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The Ultimate Nice Guy ™ Makes a Music Video

A veritable anthem for average looking guys with nothing particularly interesting about them who are pissed off they can’t date women much more conventionally attractive than they are.

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The cool about pasta is that you can add almost any veggie that you happen to have. Also beans if you want to bulk it up for cheap! Cannellini or borlotti are good.

Katie’s always liked being the kitty scarf but she won’t sit still! Trying to walk with a cat standing wobbling around and facing backward on your shoulder (“putting her best face forward” as Mr K called it) is not recommended.

this is why EANABs are important. I learned that in college (from a professor, actually): Whenever you serve booze, you’re supposed to also serve Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages, so in case someone present doesn’t drink it’s not like “You can have a cabernet sauvignon…or a diet Coke.”

YES to all this. I don’t like being left out, and also having something fancy and special-occasiony to drink keeps me from coveting other people’s alcoholic beverages, which means I can enjoy the party instead of fighting the urge to leap off the wagon. And it prevents people from grilling you about why you’re not drinking, although I haven’t had that problem since my social circle and I got to our later 20’s.

As for the salad, I like one with walnuts, goat cheese, and pears or grapes. I’m also a fan of mandarin oranges and feta together, but I’m not sure what nut would go with that. Pistachios, maybe?

Our everyday salad is pistachios, dried cranberries, and balsamic, but that doesn’t meet the cheese requirement.

And it prevents people from grilling you about why you’re not drinking

This is part of why I like seeing oolong-hai and similar drinks served at parties – pour just the tea in a highball glass, just like all the other drinks, and it makes it harder for nosy, rude people to pester the people who don’t want booze.

Cassandra: I think Capt. Morgans is a golden rum, with spices. All in all I think spiced rums are an abomination, and I abjure them.

I like rum. I like spices. I like to add them myself. The Commercial Versions all tend to be heavy-handed and based on cheap rum, i.e. they suck.

So, like berry-flavored commercial vodkas. Vodka infused with fruit at home – awesome. Commercially made fruity vodka? Blech.

Stop trying to sneak in and get the last word, shitlord. No one cares who you find funny, it’s probably juvenile dick jokes. Yawn.

NNY and MRAs in general could.

Just think how the human population’s intelligence, character and empathy would increase if MRAs’ brains were replaced with cuttlefish’s.

It’d be pretty disastrous for the cuttlefish population, though.

Honesty, I kinda consider “There’s Me” from Starlight Express to be a contender for the Nice Guy anthem.

I first heard this song as a teen, and really like it. At the time, it kinda spoke to me as a geeky and socially awkward teen. It was only much later that I looked into the song’s background and reevaluated my stance on it.

Most American version’s have removed the song, due to the plot getting reworked. It is only performed in some overseas performances or on a soundtrack. The reason it ceased to exist in the live performances is because it was actually sung by a violent sociopath (who apparently sings it for no reason at all). When the story was reworked to not have an antagonist, it was removed.

When I realized it was sung by the villain it made me rethink what it was about. On the surface it is just a pretty song about unrequited love. Underneath that, it has some of what is currently known as the typical nice guy thinking. I am … ambivalent about the song. Part of me still is sentimental about it. And the rest of me can’t really enjoy it in the same way now that I can see a sinister aspect to it.

I got an error when i tried to post this. if it ends up as a double post i apologize.

Kitteh — I missed your post until now (thanks for that moreorlessdan!) — cuttlefish really are smarter than MRAs, I hung out at that tank for awhile because that little cutie was following me around. Getting checked out by a cuttlefish was awesome, they’re adorable and clearly more aware of their surroundings than MRAs!

I remember seeing this video and feeling kind of confused. Mainly because I never had that kind of a problem when I moved there in the first place. I had just gotten out of a 3 year relationship, and was pretty committed to just not giving a fuck. Fast forward to February, and I had gone from having just a couple partners, to having been in all sorts of crazy group shenanigans and what-have-you. It’s not that hard (no pun intended) to do, provided that you have some measure of respect, and an adventurous attitude.

Shitty people in general seem to have this idea that respect is this high and mighty holy grail, reserved only for a select few. (You know, as opposed to something that people should offer to each other mutually, by default) These people then go out, disrespect people and are shocked, shocked and appalled when folks are shitty back to them. They then get together in their Internet rage closets and make up conspiracy theories about why them, as “rugged individualists” are oppressed by a world that doesn’t pander to their insecurities.

And as far as the whole “consent” thing goes, it’s not a complicated concept. If someone wants to have sex with you, it’s usually pretty clear that they do. If it’s not clear, flirt with them and find out. If it’s still not clear after, move on and find someone with better communication skills.

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