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The Stuff I Ban: Chris Key of Men’s Rights Online complains about “feminazi dykes and c***ts” using foul language.

Chris, ehough! I'm trying to sleep here.
Chris, enough! I’m trying to sleep here.

Here at Man Boobz, I’ve set it so first-time commenters have their comments sent to moderation so I can decide if they’re sort of people I want to have commenting here on a regular basis. Given the obnoxiousness of some of the people I let through, I imagine some of you might wonder just what it takes to get censored around here. So here, as a public service of sorts, is one recent comment from a first-timer that I didn’t let through.

It’s from someone claiming to be Chris Key, the Australian dude who runs Men’s Rights Online, offering his thoughts on Paul Elam’s recent hate campaign.  (I’m pretty sure it really is him.) As you read, you might want to consider the irony of his complaints about the “foul, aggressive language” of the protestors.

Speaking of which TRIGGER WARNING for abusive language.





Is a playground for patients from North America’s most notorious psychiatric ward?

Seriously, the amount of insane drivel on here has the potential to cause any sane person to ask the aforementioned question. The fact that you fuckwits are trying to portray this goofy, hatemongering feminazi as as a “victim” is beyond insane.

The hatemongering feminazis who protested against Farrell were shouting vulgarities and physically blocking all entrances to the building. That’s intimidation and a suppression of free speech, which is a form of violence. Go watch the videos on YouTube if you don’t believe me, and you’ll see that these feminazi dykes and cunts — as well as the mangina losers who were sniffing around for a sympathy fuck — used foul, aggressive language while barricading the entrances so that the men who wanted to attend the meeting could not get inside.

If a bunch of men did that at a women’s conference then you loopy cunts would claim it’s “proof” that MRAs are uncivilised and violent. Anyone who has a shred of credibility and objectivity can see that the purpose behind these cunts’ actions was to intimidate and suppress the voices of people they do not agree with. If you dopey cunts think that’s okay then it proves that you’re nothing but a bunch of hatemongering fascists who need to spend a night in a watchhouse, as it’s patently obvious that you’re too deluded, stupid and hateful to learn the art of acting decency any other way.

I find it ironic that you losers claim that MRAs are violent. Do I need to remind you spasticated cunts that feminists are violent murderers who intimidate anyone who doesn’t bow down to them?

Take the case of Erin Pizzey as a prime example of what I’m talking about. The feminazis in England murdered her dog and sent numerous death threats to her family, for no other reason than she publicly stated that the women who came to her women’s shelter — Pizzey set up the first women’s shelter in England — were every bit as violent as the men they accused of attacking them. Poor Erin was exposed to so many threats a well organised group of feminazis that she had to flee the country and resettle in the USA.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourselves:

Pizzey isn’t the first person to experience violence at the hands of feminists. Researchers from the USA experienced something similiar. I think Strauss was one of the victims. Another one was a woman, but I cannot remember her name.

I suppose I’m going to be banned now for speaking the truth, just like you cunts did to gateman. On, only feminist lies and libel directed at MRAS is tolerated by its fat, goofy, unloved owner and its filthy, insane, deceitful, hateful community.

So, there’s that. And there are, alas, many more where that came from.

Also, as far as I can tell, there’s no proof that feminists — or feminazis — killed Pizzey’s dog. This is often asserted as fact, but in the only direct statement from Pizzey on the subject that I’ve been able to find she only says that “one of  my dogs was shot on Christmas day on my property.” She insinuates that it was the work of feminists, but does not say so outright, presumably because she does not know for sure. If anyone has any more evidence on the subject I would like to see it.

It goes without saying that whoever did kill Pizzey’s dog, assuming the incident did happen, was and is terrible and wrong. But I’m still not quite sure how this decades-old alleged incident gives MRAs today the license to harass feminists who weren’t even born when it allegedly happened.

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Most commercial mayo has so little egg in it as to be negligible. What little there is, is egg yolk (roughly one yolk per gallon of mayo these days. The things they can do with freezing to extend the emuslifant properties of the lecithin in the fatty acids of the yolk).


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