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Men’s Rights Redditors: We don’t mind your racist hysteria, but don’t you EVER try to creep-shame us!

The dude who calls himself mayonesa on Reddit is a race-obsessed right winger who moderates (and provides much of the content for) several far-right subreddits devoted to “ethno-nationalism” and “scientific” racism. He’s also an MRA and a regular poster to the Men’s Rights subreddit. When he complains there about the terrible injustices allegedly faced by white men in academia, as he does here, he gets upvotes:

This, by contrast, got him a bunch of downvotes:

Defending hetero white dudes from the evil black lesbians that apparently control academia, a-ok! Suggesting that MRAs can’t get dates: heresy!

225 replies on “Men’s Rights Redditors: We don’t mind your racist hysteria, but don’t you EVER try to creep-shame us!”

I think out of all the crap Mark wrote, this was the bit that actually annoyed me:

There are scientific explanations as to why a woman can break up with a man and go with another within days where the man takes months to get over the relationship

It took me six months of watching Netflix to get over my last relationship, you dick.

Lol, make me a dunce cap or something? I should probably just go to bed (I got like 2 hours of sleep last night and my mother is getting me up at 7~ to file shit in her office…volunteer filing work *rolls eyes*)

Though…you know how MRAs go on about how “when people read this thread later…”? Yeah, now everyone reading will lose the game forever!!

Ok, yeah, time for bed for me — g’night y’all!

. I absolutely trust none of you. I now assume anything you say is a misrepresentation, a dissimulation, or an outright lie. I don’t listen to what you say, I watch what you do.

Not that it’s only women posting here (though I’m sure you’d find that hard to believe) why are you here? you believe nothing we say, nor do you know any of us….so don’t you have somewhere else to be? because no one is changing. No one is going to simper and beg for forgiveness. Women are not going to give up their rights because misogynists wont marry or have LTR relationships with them.

Also, maybe you ought to consider hiding all your little game blogs. Because women read that shit, and it will make them more suspicious around men. Basically it will have us assuming what you assume about women. Everything that come’s from a man that a woman doesn’t know will be assumed to be a misrepresentation or lie. Have fun fostering that type of negativity and producing more damaged people.

Hah, I love that Mark’s comments were so long and dull that not even the trolls can be bothered to read them.

Hah, I love that Mark’s comments were so long and dull that not even the trolls can be bothered to read them.

Yeah, if even Steele teal deer’s your writing, it’s time to give up.

So all those white men who got scholarships for sports from my high school, they didn’t exist I guess. I don’t recall any women from my school getting woman-specific full ride scholarships.

Jesus. Did anyone finish Mark’s post?
You mentioned something about hating women, I think. Wow. We never heard anything like that before….*snicker*….ever. And you expressed this hate via shitty writing and some weird personal grudge based on some unspoken slight that more than half the population (of Earth) is responsible for? Gosh, we’ve heard that before too. Threats of a war? Check.
Telling women they will become elderly one day… a tone that suggests you are immortal? Double check. Naw, nothing new to see here. Did you just find the internet, Mark?

Bellkell? That makes no sense.

Anyway, now that you’ve barfed your magnum opus of misogyny all over our rug, you can move on.

I actually read all of Mark’s posts, but I admit I lost focus at times. There were some bits here and there that made me laugh, though, so I’m hoping he’ll stick around to be a nice troll to play with. I promise that if we keep him, I’ll give him food and water and clean his litter box daily.

Holy shit, no pun intended. Also, it’s a new development that many Christian priests and ministers and what have you dislike and look down on if not actively hate women? Has Mark been out of his house in the last 50 years? Or looked at a newspaper in the last 12 months?

Yeah, I thought it was funny that he bragged about how PUA’s convinced the fundie misogynists at Dalrock’s blog that fornication is only a sin for women and not for men. Hey, Mark, that wasn’t a tough sell, considering that fundie churches already believe in the double standard. They even taught me that at a public school during abstinence only sex education, that girls have to be virgins, but “boys will be boys”. Also, those men are not the best men to marry at all. They treat women badly and then justify it using their dogma.

Quackers – exactly. We were discussing the fact that many of the fanfic writers seemed to think Steve was completely ignorant about everything related to sex, which we thought was wrong, because fondue. 😉 (We concluded it was more that sex outside of marriage was way more taboo back in the day and that would be more likely to confuse him after he woke up.)

Unimaginative – movie version. I never quite got into comics, but I hang around with a lot of comics geeks and artists so I picked up some stuff.

Bagelsan – glad to be of service! 😉

This right here, this is precious:

Everybody knows that the Roissy page has idiots making comments. You read his posts and ignore the comments.

See guys, the problem with PUA is just a few anonymous commenters! If we just read Roissy’s actual words, we’d understand the mainstream PUA!

Most. Bulletproof. Argument. Ever.

Yeah–he’s all, ‘you only pick nuts, not reasonable people like me who can only see women as vicious animals you can never trust and that I have to call c— and b—– a million times!!!!’

It’s hilarious. Ironic. Also scary.

I second the motion to make Mark’s PUA manifesto into its own post. While it was way too wordy, it did have some gems in there that made me laugh.


“I don’t hate women–they’re just bloodsucking animals you can’t trust for a second or they will destroy you!”

“I don’t hate women–but the only word I can use to describe them is c—, and I won’t apologize for it!!”

“I don’t hate women—I said that already, right?”

No selfawareness at all.

I say do it. Mark will find out that getting what he wants won’t be much fun for him. It’ll be a blast for us.

…TL;DR meme.


I went to Know Your Meme to look up the origin of the meme, because I was curious.. That was an hour and a half ago. D:

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