t know if it has the same negative connotations as it does when it’s translated as “treatment”. And maybe there’s different usage outside of Koine Greek, which is the Greek that I study. There’s plenty of overlap between Koine and Classical Greek, but some interesting differences as well.

MGTOWers are good men. They simply believe in equal treatment for everyone and that women should accept responsibility for any choices said women should make. In other words, I think MGTOWers believe it’s not fair that men are always called upon to bail out irresponsible women. MGTOW is the male version of feminism – it’s about respect, liberation and empowerment. It’s really odd to me that your site would give a two hoots about MGTOW. These men are happy. Are you unhappy because there are men out there who ARE happy?

LOL no it isn’t. They’re anything but happy – have you actually read any of their rantings about how terrible and scary women are, or are you just being a contrarian troll, or are you one of them?

MGTOW is little boys standing on the porch screaming “I’m running away from home, Mommy! I really am! You’ll be SORRY!”

Except MGTOW never fuckingwell do leave. Everyone would be much happier if they did.

Women are already held responsible for our actions and choices. We’re also held responsible for things we might do, things we haven’t ever done, and things that men have done “on our behalf” (without asking if we wanted them to do those things). When men constrain our choices, we’re still held responsible for the choices we make within those constraints.

What world do you live in where women act without consequences?

“Are you unhappy because there are men out there who ARE happy?”

Playing psych are we?

The really funny thing about that comment was that it’s the MRAs and MGTOW and PUAs who frothrage or just whine because women don’t need them, and live perfectly happy lives without being owned by men.

Incoherent ranting about single mothers, c*ntdom, and masks. Truly the sign of a good, happy, liberated and equality-minded man.

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