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Our Misandrist Future?


Over on Comics Should Be Good, glimpses of a terrifying misandrist future — and the man who set out to make things right again!

He does look cute in his little cleaning outfit, I have to admit.

Check the whole thing out. It’s pretty hilarious.

EDIT: I changed the link from Buzzfeed to Comics Should Be Good, which originally dug up the comic and shows more from it.

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10 years ago

On the other hand, I’d call the B-17 a scary plane to face, especially en masse.

I hear tell that the Tuskegee Airmen, an entirely African-American squadron flying Mustangs, never lost a bomber to the Luftwaffe.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
10 years ago

Pecunium – I’ve a very limited knowledge of WWII aircraft, so it’s not at all surprising there are lots worse out there I don’t know about. 😀

I just read what you wrote about the Whirraway to the boss, who’s into WWII stuff. He said they built the things here in the RAAF workshop in Port Melbourne and basically cobbled them together from whatever bits they had, so it’s no flamin’ wonder the things were so shite! 🙁

10 years ago

Kitteh’s: He’s wrong. The Brewster Buffalo was designed by the Brewster Aircraft Corporation (later Grumman) and was made in the US for training purposes. A number were sold to the RAAF, which used them as fighters.

Port Melbourne kept them going, because the RAAF was undersupplied.

Falconer: The Tuskegee Airman never lost a bomber which was under escort. They were good, and they had something to prove: for some reason they also hated the Nazis more than the white pilots.


10 years ago

Naïf: I said I’d reply if you didn’t answer people. As expected you didn’t, neither here nor there: so here is the wall o’ text you earned in the eight pages you chose to prattle on:

men and women should do whatever is reasonable to make their SO happy. I can’t understand why that would be a controversial statement. You should want to make your SO happy. Otherwise, they’re not your SO.

The weasel word in there is, “reasonable”.

If your SO thinks depilating is yucky, it’s unreasonable. You, as a decent person need to accept that, right?

That, or break up with them.

Its not hypothetical at all. You’ve done it in every healthy relationship you’ve had. You and your SO want to go out to eat. Its either one place or another. Sometimes, its the restaurant that’s your preference, and sometimes theirs. If its all one person or all another, there’s a problem.

Analogy fail. Bald/not bald isn’t something one can change between one night and the next. It’s a unilateral decision. It’s a unilateral decision the owner of the body gets to make.

We’re only talking about appearance.

If it’s just appearance… one can express an opinion (esp. if solicited). For some things one may even be expected to (clothes that don’t work), but that’s all it is, opinion. Expressed, and done. If they don’t listen you shut the fuck up. If it’s a deal breaker, then you leave.

What one doesn’t do is extort a change.

“What if he started cross-dressing? Grew his hair out long? In your opinion, is it creepy to dislike any of that, or controlling to ask him to change?”

Creepy to dislike? No. A bit shallow, but not creepy. To ask them to change… yes, controlling, by definition. You are putting your desires over your partners. That’s a piss poor way of, “raising them up”.

I live in a vastly different culture than the rest of you, which complicates things a bit. I’m an Orthodox Jew, so there is also the aspect of a woman keeping covered up. Or a man conforming to regular societal expectations of dress.


That’s not quite true. The expectation is mixed; depends on the crowd with which you hang and the, “societal expectation of dress” you are citing is of a fairly narrow class of society. I’ll be at an orthodox seder the First Night. The Hostess is married. When she attends conventions she wears a headcoverig, and a corset: with a button which reads, “Yes, you can look. If I didn’t want you to I’d have worn more”. Her husband is fine with this.

Where I don’t have a good answer is the fact that I think wigs are revolting. I think a more traditional womens hair covering looks much better, but be that as it may, more women like the wigs, and its not like you can force them to switch.

Maybe in your neighborhood. In mine coverig hair is much more common; Even among the seriously frum. Even my customers who wear wigs don’t wear them all the time.

Put me (and the orthodox couple I referenced above, and my partner, and our other partner, and my partner’s sisters) down with the list, “not normal”. You said that “crossdressing” and having long hair (for a man) were things which should induce distaste.

That’s phobic. The indica are that you see men who are at all feminine in visible traits as unpleasant. That’s a sign of transphobia.

Even if you aren’t transphobic you are engaging in gender policing; more of the ways in which you think people ought to be able to control others (see above with, “societal expectations”.

Its a convenient example of extreme change. I could just as easily have substituted the question “what if he came home from work with a full face orange tattoo?”

But you didn’t. We have to deal with the arguments you make.

As to your opinion on tatoos, I can guess. But it would have been a better hypothetical.

Do you even know what “moving goalposts” means?

If she didn’t before, you have given lots of good examples.

But, has it occurred to you that cunnilingus is kind of a bonus to the whole sex thing?

Nope, it hasn’t. Talmudicly it’s not either. If one isn’t pleasing one’s partner that’s grounds for divorce. Since lots of women don’t get the sort of pleasure they expect from PIV, alternate forms of stimulation are pretty much incumbent.

And no, you don’t get to say the halachic interpretation is old because 1: oral sex ain’t new, and 2: Halacha aren’t dead letters with no change (or the idiocy of kitniyot would never have happened and turkey would be off limits because it’s not on the list of permitted birds.

And everyones natural body is icky. Thats why we shower, shampoo, take hair out of every inch and corner of our bodies to make ourselves look better.

Nope. My partners have all like me, just as I am. Some (more than I would have expected at 18) like me better when it’s been a day or two since my last shower. Napoleon sent a letter to Josephine, by fast messenger, from Berlin, “I am returning, don’t bathe”.

Serbian men place handkerchiefs beneath their arms as they dance, and then wave them at women they are attracted to, that they can smell them, and become aroused.

Your Kink Is OK, but it’s your kink, not everyones.

My purpose being here is not to win friends, its to influence people.

Your purpose, it is going unfulfilled.

10 years ago

re the fainting: Because your body is trying to dump the excess of heat the blood vessels are massively dilated, which reduces the pressure (this is why people with heart conditions are discouraged from hot tubs).

When you stand the shift in altitude causes blood to fall from your uppper body, and you faint.

10 years ago

And now I am to bed. Night all. I hope to get caught up tomorrow.

10 years ago

Wait, Diogenes thinks he’s influencing people here? That’s hilarious.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
10 years ago

If by influencing he means “prompting people to hold me even further in contempt than previously,” it works. Otherwise, nope.

Some Gal Not Bored at All

I wouldn’t be surprised if Diogenes thinks people throwing up their hands because they can’t deal with his ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims means that they’ve gone off to sit quietly and consider his thoughts with the seriousness he feels they deserve.

After all, we’ve seen him more wrong than that before…

10 years ago

The thing about that wall of text is I didn’t respond to all the stupid, just the egregious bits.

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