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GOP congressman and Senate nominee Todd Akin: Rape is an effective form of birth control

Not a doctor, but plays one on TV.

Our completely incorrect biology lesson today comes not from Chateau Heartiste or The Spearhead or EvoPsychBullshitBeliever997 on Reddit but from an actual elected official with influence in the real world:  Republican Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri, currently his party’s nominee for Senate.

In a recent interview with KTVI-TV, the Fox affiliate in St. Louis, he explained that the ladies just don’t get pregnant from rape — well, “legitimate rape” anyway. As he put it:

From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child.

As The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake notes, this whole “rape as birth control” thing is not actually, you know, true:

Akin’s claim is one that pops up occasionally in social conservative circles. A federal judge nominated by President Bush in the early 2000s had said similar things, as have state lawmakers in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. …

According to a 1996 study, approximately 32,000 pregnancies result from rape annually in the United States, and about 5 percent of rape victims are impregnated.

Talking Points Memo notes that this isn’t the first time Akin has suggested that

some types of rape are more worthy of protections than others. As a state legislator, Akin voted in 1991 for an anti-marital-rape law, but only after questioning whether it might be misused “in a real messy divorce as a tool and a legal weapon to beat up on the husband,” according to … the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Akin: making up shit to deny rape victims their rights since 1991!

Currently, Akin has a big lead in the polls over his Democratic rival, sitting Sen. Claire McCaskill.

Here’s the relevant portion of Akin’s interview; you can find the whole thing at the Talking Points Memo link above.

242 replies on “GOP congressman and Senate nominee Todd Akin: Rape is an effective form of birth control”

OMG, Quiverfull Island! Surely there’s a way we can make this happen.

(Please note that I will only agree to this plan if there’s a boat hidden somewhere that all the women know about that they can use to escape if they change their minds.)

I’m afraid that no matter how much I learn about what things can be called chimerae, the name’s always going to conjure up a fire-breathing lion/dragon/goat hybrid.

Oh Varpole: It might be that, because this is actually the right thing, that many people (who might otherwise be in non-agreement) are in consonance.

A single data point doesn’t prove your fantasy land of misandry.

Since the Boehners, the Tony Perkins, the Pat Robertsons, the Rick Santorums, the Mitt Romney’s of the world were prevented from having any say in politics… oh wait!? They weren’t? You mean the things Obama says aren’t the overwhelming majority opinion of people who write laws and make policy?


What about Objectivism? Care to defend it? Care to explain why it is, “morality” perfected? Care to explain why Ayn Rand lauds rape?

There’s another reason the Quiverfull churches say marital rape shouldn’t be a crime, besides how they think women should always obey their husbands. They say that the marriage vows themselves give permanent consent. In the case of Quiverfull, the emphasis for the followers is on having as many babies as possible. That’s why not only do they oppose contraception, they are even against natural family planning methods like the rhythm method. They say the rhythm method makes couples have a “birth control mentality”, and they are rebelling against God by controlling the size of their family.*

So if the partners in a marriage are allowed to withhold consent, then they could do that as a way to avoid pregnancy. This is probably more of a temptation for the wife, because pregnancy is so hard on the body. Who could blame a mother of ten if she wants a break from pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding?

*Even though the rhythm method is pretty bad for efficacy, it’s still better than nothing.

Akin weasels toward an apology–but I’m not buying it.

And given how conservatives go all batshit nasty about some of the basic theories of postmodernism, I ain’t letting them have the “I said the wrong words” but they aren’t important, it’s what’s in my heart.

No, asshole, it’s what you DO (legislation) and SAY (impact on public discourse), not what is in your heart–unless you want to rip your heart out and show it to us.

*stomps off*

I may send the McCaskill campaign a donation…..

I may send the McCaskill campaign a donation…..

Please do! Akin has some super rich campaign contributors and they have ads on TV and the Internet all the time bashing McCaskill. I don’t have any money right now, so I’ve been canvassing for her campaign. If the reactions I get in Barton, Newton, McDonald, and Jasper counties are any indication, she has her work cut out for her.

