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Hawaiian Libertarian: “Misogyny is the key to male liberation from blue pill delusions.”

This pedestal is a trick illusion.

It’s amazing how daintily some manosphere dudes dance around the word “misogyny.”After spewing forth venomous woman-hating filth in post after post, they turn around and equally vociferously deny that they are in any way misogynistic – after all, they can think of three or four women in their life they don’t actively hate.

It’s strange. Men whose entire political and social philosophy is based on the hatred of women aren’t willing to say this out loud.

Over on Hawaiian Libertarian, a blog with some influence within the marginal universe of the manosphere, Keoni Galt is a bit more honest: he is proudly and openly misogynist. Not only that, but he’s convinced that others in the manosphere need to fully accept misogyny into their shrunken little hearts. And he’s written a little manifesto about it:

Misogyny is the key to male liberation from blue pill delusions. Only by embracing it, can men adopt a new paradigm in which the female of the human species has forever been knocked off of the pedestal that had been erected in our minds by institutionalized brainwashing and mass media programming.

Galt starts out with a fairly standard-issue manosphere confessional. Turns out that before he saw the light – sorry, took the red pill — he was a poor female-besotted white-knight mangina like most of the unlucky males of this world:

Back in the blue pill days, I was enchanted and mesmerized by the female gender as a whole. Tell-a-Vision and a childhood steeped in Churchianity had me forever looking at the female gender as the only bright light in a world of shit. I was indoctrinated into becoming a worshiper at the feet of the pedestal of the “sacred feminine.”

The last thing I ever wanted to become, was a misogynist. No, I bought into the delusion that the key to being accepted and gain the approval of the female herd was to become the vaunted WhiteKnight-EmotionalTampon- InTouchWithMyFeelings- LJBF-NICE GUY.

Oh dear, we have to listen to the sad, boring tale of the Nice Guy once again.

All a woman…ANY woman (not just young, attractive ones)…had to do when I was younger, was smile at me or give me a pathetic pleading look, or a nice sounding request and I was ready to do her bidding. The bat of an eyelash or a supplicating sound of her voice had me ready to ask her “how high would you like me to jump?”

I helped ladies move, “lent” them money (never asked for it back, mostly never got paid back either), given them rides, helped them with homework, built them things, fixed their cars, bought them drinks and/or meals…anything any female in my life requested, I did. “NO” was not a part of my vocabulary when it came to dealing with the opposite gender.

Helping friends isn’t a character flaw. But you’re the one who made yourself into a doormat.

I also spent many a time with groups of female friends, joining in on the “all men are pigs” type of conversations. I’ve been that “one of the girls” guy on many an occasion. (“You’re so COOL! Why can’t more guys be like YOU?!” 

But, Galt assures us, he wasn’t one of those passive-aggressive, guilt-tripping dudes who tries to “nice guy” his crushes into bed.

I’m not talking about being the “nice guy” here in hopes of getting a romantic response from a particular female. These are women for whom I knew as friends, acquaintances, co-workers, colleagues etc. In other words, if it had a vagina, I said “yes dear” to any and every request, simply to live up to the expectations inculcated in my mind on how a “good man” is one who serves the feminine imperative.

My indoctrination and upbringing had trained me to seek feminine approval above anything else.

What the hell kind of “indoctrination” did you get? Did you grow up in some sort of Goddess Cult? I’ve never met a single other person who’s been “indoctrinated” in this fashion. It’s almost as though you’re exaggerating or just making shit up in such a way as to justify your present-day misogyny.

Oh, wait, you are:

I’ve come to the realization that misogyny is the inevitable antidote one must accept, after gaining an understanding of the ugly truth of the female imperative and how it works to enslave men for it’s own purpose.

Yes, the only two options for men in the contemporary world – the only two — are to either bend over backwards and do everything women ask them to do in a creepily self-abasing way while agreeing that “all men are pigs,” or to decide that women are shit. (It’s not like this is a logical fallacy or anything.)

Most women nowadays really are beneath contempt. Manipulative, conniving, self-centered and solipsistic…especially beautiful ones.

[citation needed]

I now understand that this is the result of the programming most females are inculcated with from the same mass media culture that programmed me to be a pedestal worshiper.

[citation needed]

Actually, ALL women are solipsistic and manipulative to a certain degree (AWALT). It is their very nature. The real problem is that our mass media culture encourages women to embrace it, revel in it, and use their power of attraction to manipulate for their own selfish ends. It has always been like this, I just never recognized it until the hindsight as seen through the clarity of understanding that came with taking the red pill.

