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Spearheader: Let’s breed those stuck-up white western women out of existence.

Run, Dick, run!

One widespread belief of the manosphere crowd is that “Western women” – that is, white women in developed countries – are a bunch of stuck-up, demanding, divorce-initiating feminism-infected harridans. So the proper course of action for the almost-all-white dudes of the manosphere is to seek a woman with darker skin and a (supposedly) more pliable nature. Even better: beleaguered white dudes should move to one of the countries where these feminism-free gals live, because when you bring them to the United States they too have a tendency to become infected with evil feminism and to become as stuck-up and evil as their lighter-skinned sisters.

This belief isn’t universal amongst manospehreians by any stretch of the imagination. White nationalist manosphreians (like those who populate the blog In Mala Fide) get testy when their women are considered inferior to non-whites; others think that all women are equally evil. Still others think that moving to a whole other country is too much of a hassle. Rarely do you find a manospherian willing to state the obvious: that the “white women suck” mantra is as offensive to non-white women as it is to white women.

Over on The Spearhead, one commenter has taken the “white women suck” mantra to its logical extreme, arguing that these evil women need to be quite literally bred out of existence.

Let’s take a look at walking in hell’s argument:

If one thinks about it, the misandry and divorce problem are problems that occur in countries where the women are light-skinned–mostly Northern Hemisphere Western Contries, and where the governments are atheist or were atheist.

Problem countries are Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, United States, France, Britain, Ireland, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand, etc. In short–the West. Light skinned women are by nature more dominant and controlling. If you combine that with a culture that encourages bad behavior, you as a man are doomed.

So far, this is standard-issue western-women-suck-ism. But then Hell starts talking about genes.

So the misandry problem is problem of genetics and culture. We can see the genetic differences in the United States. Asian Women divorce their husbands at a much lower rate then the other racial groups. The exception in America is the American Black Women (But isn’t she exceptional, after all)? I mean native African Women have very little resemblance to American Black Women). 

Ironically, it’s fairly typical for the white-women-suck crowd to hate black women even more; in this case the only non-typical thing about Hell’s screed is that he’s willing to cut African women some slack.

Now Hell sets forth his basic thesis:

My point is this: I maintain the best wife for a white man is someone darker skinned then he is. I maintain that the best culture for the white man and his wife is a man-friendly culture. For example, a white man and Mexican woman living in Mexico; a white man and Thai Woman living in Thailand; a white man and a Morracan Woman, living in Morraco; a white man and Turkish Woman, living in Turkey. This strategy neutralizes the light-skinned genes, and at the same time neutralizes the cultural influences.

Note: If you plan to move to Morocco to escape the tyranny of white women, you should probably learn to spell the name of the country correctly first.

Naturally, Hell can’t bring himself to suggest that white men should marry black women. And he thinks that even black men should give African-American women a pass:

For a black man, possibly the best plan is to emigrate to Africa in order to have a family. I had a friend who did this. Most African divorce laws keep the man firmly in charge with sole custody automatically going to the man.

While some Western-women-hating manospherians have something of a fetish for Eastern European women, Hell warns his fellow men to avoid these sneaky deceitful harridans as well:

Whatever you do, never bring an Eastern European, Russian, or Ukrainian Girl to the Unites States.

But it isn’t only the Eastern European women who are spoiled by the evil feminism of the west.

 In fact don’t bring any woman to the United States. Remember: even the healthiest fish becomes sick when the lake is poisoned. Some fish will become sicker than others depending on their genetic makeup. For example, that nice girl you brought over from Asia might not divorce you when she comes to the USA, but she is likely to become a much different (difficult and unpredictable) person.

So who is the best man for the white woman living in the West? Quite simply, no man; or another woman. Very few men in the West will be able to satify Western White Women.

And this, naturally, leads to what what we might call Hell’s Final Solution to the problem:

These women need to be bred out of existence.

We as men can speed the extinction of Western White Women by encouraging them to pursue the single life or to pursue another woman as a spouse (lesbianism). We can do this actively and passively. Actively by outright encouragement, and passively by never giving a Western Woman access to our sperm, money, or time.

Despite its, er, problematic content, Hell’s comment managed to draw 21 upvotes from fellow Spearheaders, more than twice the number of downvotes it received.

I eagerly await A Voice for Men’s campaign to uncover and expose the identities of Hell and his upvoters – as well as against The Spearhead itself for providing a safe harbor for such thinking. I mean, AVfM literally offered a $1000 award for the personal information of a feminist who made similarly troubling remarks about men, and a separate $1000 reward for the identities of those involved in a theatrical production about a  feminist who wrote a famous manifesto about the evils of men. Surely the A Voice for Men crowd will be equally offended by these remarks from their comrades on The Spearhead.

