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The Feminist Hegemony will destroy your hard drive, and other things I learned from Erin Pizzey’s return visit to Reddit

Be vewy quiet! Most men wive wives of quiet desperwation.
Be vewy quiet! Most men wive wives of quiet desperwation.

Two weeks ago, you may recall, antifeminist crusader and recent A Voice for Men recruit Erin Pizzey made an “Ask Me Anything” appearance on Reddit which was a rousing success, at least by the standards of Reddit and the Men’s Rights movement. (By the standards of logic and ordinary human decency, not so much.) This Saturday, she gave a sort of encore.

Here are some of the interesting things I learned from her latest three-hour appearance. (I haven’t read all thousand-plus comments in the thread; this is based solely on what she herself said. Click on the headlines to see her original comments in their entirety, in context.) Her comments are, as always, models of good sense and lucidity.

Feminism should be banned as a hate movement because … some feminists allegedly think criticism of feminism should be banned?

Ban feminists from government perhaps! Personally, I think, I would describe feminism, and I have fought for 40 years to publicize the damage that they were doing to family life and men and boys. To me, to condemn men as sole perpetrators of all or almost all atrocities in this world, feminists are a hate movement. I say this because just recently Sweden, Norway, and I think Finland are trying to bring in a law in those countries that will make any criticism of feminism a punishable offense. That is not the action of a movement dedicated to equality and freedom of speech for all, it is totalitarianism.

If Erin Pizzey ever offers to split a piece of  cake with you, and is about to cut it in half, make sure you get to choose which half you get:

As far as I’m concerned, a sufficient amount of women have reached boardrooms and many of them publicly have said that they prefer a quality of life which includes family time, which for women in many ways is more important because we, in the long term, through our children and grandchildren. Men, as they climb up the steps to fame and fortune define themselves by how well they can take care of their wives and children. Different lifestyles, different goals, very few women want to spend the time and the total energy in making that high-achieving career lifestyle.

According to the most recent Catalyst survey, only 16.6% of Fortune 500 board members are women, and an even smaller percentage (14.3%) are CEOs. That’s a very strange notion of equality you have there, Ms. Pizzey.

Though she claims to work on behalf of men, she doesn’t seem to think that highly of many of them. Oh, and she seems a little delusional about what feminism is, but I guess we already knew that.

So many men are lickspittles. Often in my travels when I’m speaking, I have asked men, informally, why they would never stand up to women who were devoted to the idea of a world without men. The honest answer was they were too dependent on having relationships with women to stand up for what they believed. …

I think most men live lives of quiet desperation–that’s a quote, I can’t remember who said it but it’s true.

I believe that was Elmer Fudd.

Wait, no, he said something about hunting wabbits. No idea, then. Who could have Thoreau-n such an idea around? Walden you like to know?

Men Going Their Own Way have some darn sensible ideas about the world, and women need to watch out because men have given themselves the Right to Date:

I’m not surprised that men are going their own way. Why would any sane man want to risk losing his property, his relationship with his wife, his financial stability, the children that he will be deprived of… at the moment, men don’t have any rights in this area. In England, Harriet Harman and her very powerful harpies are trying to bring in a law that will mean a woman has only got to live with a man for a very short period of time before she’s entitled to exactly the same amount of money and power that is given to married women. That’s already happened in Australia and Canada too!

I am constantly in the company of women in their late 30s and 40s who after choosing a career have decided they want children and marriage. I have to regretfully inform them that the present climate against men, they are very unlikely to have a relationship with a man and will probably never have children.

It’s true. Nowhere is the problem more noticeable than Los Angeles, by the way, where men give themselves the right to date (meaning, they can have sex with as many women as they want at the same time)… very sad situation, but, why would they do anything else? The legal system can destroy them if they commit to a relationship.

The Feminist Hegemony will fuck up your hard drive:

I did manage to get exactly one paper published, decades after the fact, on the surveys I did of the first 100 women in my Refuge. Just one, in a tiny journal. … But the feminist hegemony has worked hard to keep work like this out of the public eye.

