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AgentOrange and the Screencaps of Feminazi Doom

Santa is no longer interested in bringing joy to girls.

Christmas came early for the MRAs this year. Earlier this week, a generous soul calling himself AgentOrange posted a 165 MB present online for them, an assortment of super-secret internet postings from a private forum connected to the RadFem Hub, which Mr. Orange collected by bravely going behind enemy lines and, er, screencapping a bunch of shit. As the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE declared:

[B]oth feminists and MRAs alike, have been anxiously awaiting the promised complete files of screen shots and associated materials collected by Agent Orange.

These files are apparently so vile and incendiary that Mr. Orange has deemed it necessary to reveal the personal information of some of the RadFemHub commenters. Not to encourage anyone to stalk or harass or harm them, just so that those offended by them can do whatever it is people do when personal info is leaked on the internet that doesn’t involve stalking or harassing or harming them. Send them postcards?

But in any case there is no reason whatsoever to think that a group of really really really angry people who love making threats on the internet and  think their opponents are as bad as Hitler could ever do anything that would be in any way problematic.

So, you might ask, what dastardly secrets do these new files disclose? Oddly, the PRESS RELEASE doesn’t actually specify. The AgentOrange website doesn’t say either. And the 165 MB download is just a bunch of files with no explanation.

But I have spent some time going through these files myself in a completely random manner, which is evidently what AgentOrange expects everyone who downloads the files to do. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t spent that much time on this. I’ve really been quite busy with other things. But I have spent some time. More than twenty minutes, anyway.

So let me share with you some preliminary findings.

Here, straight from the AgentOrange files, are some RadFems discussing a news story about a male midwife who thinks that mothers should embrace the pain of childbirth as a “rite of passage.” (Click on the teensy image on the right to get it full-sized.)

Apparently some of those RadFems don’t think this is a good idea! One of them says:

Does he even know what uterine cramps/contractions even feel like?

Another adds:

I read that and rolled my eyes. … If only it were possible to subject mister midwife (my ass) to the joyous pain of childbirth. I guess a swift kick to the balls is as close as he’s ever going to come to it.

Clearly suggesting that a male midwife suffer pain similar to what he suggests women should suffer is nothing short of GENOCIDE!

But wait, there’s more! Another woman writes:

There is no reason why women should have to endure pain like this in this day and age.

That sounds exactly like something HITLER would have said! (If you replace “women” with “Jews” and “no reason” with “every reason.”)

Still another adds:

This is phenomenally stupid, and completely out of step with current pain management theory and procedures.

Is there no end to this feminazi depravity!?

Oh, but there’s more, much more. In this thread — click the image to the right — the evil RadFems complain about guys trying to pick them up in a creepy manner. One of the ladies suggests that a good way to get the guys to leave you alone is to tell them you’re a widow.

You see now that feminism is all about DECEPTION!

Maybe it should be called Deceptionism!

Ok, ok, just one more. In a thread called “I’m mad as hell” — right over there on the right again — one commenter complains about getting a computer virus.

She’s so mad she says she’s even considering downloading Ubuntu and forgoing all Microsoft products, which are frequently targets of viruses! What? Huh? DOES NOT COMPUTE. BZZZZZZZ. LADY USING LINUX ERROR ERROR. *$^*$()*%(*$$$$$$$$. EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN.




Ok. I’m back. Another commenter there says something about castrating guys who write viruses.

That does seem a little excessive. Though I don’t think she means it literally.

I will return to this topic later, after I recover.

In the meantime, if you want to see the most ridiculous comments on the matter from Reddit’s Men’s Rightsers, you can find some of them collected together here. Among the highlights:

Violence on men is incited daily, by the hour, by the second. Every time someone makes a post on reddit there is a sexist opinion about all men.

This isn’t public shaming, its outing criminals that are planning your genocide.

A story of a plan of naziesque proportions is about to broken.

I think we can all agree that feminism inevitably heads down the road of male genocide.

MRAs, more melodramatic than emo kids.

Oh, and by the way, two of the Reddit quotes above come from a fellow known on Reddit as Sigi1, but who may be more familiar to Man Boobzers as Eoghan. Without clicking on the links, can you guess which two?

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10 years ago

Owlslave if vawa is so obviously violates men’s constitutional rights, how come that wasn’t addressed when scotus examined its constitutionality?

hint: you don’t have a constitutional right to be wherever the fuck you want just because you want to be there. if due process is satisfied, due process is satisfied.

hint 2: despite what you may have been told by people who were making shit up, disparate impact is not a basis for a XIV Am. claim.

10 years ago

Cops have callouses, but not where one would expect. they have them on their hips, and collarbones. From the gear.