Here on Man Boobz we content ourselves with highlighting bad ideas, not harassing or threatening or exposing the personal information of those who promulgate them. The “war of ideas” isn’t an actual war. The bad ideas we highlight here are as silly as they are reprehensible; they will ultimately vanish from the world on their own — though hopefully our mockery of them will help to speed that process a little bit.

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to scarlettpipistrelle for pointing me to this lovely comment.

394 replies on “Spearheader: Let’s breed those stuck-up white western women out of existence.”

BTW, where is that Crystal Gail Mangum cunt?

– You troll feminist forums
– Refer to feminist men as emasculated
– Are a fan of misogynistic blowhard Tom Leykis

And now refer to women as “cunts”. I think you have way more in common with MRAs than you’d like to admit

Mike: You are making sweeping generalisations without suppott: Bottom line, you have no arguments.

It’s why you won’t respond to comment. easier to make a pronouncement.

Bottom line. David Futrelle made the claim that foreign women find stuff like this offensive. I know foreign women who are not only not offended, but agree with me when I complain about Western women. People say they don’t exist, so I show women from other countries talking about them on The Tom Leykis Show, people say I’m citing Leykis, but I don’t, I cite his callers.

Cognitive dissonance much.

1: You agree there is no way to know the veracity of those callers. Be they “foreign” or people making shit up; cranky idiots such as yourselves, or paid. You admit Leykis screens his callers, and so the representation isn’t balanced.

But when feminists here say you are wrong about what they believe… well look above; you pretend to tell them what feminists believe. So I’m sure that the “foreign women” you talk to say things you interpret as agreeing with you. It’s not as if you would believe them if they didn’t.

You are a walking example of confirmation bias in the wild. Then again, you are no better than the MRAs you claim to disdain, nor the (mythical) feminists you actually disdain.

You hate feminists, and “girly” men. You wouldn’t care what happened to either of them; so long as you are able to get your end away with someone, somewhere, and then treat her like dirt.

Maybe you should stop generalising, and get some evidence. Maybe you should stop telling us what we believe.

I don’t read The Daily Fail, The Daily Fail sickens me, just like most of the right wingers. (I’m an independent) And yes, I am a Tom Leykis fan and proud. He taught me not to take shit from uppity, loud mouthed, bitchy women like the ones on this website./i>

Right. He taught you to be intentionally thick, and proud of your stone blind ignorance. He’s helped you be more hateful, and less kind, and for this you thank him. You are so independent you think just what he does, use him to support your opinions (no one could, no matter how broadly defined, call them arguments).

This, you aver, makes you, “independent”. You are so much better than those, “partisans you hate. The one’s who argue with themselves (because they are a monolithic block who believe the same things; a hive mind, not like you, you are independent).

The one’s who are actually asking you questions, responding to what you say (not like you, who have declared that you aren’t going to reply to them… they are too much for your manly brain deal with. You can’t keep up; it might be a thousand words which are being said to you… more than anyone could possibly deal with, even such a brilliant specimen as yourself).

Those locksteppers. Not a free-thinker like yourself.

Not someone who can look at the evidence and reject it, as you bravely did Well of course they are going to say that, it fits in with their own agenda. They are hardly going to say “well, he’s a guy, so we approve.”

Yep, women supported a man who was attacked, that proves they don’t support men who are attacked. Truly you have a dizzying intellect.

The acid test was duke lacrosse, and the feminists failed. Remember feminist “males” if you were on that team, they would have loved to see you in prison, in fact, I suspect the feminists still want those 3 innocent men in prison. They sure as hell weren’t concerned about their innocence!

What they wanted was to see them tried. What they wanted was to not see the accuser blamed, and the country saying, “Those poor boys, look what that black girl is doing to them”.

What they wanted was a trial, a test of fact. What they got was people like you saying, “it could never have happened.”

They aren’t on the jury. They get to think the men in that case were guilty, just as people get to think OJ was guilty, or Lizzy Borden. Don’t forget, those men walked free. You don’t know their names, wouldn’t recognise their faces.

BTW, where is that Crystal Gail Mangum ####? In prison for murder now, right?

Which is an ad hominem. What she has done since, has no bearing on what she did then.

You carry on supporting these feminist scum though, you’re getting what you deserve No sympathy from me.