You realize that what you call the “red pill” is just a slightly exaggerated and updated version of not-so-good old fashioned misogyny, which has been around since the beginnings of civilization if not earlier?

But one thing this misogynist will admit: Not all women are like that. Really. I know a few.

Dude, dude, you just literally said that ALL women ARE like that. Like, in the paragraph you just finished writing.

These are women who understand that the true path to happiness is creating a sphere of nurturing and contentment amongst her friends and family. Such women are a literal joy to be around. There contentment is infectious.

“There contentment?” If these women truly loved you, wouldn’t they help you proofread your drivel?

But for most women I meet, my baseline assumption is that they are contemptuous creatures not worthy of anything other than basic human consideration…unless and until they prove otherwise.

Well, my baseline assumption is that the dudes of the manosphere are a bunch of pompous douchenozzles. And so far, I’m not altogether happy to report, not one has provided even a shred of evidence suggesting otherwise.

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10 years ago

Also, women are like cancer, so it makes sense to hate them, apparently.

10 years ago

Treating women like shit is like chemotherapy??

Wut the mother loving hell?!

File this under : men hate you.

10 years ago

I think the takeaway from that statement is that men will die slow painful deaths unless they transport their women in a soft-lined kennel.

10 years ago

Aaand I’m on moderation.

It’s sure terrible how people keep going to CL’s blog to quote what Keoni says, I guess!

10 years ago

That’s right, women are free floating cancers looking for a man to suck the life out of. Take the red pill.

Or,you know, pull your head out of your ass.

10 years ago

Ugh: You are on moderation because they are interested in discussion, and they are sure of the rightness and rectitude of their positions.

10 years ago

I keep going to these places people link to and I don’t know why! Someone commented on the topic of Manboobz:

I shall add one remark only. I only glanced at the commentariat on the Manboobz site, if that is its name. But the hysterical, low and vulgar tone fully supports my point about the mediocrity of women in every respect. If women learned to write like grown-ups, they would get more true respect.

“I only looked quickly so I don’t know if the name of the site is accurate, but I know it sucks and totally supports my point.”

Yeah.. *wipes tear*

10 years ago

yeah, cuz the pretentious, gasbag tone garners so much more respect

BlackBloc (@XBlackBlocX)

I’m guessing it would be gauche of me to mention to mary that most of my realworld activism outside of feminism consists of trying to eliminate the boss/employee relationship and replace it with egalitarian, workers-managed workplaces…

10 years ago


no, I didn’t expect any such. I am familiar with the environment.

Good, I hated to think that anyone here forayed unwittingly into a lion’s den.

And thank you for your ‘expansion’. It is, in my opinion, difficult to reconcile oneself with Paul, as what he says in some of his
letters appear to contradict what he has said in others. What I find troubling about its acceptance and application in the present day
is that it is often paraphrased and not attributed to Paul but, rather, is pronounced as commandments from God.

They don’t believe in not doing unto others, and for that I disdain them; clapping my shoes free of dust as I leave them.

Well said!


I wonder if they agree that virtually all women are beneath contempt?

Yes, they do, save for the few women who eagerly join them in their contempt for “those other women”….they are the very rare jewels.

You may have been surprised that there were women there who agreed with Keoni’s hateful sentiments, but bear in mind that they believe that there will be an MRA apocalypse of sorts, and when the dust has settled, there will be scant few women that will have been allowed to survive virtually unscathed … they want to ensure that they are one of those scant few women.


Ah yes, that be David Collard. “If women learned to write only what good men (like me!) told them they were allowed to write…”
This is a man who believes that, if women are to engage in any form of conversation/discussion in mixed company, they ought to have a man publicly sponsoring them, because that would give them the credibility that they would otherwise lack by virtue of being mere women.

10 years ago

I mentioned that submitting to your husband is not much different than how you have a boss at work and you are free to do your job and have your thoughts and be yourself BUT you do have to work within his leadership and authority.

holy shit, i missed that, did she really say it?

Yeah, she said exactly that, in the midst of one of her longer rants.

Mary, if you’re still reading this (and I’m sure you are), that arrangement does indeed sound scary. One of the good things about working under someone at a job is that at the end of the day you can go home and be your own person. Laboring under a boss’s authority 24/7 would be incredibly stressful.

Beyond that, though, it just sounds silly and pointless. Do whatever makes you happy, but it doesn’t strike me as an especially mature way to live.

10 years ago

WTF is a Complementarian Loner?

Cliff Pervocracy
10 years ago

Shaenon – Also, it’s rightly considered a huge conflict of interest to have sex with your boss.

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