That doesn’t count! Those aren’t real callouses! Probably if they weren’t such lazy manatees doing make-work they’d have hand callouses like real men. It’s just dry skin or something. ;D

Kendra, the bionic mommy
Kendra, the bionic mommy
10 years ago

NWO said,

Also notice… “A temporary order can be granted on an emergency basis, without notification to or the presence of the accused”

This means exactly what it says. A woman can have a man evicted from his home with nothing but a phone call. He cannot face his accuser. He does not need to even be notified. He has been found guilty. He is punished. This is a hate law. You support this law. You support the hatred of men.

NWO, both men and women can obtain temporary restraining orders against their abusers. Here is a quote from Katherine Greenier of the Women’s Rights Project at the Virginia chapter of the ACLU. She said,

While October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it may be the grim August murder of Crystal Ragin and her three children in Newport News that serves as the year’s most dramatic reminder that more must be done to protect women from violence.

As reported in the Daily Press, on August 19 a Newport News sheriff’s deputy arrived at John Moses Ragin’s house to serve an order issued by a judge the day before protecting John’s wife, Crystal Ragin. However, when the deputy got there, he found Crystal and John’s three stepchildren stabbed to death. The case has raised serious questions about whether the police department waited too long – 24 hours – to serve the protective order.

from a guest post at feministe.

Sometimes receiving a restraining order quickly is a matter of life or death. Victims in dangerous situations shouldn’t have to wait for safety from an abuser who intends to kill them. The most vulnerable time for victims of ipv is the when they first leave their abusers. Temporary restraining orders and regular orders of protection are both very important for victims, and it’s also important that they are enforced.

If a stranger threatened your life, you would expect the police to protect you and keep the dangerous person away from you. Why should it be any different for someone who needs protection from a spouse or partner?

9 years ago

I question your sanity I mean seriously if a bunch of white women made similar statements about latino men and women and I outed their personal information? As for MRA’s being a religious group of right wing radical, your just a plain of fashioned koolaid cultists.

The Kittehs' Unpaid Help

Protip, troll: trying to get the last word in by necroing threads doesn’t work.

9 years ago

Bad grammar. Laughable screen name. Ridiculous comparison. Commenting on a thread from 2011. I give yoursexymaster -7 out of 10 points.

nunya bunyan
nunya bunyan
9 years ago

You people are so programed. A movement is only as strong as the sum of its parts, and radical feminism is indicative of the weakness of feminism as a whole… I could talk all day why feminism is hurting women, men, trans, etc. etc. but I’ll leave that alone and call you out on a double standard: How come if one MRA is a douche bag, all MRA’s are douche bags, but if one feminist is an insanely vitriolic, hate mongering, monster, she “doesn’t reflect the values of feminism”. Feminism, you better own up to the monster you created, and stop tending to your shitty public image.

9 years ago

Sup, man.

Awesome blog. I have an “anti mysoginy” blog too. It makes good money!


Jacob Diehl
Jacob Diehl
8 years ago

I take it you missed the ones that actually do call for genocide? A number of these people are genocidal by admission. You can downplay it all you like, but your intellectual dishonesty is in plain view to all who have read the files.

Jean Valjean
8 years ago

Manboobs is not interested in truth or fairness. He just toes the line of feminist dogma. Anyone here can look up Radfemhub and genocide and find articles outlining just exactly what was said.

And if you do just that you will see that Manboobz is a liar and has posted nonsense as a lame rebuttal.

In fact, these women did discuss the genocide of men and the even agreed that many women would have to be eliminated as well because they might not like their sons being executed.

It’s all out there and whenever people look for it they will stop by this thread because MB has made this thread to lie about what happened. And we will resurrect this thread and remind MB what a shameless hack he is.

8 years ago

Now, why are you pooping in a thread from 2011, you silly little troll? You sound like a cartoon villain.

8 years ago

Well, I googled “Radfemhub” and “genocide” and got nothing but MRAs frothing about it. Oh, and this thread.

So I tried “Radfemhub”, “kill”, “men”. Again, lots of MRA frothing but then RadFemNews, a now archived blog providing news reported from a Radfem perspective. Strangely, no calls for genocide or the killing of men.

So the Miserable one is full of shit. Colour me shocked.

8 years ago

How does one toe the line of a dogma, exactly?

8 years ago

How does one toe the line of a dogma, exactly?

There’s an obscure form of mystic choreography that might help.

About as obscure as those links and references that our unwelcome visitors constantly get wrong or can’t find.

8 years ago

In fact, these women did discuss the genocide of men and the even agreed that many women would have to be eliminated as well because they might not like their sons being executed.

I hope your tinfoil hat sits well. Too tight tinfoil hats can lead to terrible headaches!

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