I am getting what I deserve. Women who like me. Women who love me. Women who are supportive of me (some in circumstances you say would cause them to howl for my blood and disown me, looking to have me strung up to a tree and castrated).

So really… I have a much stronger sense of what “feminists” believe than you do. Because I spend time with them.

Maybe you should grow up.

Ponkz: If you don’t take any shit from us uppity, bitchy women, why are you here?

So he can pretend he told us, “how it is”, and took us to school.

It’s self-validation. If he were to wank this hard it would damage his pecker, and he needs to do something to relieve the tension.

Cassandra: Also I wonder if anyone here other than Ponkz is picking up on the undercurrent that I am.

I am. It’s classic in-group/out-group language. It’s the same sort of thinking which people who say, “illegals” in the US are prone to, or Rep. Steve King, comparing immigrants to dogs, as if that were a good thing.

He’s an exoticising racist, but a racist nonetheless.

I always used to feel like saying “Scotch is for eggs, not for people, sweetie”.

Scotch is for people. I’m not putting Talisker on my eggs, I’m pouring it down my throat.

He taught me not to take shit from uppity, loud mouthed, bitchy women like the ones on this website.

You’re currently “taking shit” not only from tend men but also men. In fact, Manboobzers of all genders seem to despise you equally.

Kyrie: He’s not, “taking shit”. That’s why he avoids actually responding to comments. He’s “explaining” to us. We just don’t have the decency to listen and believe.

Scotch is for people. I’m not putting Talisker on my eggs, I’m pouring it down my throat.

Mmmmmm, Talisker.

“Kyrie: He’s not, “taking shit”. That’s why he avoids actually responding to comments. He’s “explaining” to us. We just don’t have the decency to listen and believe.”

I’m supposed to go and respond to every post and point from every person? Do you know how long that will take? No, I’m not doing it. I have things to do.

BTW, to the person who commented on my language skills, No sé hablar espanol con fluidez, pero hablo con mis amigos bien. Por cierto, si Crystal Gail Mangum no es una “cunt” quien es? Dime.

Why, have you so little imagination to describe/insult people that we must do it for you, or you only solution is to use ‘cunt’?

I’m supposed to go and respond to every post and point from every person? Do you know how long that will take? No, I’m not doing it. I have things to do.


I do it. In places a lot more vigorous than this. It’s called honesty.

It’s not that hard, all it takes is a bit of intelligence, some facility with words and the courage of your convictions.

It also takes a bit of integrity, and it’s easier when one is, if not right, at least not wrong.

Hell, if I could keep up with Brandon, and TS, you can keep up with us. It’s not as if there are all that many people responding to you. What you lack is chops.

BTW, to the person who commented on my language skills, No sé hablar espanol con fluidez, pero hablo con mis amigos bien. Por cierto, si Crystal Gail Mangum no es una “cunt” quien es? Dime.

“Language skills” ≠ “ability to speak a foreign language”.

As I suspect you know, but are disingenuously pretending otherwise.

Robert, I don’t think anyone here has a problem with interracial/ intercultural marriages. I don’t think anyone has a problem with choosing a partner with a different background if you find that the values and interests match better with what you prefer. However, as you’ve noted, some men are actively choosing women of different backgrounds because they want women they think they can control, who will be doll like or childlike and lacks opinions of her own. That’s what we mock. Especially when many of ous have women friends from other cultures and realize that while culture has some influence, woman are women and human temperments can be found everywhere in a rather astoinishing range.

I rarely ever met white women who had any real stregnth. Most of their “stregnth” comes from attaining affirmative action positions, and government enforcement of the special treatment that they are afforded in western societies.

However I find many of the posts and comments on this site far more offensive.

No shit.

I am doing my part to destroy the white race my own self! ( I am white, my spouse is Chinese) Neither of my children are white, so none of their children, if any will be white. I deserve credit from racist MRAs! (not really, I am raising my daughters to be feminist, so they will not be in relationships with any MRA of any color.)


Considering a number of posters here are either in interracial/intercultural relationships, have been in interracial/intercultural relationships or have family and/or friends in interracial/intercultural relationships, I invite you to bark up that tree all you won’t; just don’t expect anyone to hear you all the way over here.

ps hellkell is a woman

I’m also particularly tickled by the implication that hellkell is against interracial marriages

As a white dude whose previous love interest is (Was? I would say was, but she’s not dead.) an independent-minded Bengali/American woman, and who has an interest in romantic relationships with people who have access to cultures different from my own, I have absolutely no problem saying that the assholes who say not to breed with white western women for a host of racist and sexist reasons are doing it for the wrong fucking reason and I am not going to feel bad about mocking those reasons for half a fucking milisecond.

