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Mark Minter’s Matrimonial Manosphere Meltdown, Part Two

Hell hath no fury like the manosphere scorned
Hell hath no fury like the manosphere scorned

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Thanks! (And thanks again to all who’ve already donated.) Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

The news of misogynistic marriage-hater Mark Minter’s upcoming nuptials has been ricocheting around the manosphere for about a week now. In my previous post on the subject, I looked at the manosphere’s initial reaction to this startling — and for many, disillusioning — development. Today, a followup, looking at how the manosphere has begun to adjust to the idea of a married Minty.

Over on the blog he’s modestly named MATT FORNEY, Matt Forney uses the whole brouhaha as an opportunity to chide manosphere dudes for their incredible gullibility and childish hero-worship.

The manoblogs are all a-twitter with righteous outrage. Mark Minter is a fraud! A liar! A hypocrite! How could a guy who railed against marriage, called it an institution for “pussies,” go back on his words? With a single mother no doubt? Why did he lie about the fact that he’s a penniless bum who’s been living with his sister for the past few years?

Why? Why? WHY?

You’ll notice that I haven’t joined in the ritual witch-burning, and that’s because I didn’t care for Minter to begin with. …

He was just a pissed-off guy who found a forum to vent in. By any objective measure he made out pretty good, seeing as he’s getting married to a groupie nearly half his age. … Toss in the fact that he’s a broke deadbeat and from his perspective, he’s practically won the lottery.

So who do I blame? I blame you.

You credulous cronies. You gullible dipshits. You idol-worshipping nimrods. You’re no different than the legions of Oprah-watching soccer moms who turned on James Frey after his fabrications were revealed. “But-but-but he LIED to me!!!!!1″ No asshole, you lied to yourself. …

Same with Mark Minter. The evidence of him being a broke basement dweller was sitting in plain view, but no one bothered to do a basic Google search before they decided to deify him. Why? Because he sold a vision of life that the manospambots found appealing, where marriage is always doomed to fail and divorce is always the woman’s fault. …

If you don’t want to get fooled again, stop being so easy to fool. Stop building shrines to every halfwit who assuages your prejudices.

Forney is a bigot and an asshole and an all-around terrible person, but he’s got a little bit of a point here.

Over on The Black Pill  — formerly Omega Virgin Revolt — Mr. Pill has a unique theory: Minty decided to renounce his marriage-hating manosphere ways to marry a single mom because he was sick of running into dumb conspiracy theorists on manosphere blogs. Yep, that’s right: the manosphere got too weird for Mark Minter.

[W]hat happened to Mark Minter?  He didn’t just get married after being a stalwart against marriage.  He married a single mother.  Only he knows, but one possibility (assuming that he didn’t troll the manosphere or something like that) is that he came to the realization that the so called manosphere is insane and ran back to his old life (in a manner of speaking). A few months ago Minter had a problem with a Return of Court Jesters … article about how Obamacare mandated that everyone have a RFID chip in them and that this was going to lead to the mark of the beast in the Book of Revelations in the Bible.  (This is completely false.)

Oh really? Obamacare ISN’T going to lead to all of us being branded with the Mark of the Beast? Thanks for clarifying that, Mr. Black Pill!

This is something that I suspect happens to a lot of the men who vanished from the so called manosphere or suffer from so called “player burnout”.  These men come across some aspect of the manosphere that is too insane for them which causes them to run back to their old (likely feminist derived) ideology because it appears sane in comparison.  Minter just chose a way of dealing with this that didn’t involve vanishing (at least not right away) or coming up with a contrived explanation like “player burnout”.

I don’t know what will happen next, but my guess is that Minter will use the ensuing criticism to exit the so called manosphere completely.  After that, in a few months no one in the so called manosphere will remember who Mark Minter was … .

So getting married is sort of the manosphere version of faking your own death? Huh.

Over on The Soul is Not a Smithy, “Francis Begbie” writes (in dialect):

[B]asically, that Mark Minter guy, the most staunch, anti conjugal bells motherfucker residing in the manosphere … That guy, well yeah, he’s got himself hitched up with … a single mother. This has disappointed many a cunt in this here parts as of late. But the thing is kind of sobering too, in its one perverted little way.

Oh, a note on usage: In Begbie’s writing, the word “cunt” generally refers to men.