They actually destroyed the hard disk of Professor Viano from Washington University when he tried to publish some of this work.

[citation needed]

For what it’s worth, there doesn’t seem to be anyone named Viano associated with Washington University in St. Louis (aside from a physics professor who got her PhD there), nor, for that matter, with George Washington University in Washington DC.

There is an actual Professor Emilio Viano who teaches at American University’s School of Public Affairs and is an adjunct professor of law at the Washington College of Law, and he’s written about violence and victimology so perhaps he is the man Pizzey is referring to. There is, however,  no evidence I can find online that anyone, much less the “feminist hegemony,” has ever destroyed his hard drive, and he seems to have published extensively and had what looks like a pretty successful academic career without any obvious hindrance from the evil femlords.

I did find a news article in which Viano is quoted about a case in which the FBI secretly got its hands on the hard drive of one of its agents suspected of selling secrets to the Russians, but 1) that wasn’t Viano’s hard drive and 2) I’m pretty sure the Feminist Hegemony had nothing to do with that, as it was never discussed at any of our meetings that I can recall, though admittedly I spent most of our meetings eating the complementary bon-bons and playing with the cats.

I eagerly await Ms. Pizzey’s clarification of her assertions about the mysterious “Professor Viano from Washington University” and his “hard disk.”

The last little lesson I learned from Pizzey’s appearance:

An appropriate and hilarious response to the trolly question “what type of breading and/or egg wash do you use for battered women?” is:

Fried food gives me indigestion.

This from a woman who claims to care about victims of domestic violence, and whose biggest claim to fame is that she was the founder of one of the first DV shelters for women. Evidently when you spend a lot of time in the company of Men’s Rights Activists, jokes about “battered women” are just part of the landscape.

Ms. Pizzey, might I suggest that if you indeed suffer from any sort of digestive problem it might just be because you are full of shit?

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8 years ago

That SigmundFraud person…it really is impossible to have a woman-focused space of any kind without some prat deciding that it’s a perfect opportunity for them to bang on about how much they hate feminists, isn’t it?

8 years ago

Personally, I wouldn’t trust Erin Pizzey to give me an accurate account of the day’s weather. She most certainly did not invent battered women’s shelters; they have existed in various countries for centuries, in various forms. Unless she is some kind of medieval Italian nun with a knack for time travel, she’s talking out her arse.

I’m not at all surprised to hear that she’s a drama llama who loves picking fights with anyone who takes the spotlight off her, though. I can well believe that. FeMRAs are all like that, and I have yet to see one that isn’t. Queen bees and special snowflakes all.

8 years ago

PS: Oh my…

“When we leave here we are going to buy a 2,000-acre ranch in the desert where nobody can trouble us,” she says, getting up to go and look at something in the kitchen. “We are going to have a machine gun and we will be able to kill people and bury them, and nobody would know they were there.”

That’s the last paragraph from the page Drewy posted. It sounds like she is somewhere between a sociopath and a psychopath. Why the media courts her, I’ll never know. Someone who talks like that ought to be shunned.

Jordan Rutledge
Jordan Rutledge
8 years ago

This article is so embarrassing lol! This is supposed to be some sort of “debunk” of the event, and all you have is a few comments that didnt provide links supporting their claims.

Such journalism, such rational discussion

This is a joke

Ally S
8 years ago



8 years ago

We have to back up every claim we make here? I didn’t realize this was a debate forum [source 1=”my” 2=”brain” language=”:”][/source]

8 years ago

[1] emilygoddess’s brain, created 1993, accessed 5/27/14

8 years ago

1983, even. Damn it, Jordan, you’re lucky I haven’t had my coffee yet, or my jokes would be mich more scathing.

8 years ago

erin pizzey that stupid fool actually believes that women seek out abusive relationships! no wonder those MRA assholes like her, shes propaganda spewing monster

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