Uh, I didn’t mention anything about being against inter-racial marriages, Robert, especially SINCE I’M IN ONE. I realize that pretzel logic is easy for your type, but I can’t imagine being the kind of jag who be in a relationship with someone they hate.

Anyway, rock on with your bad self, and keep those essentialist gender and cultural stereotypes alive.


“Above it troll”?

The “impartial” trolls that show up to tell us how both sides are equally bad, and if we’d just step back we could see what they see etc. etc.

The “impartial” trolls that show up to tell us how both sides are equally bad, and if we’d just step back we could see what they see etc. etc.

It’s funny how their ideas about women seem to sync up perfectly with those of the MRAs more often than not.

agreed, also love trolls that say Manboobz is much more offensive then the sites that say they hate women! and they always seem to hide behind women as well. Also, whats with men that are just soooo angry about the women here being too uppity….it reminds me of the movie the Stepford Wives.

/just got through watching the original stepford wives and finding it eeiry that these men would fit right in with the Stepford husbands

“And if you were to die at this moment, Meller, your dolls wouldn’t be heart-broken. They wouldn’t experience pain, or discomfort, or surprise, or fear, or pain. There would be no tears from them.
And the same would be true if they were all to be destroy.
But for now you’re alive: they also don’t care, they have no joy nor happiness, they are not content of having pretty dresses.

They don’t and can’t care, because they’re not alive. A fruit is more alive than them. Heck, a piece of mold on a fruit is more alive than them.”

Actually, according to Japanese Shinto, everything ,even objects, have a soul, especially those made in the image of humanity, and can even join the cycle of rebirth/reincarnation when their bodies are destroyed. So, for all we know, someone’s dolls really do love them, like in the Korean movie, “Doll Master”, the Japanese movie, “Air Doll”, and others (mostly Japanese though).

And it doesn’t matter. The aliveness of the dolls, in that instance, is immaterial, and any “essential” Meller is of the same immaterial nature.

From the standpoint of the living, the dolls aren’t alive.

Ha. The “shortage of sperm”. As if we aren’t swimming the slimy stuff. So funny!

Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

White Rabbit, thanks for demonstrating what a moron you are.

Want to demonstrate what these “all and only white” countries are? I’m from the land of the infamous White Australia Policy and it was never all white, even if you ignore the indigenous peoples.

Why’re you so scared of people with darker skin than yourself?

Plus we won’t even mention Europeans’ history of forcing themselves on a lot of not-white countries, and the dreadful results. No, no, not the same thing at all.

Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
Wow man! I know there is a lot of hate generated towards white women, but this is almost like a subtle form of genocide.

Being in the fourth decade of my life, I qualify for the category of Generation X. I try to remember my dating years. Honestly, they weren’t pleasant. I don’t believe I would qualify as a veteran for the cock carousel, but I did have a couple of serious boyfriends. I recall at age 24 really wanting to be married. I was working, going to school, paying my rent, etc. I paid for my own car outright. I was clean. My apartment was clean. My credit was great. I was trying to be good, but you know, in all honesty, many of the guys I came across out there weren’t good. They drank and played video games. Many got into porn. Strip clubs were the rage as was Jenna Jameson. I wasn’t fat and I tried to exercise and stay in shape. In fact, in my early 30s, I was in spectacular shape and I wasn’t out drinking and partying every night of the week. Did I party in my twenties during some periods, yes, but so did everyone. I certainly did not lead a Sex and the City lifestyle.

I tried. And I think alot of American white women in my age group have tried.
So then by age 33, I gave up. I said fuck it.

Alot of of younger guys complain about the millennial women. I do think these women tend towards overconfidence and do seem entitled, but I would be lying if I did not say that I did not envy their aura because it appears to me that as a white American woman, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t so you might as well do whatever the hell you want!

Ironically, one reason why so many black men go for white women in the USA is that they believe white women are typically more docile, submissive, and easy to control than black women. Many black men believe most black women are too mean and have too much attitude compared to white women.

Hahaha, you think this argument is going to STOP people from wanting to breed white women out of existence? HAHAHAHA! This is exactly the kind of garbage that MAKES me thank god that I’m breeding white women out of existence. Goodbye white women… nobody cares about you.

Jump ahead now to 2018, and I wonder if the alt-right will think of this as promoting “White Genocide”. This guy is suggesting that there be less white women; he doesn’t seem to care about the need for them to produce those pure white Aryan babies the right is so keen on.

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