Even without his terrible statements on “legitimate” rape, Akin is still a terrible person unfit for government service. He wants to privatize Medicare and Social Security, keep Missouri from expanding Medicaid benefits (even though that money comes from the federal government, something we take more from than we give to), abolish the Dept. of Education, cut FEMA spending, and get rid of free and reduced lunches.

I’ll be honest. My child is on the free school lunch program, we have gotten govt. money because of the tornado, and we are already benefiting from the ACA getting rid of copays for preventable diseases. So of course I want to vote for the people that want to keep helping my family. Why the heck is almost everyone else around me getting this same help but voting for Tea Party dipshits like Akin? It boggles the mind.

As long as someone is anti choice and anti marriage equality, they will vote for the very people that want them to go without medical care and make their kids go hungry at school.

Sorry, I went off on a rant, but this kind of stuff frustrates me so bad.

@rahu i want to add my voice to the others; i’m sorry that you went through that.

@nanasha happy and healthy months to you, congrats on your pregnancy and your babby 🙂 i’m jealous, i’m currently undergoing IVF due to broken tubes from stealth endometriosis. i look up to you and your hubsband and hope to follow you soon!!


“I have had sex I regretted. I’m pretty sure some of the women I’ve had sex with probably decided it was, on reflection, not the best of sexy-times and, as a result, not worth repeating.

None of them has ever accused me of rape. That means more to me than your fantasies of “rape by regret”.

Amen brother.

Far from exposing any sort of “misogyny”, this whole imbroglio seems indicative of a feminist culture- now crucifying the man who went against the grain. In other words, a lone voice is the exception that proves the rule.

yeah dude, someone said a dumb and demeaning thing about women, but the real victim is you and your pwecious widdle baby feelings.

get over yourself.

he didn’t say something that ‘went against the grain’ he said something that was clearly scientifically inaccurate and showed a total lack of compassion for victims of rape. are you really this fucking stupid?

Why the heck is almost everyone else around me getting this same help but voting for Tea Party dipshits like Akin?

Several reasons based on conversations I have had with the nutters out here:

1. I am not like those “other people” who are just leeches. I have a real need for it.
2. If it is available I will use it but fight to get rid of it despite it meaning that it is not there for me in the future when something like this happens again.
3. I should get to decide where my hard earned money goes not some “bureaucrat” in DC.
4. Government is wasteful-private charities are the best method of helping others.
5. Abortion Abortion Abortion. Have to save the little babies! That we promptly then ignore. Those damn sluts deserve all that they get.

Far from exposing any sort of “misogyny”, this whole imbroglio seems indicative of a feminist culture- now crucifying the man who went against the grain. In other words, a lone voice is the exception that proves the rule.

It has been the official party platform for decades dimwit. Not a “lone voice” but a voice echoing the mainstream of the Republican Party.

now crucifying the man who went against the grain. In other words, a lone voice is the exception that proves the rule.

Noting obvious factual inaccuracies in politicians’ statements: is it actually crucifixion?

Also, what Princessbonbon said. THIS IS THE PARTY LINE. Literally.

Exception my ass.

You fail to realize the difference between a a possessive pronoun and the contraction of a personal pronoun with the conjugated verb to be. Now who’s the stupid fuck here!

probably the one who thinks his lame grammar scold comebacks make him sound clever, imo

Yeah… that particular error/typo is a personal pet peeve, because it took me years of training myself to stop doing it.

But bad grammar does not a fallacious argument make.

Absurd premises? Yeah, those do.

Not to spam the thread, but I just got around to the Onion article. I sometimes have trouble with their flavor of satire… but that was pretty much the best thing they’ve ever done, right there.

Sorry, I’m probably spamming this thread but I got to share the newest now. Akin has vowed he will stay in the race, come hell or high water. I really hope this means he’ll keep saying stupid, terrible things so McCaskill can win. He’s also losing a lot of his big money sponsors like Tamko and Karl Rove. Some of the right wingers are still backing him up though. This is what the Jasper County Republican coordinator said

John Putnam, chairman of the Jasper County Republican Central Committee and a staunch Akin supporter, defended the comments and said he had been assured by the campaign in a conference call Monday that the GOP candidate would not drop out of the race.