A cunt has learned:

A man will do anything for some snatch. This is why a lot of the MGTOW bozo the clown types can be funny goofy motherfuckers at times. The second the whiff of pussy enflames de nostrils, they’re just like the preacher and mustache Charlie.

There be a lot of paper alpha types doing the rounds. …

[Y]ou need to be a man of your word, not this paper alpha shite. And that is why this whole debacle with Minter is so bloody insinuating. Minter was not a man of his word …

As de Captain would say, stay frosty lads. Nothing more powerful on the planet then pussy ken…

Unless you’re David Futrelle.

Wait, what? I totally did not see that coming!

But of course the best response to the whole brouhaha comes from Minty himself. In the comments to Roosh’s post labeling him a “phony” and essentially drumming him out of the manosphere, Minty replies with a mixture of indignation, defensiveness and self-pity:

If you find me a hypocrite then that it your choice. You all are searching for some path.

I am 58, and I promise all of you, things will change for you dramatically once you do cross 50.

My financial situation has become most public. Divorce took me from a prosperous upper middle class suburbanite to my bottom some one year ago when I found this manosphere. Yes, you can go and find my ex-wife jumping up and down over money, and lack of my ability to pay. Economic forces, my age, and some of the actions I took under the cloud of depression in the first years after divorce caused jobs that I could get with a snap of a finger before 2001 to become few and far between. Interviews that were mere formalities before become inquisitions. And I aggravated my situation by trying to leave the country without guidance, to find how to do it own my own.

And also, unlike almost all of you I never hid behind a pen name, And I have paid the price for my participation. I have been ostracized by family and anyone that searched by name before, particularly any woman, immediately leaped to conclusions about me that preclude from any corporate job for the rest of my life.

Uh oh, he’s started monologuing.

After explaining at length why his impending marriage doesn’t in any way contradict his endless antimarriage rants — because he’s an old dude without many options and women (like his new internet girlfriend) prefer to be married — he suggests that this wonderful new relationship might not survive all these mean comments on the internet.

To be “Branded” like this, to have ensigns of rank ripped of my shoulders, to be drummed out like this, for marrying a manosphere woman, is going to be quite a shock. And frankly I don’t think the relationship will withstand so public a humiliation.

Really? Your relationship can’t take your online buddies actually knowing about it? It can’t withstand some douchebag on the internet that you used to think was super cool calling you a “phony?”

Maybe you shouldn’t have devoted the past year of your life to seeking validation from a bunch of hateful assholes.

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8 years ago

I wonder which particular returning troll it was this time. Also, hi Fade! How are things going?

8 years ago

they’re going okay. Im about to start a semester at a community college, so I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do (like finishing my GED, which I unwisely postponed until the last moment), and my fibromyalgia’s been suuuper annoying lately, so it’s taking up a lot of my time, but other than that everything’s smooth.

how are things with you?

8 years ago

All good, other than deadlines disrupting my sleep schedule.I was wondering if you and Marie were OK since neither of you have been around as much lately.

8 years ago

we’re both fine, tho a little busy. I have the aforementioned school stuff, and Marie just got off a temporary week long job of babysitting three exhausting kids. XD I think she pops around here more than me, tho I’m not sure.

8 years ago

Hi Fade! It’s always nice to see you.

Good luck with school stuff, and with the fibromyalgia.

8 years ago

Hi Cloudiah! It’s nice to see you, too. XD

I’m hoping the fibromyalgia will get less painy when I get my wheelchair

isn’t it a beauty? *swoon*

/i have not been able to shut up about getting one, kind of like when I was in kindergarten and my family told me we’d get a puppy at christmas. the anticipation is killing me.

Howard Bannister
8 years ago

That is a beautiful wheelchair.

“Ideal for sports activities,” says the page. I’m sold.

8 years ago

That is awesome; I hope you decorate it. 😀

Ally S
8 years ago

Nice wheelchair, Fade! ^_^ And I’m glad things are going well for you.

Argenti Aertheri
Argenti Aertheri
8 years ago

Fade! We missed you! Love the new wheelchair, if that’s the model it looks like there was a girl at my first college who had one and zipped right along, those slanted wheels can get some real speed going.

8 years ago


I’ll probably ask my sister if she has any ideas; she’s the decorating queen. When I got my PCL brace, she drew some cute cyclops people on it in silver sharpie (with permission. :P)

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