Akin’s response “was poorly worded,” Putnam said. “He has apologized for not speaking more clearly and compassionately.

“What he was talking about is forcible rape. There are established studies that show in cases of forcible rape, pregnancy is rare.” Putnam cited an article titled “Rape Pregnancies are Rare,” by John C. Wilke, M.D., from an April 1999 publication called Christian Life Resources.

from the front page of today’s Globe

So instead of looking at all of the real medical science that shows that Akin is wrong, he is relying on anti choice propaganda to back him up. Oh and he’s replaced the phrase “legitimate rape” with “forcible rape”.

@ostara: no, I was totally replying to something upthread. I, just, uh, got enthusiastic and didn’t bother quoting it.

Which makes it jumbled and out of place.


I’m gonna go get some more coffee and try this waking up thing again.

Well we all know “forcible rape” is the only rape that counts. /sarcasm

Honestly, part of me wonders if a lot of theses guys say this stupid shit to spare their consciences of having to examine things they or their friends have done that they aren’t proud of. Like that guy friend who’d take the girls who could barely stand from intoxication to his room or the dude who was always just a little too aggressive with the ladies or that one night where, well, she didn’t say no, but she tried to push him away and when he didn’t stop, just stayed still until he was done…

I know, I know, I’m a horrible mean meanie man-hating feminist for daring to imply that rape apologists might be rapists themselves, or know rapists, but I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch to figure that those who most vehemently employ apologist tactics about rape are probably doing so out of some sort of self-interest.



(wait i can’t remember if this was the yelling thread…oh well…ear-worms sometimes result in me yelling.)

Apparently this dude had more to say on the matter. Dude, stop talking. Just go to your mansion and live out the rest of your awful-person life far away from people:{%2210152023138465543%22%3A10152038301090082}&action_type_map={%2210152023138465543%22%3A%22og.recommends%22}&action_ref_map

I made a comment on this before, but it disappeared after I hit post comment. Sorry if this ends up being a double post.

They’re talking about Akin’s comment on the Spearhead now. Even W.F. Price thinks Akin is full of shit, although he also agrees with him that women are likely to falsely claim to be raped in order to get abortions. Price then said that because women are such lying liars, abortion should remain legal. Of course the comments are just as bad.

Oh dear lord, how sad is it that Akin is too extreme for even the Spearhead?

Guys, check out this instructional video that tells you when it’s legitimate rape…in song!

(Stop me if I’m the last person in the world to discover this, but you have to look at her channel; all the songs are hilarious!)

Oh my lord! How many dipshits are in the Missouri Republican party anyway? I really do need to escape to Arkansas someday, as long as it’s one of the wet counties.

Quote by W. Kamau Bell:

“Hey, Representative Todd Akin. I have a question for you. If women can’t get pregnant from legitimate rape, then how come there are so many light-skinned black people walking around Alabama?”

Reinhold Aman is a grade-A asshole whose divorce was so nasty his conduct got him a 27-month sentence*, but as far as I know he was never accused of rape.

*He served a bit under 16 before being released

I’d think someone would have brought this up somewhere around here at some point but, well… I wanted to link it anyway.
Distance themselves from Akin by equating rape with having a child out of wedlock. Stay classy, GOP !

I’ve heard that their vice-presidential candidate thinks ‘rape is another form of conception’.

“Hey, Representative Todd Akin. I have a question for you. If women can’t get pregnant from legitimate rape, then how come there are so many light-skinned black people walking around Alabama?”

Rahu: I don’t think you want to know what he really thinks about that.

I was pretty horrified at first, but I got to thinking about it, and I think it’s just ambiguously worded. I don’t know who this Kamau Bell is, but I think it’s legitimate to ask about white men assaulting black women.

The way it’s worded, of course, the first thing one may think of is black men Taking Our Virginal Daughters.

@Falconer: From what I’ve seen of Kamau Bell, I think it’s pretty safe to assume he was talking about the first interpretation.

Yes, when I saw him say this, the understanding I got from it was that he was referring to rapes during slavery.

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