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Sady Doyle on “Fighting Sexual Assault, One Tweet at a Time”


Sady Doyle of Tiger Beatdown fame has a great piece up at In These Times on the ways in which the Internet has helped to highlight virulent and violent misogyny — and inspire effective feminist pushback. It’s actually kind of … inspiring? (That’s a word I don’t use often!)  Here’s the opening:

When a history of 21st-century feminist activism is someday written, 2011 may be labeled Year Rape Broke. Sexual assault and harassment have, of course, always been key feminist concerns. But in 2011, sexual violence, exploitation, or intimidation were part of nearly every major story that fell under the heading of “women’s issues”–and the activism against it has been particularly widespread, focused and effective.

As we enter this renaissance of sexual assault awareness, it’s worth considering the ways in which new media has informed it–and, indeed, perhaps even made it possible. …

You can read the rest on the In These Times website.

Full disclosure: I worked at ITT for a couple of years in the 90s (yes, I’m old), and Sady says some nice things about Man Boobz in the piece.

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I didn’t bring up any faith in this thread. Holly and Amused decided to was their right.


What the fuck did you just say, why do you think it has any bearing on reality, and what the hell does it have to do with anything I said?


NWO, since I, a non-Jew, really have studied the Talmud, why don’t I know this horrible stuff? Why would I lie to you when I say what you’re saying is out of context, or even completely imaginary? If it’s all there, why would I pretend it wasn’t?

Since you as a Jew have a sworn duty to lie, decieve, use subterfuge.

Holy fuck. I don’t even know why I’m surprised, but holy fucking fuck did he really just say that?

Wait. The Zohar doesn’t use letters like that to demarcate pages. It’s demarcated by chapters, sections and paragraphs.

Also, it wouldn’t say anything like that anyway. The Zohar is a mystical text and as such, the chapters are written like so:
We learned from a supernal mystery in the Concealed Book that there are three cavities of engraved letters, WHICH ARE YUD HEI VAV OF YUD HEI VAV HEI, seen in the skull of Zeir Anpin. And we learned that there are three parts of the brain (Mochin), CHOCHMAH, BINAH AND DA’AT, which are hidden in these cavities. THE CAVITIES ARE VESSELS AND THE LOBES OF THE BRAIN ARE THE LIGHTS THAT ARE CLOTHED IN THEM. From the top of the highest concealed brain of Atika Kadisha that flows into the Mochin of that Zeir Anpin, there are four Mochin, CHOCHMAH, BINAH, THE RIGHT SIDE OF DA’AT, WHICH IS TIFERET, AND THE LEFT SIDE OF DA’AT, WHICH IS MALCHUT. These four Mochin ARE IN THE HEAD OF ZEIR ANPIN AND expand throughout the body. These are the four paragraphs in the four compartments of the Tefilin, which the Holy One, blessed be He, puts on.
(Chapter 22, Section 8, paragraph 37)

I wonder if Jews have a “sworn duty” to lie all the time. Because that could get amusing.

“Is this the synagogue?”
No, it’s not.”

“But it says “Bet Israel Synagogue” on the door!”
“No it doesn’t. The sign says ‘Bet Israel Tires And Transmission Service.””

“…Is the next thing you say gonna be a lie too?”
*Jew explodes*

NWO, seriously. By your logic, I must know I am lying. I must have read the Talmud and seen these horrible things, and I must be lying to you when I say that you are wrong. Why would I do this?

OK I just needed to make sure I wasn’t missing sarcasm somewhere. Not that I really thought I was, but wow. Just wow. I’m curious, how many times has the Jew hater called you all Nazis?

PS Someone should tell him about the ultra-orthodox treatment of women. He’d probably convert if he knew.

Someone should tell him about the ultra-orthodox treatment of women. He’d probably convert if he knew.

That’s the sad part here. I wasn’t allowed to read from the Torah at my Bat Mitzvah ceremony because girl. I wasn’t allowed to have it on Shabbat because I wasn’t allowed on the main floor of the sanctuary at all during regular services–women had to use a balcony only.

And a balcony isn’t the worst thing. At a friend’s Bar Mitzvah service they put all the women behind a sheet, where we couldn’t even see the rest of the congregation. Just sitting behind a hung white sheet listening to the sounds of the service drift by, so that we wouldn’t sully the menfolk with our filthy woman-ness.

It’s such a display, NWO is a veritable peacock of stupidity, ignorance, and hate. I can’t believe someone like him actually exists.

NWO, do you feel better now that you’ve given your always there but not as overt as today anti-Semitism a good airing out?

NWO, doing anything for Christmas besides spreading hate, advocating violence and generally being awful?

Also amusing: Skippy there is going to stop with the underwear on head ranting about the j00s if Holly quits pointing out the inconvenient bits of the Bible? Er, what, “I’ll stop making it mind-bogglingly clear how much of a whacko I am if you stop pointing out a relatively minor and common element of hypocrisy in my mountain of delusion”?

Insight, do you haz it?

I’ll be leaving for my Christmas trip later tonight. 🙂

I packed my gifts already. No one tell (shhh), but Rowdy’s getting a desk set and his parents are getting fancy scented candles.

Rowdy and Sprite and I are going to do a more… personal… gift exchange in private too. 🙂

Sounds like good gifts, Holly! I’m hoping my husband’s surprise gift shows up today or tomorrow. Shh, but it’s a Steve Largent Seahawks jersey. I find Largent abhorrent, but hey, my husband’s awesome.

@ Holly:

That’s the sad part here. I wasn’t allowed to read from the Torah at my Bat Mitzvah ceremony because girl.

I would have considered that a blessing, but that’s only because religion generally bores and annoys me. I thank my damn good luck every day that I was born to people sensible enough to stop going to church before I was old enough to absorb much of it.

But still, utter bullshit.

I thank my damn good luck every day that I was born to people sensible enough to stop going to church before I was old enough to absorb much of it.

I was lucky enough to be born and spend my earliest years in a fully secular society where fundies were kept firmly at bay. I realize that now.

(Watch NWOSlave have a hissy fit about communism and the horror of me having grown up without the very religion he spent pages telling us is evil.)

kippy there is going to stop with the underwear on head ranting about the j00s if Holly quits pointing out the inconvenient bits of the Bible?

He said that to me. I asked him if he would be nice to Jews and stop denying the Holocaust or making shit up about us if I stopped saying nasty things about “Christians” like him. He didn’t respond. In fact, I did not make any even remotely critical comments about Christianity after my initial post about the culture of martyrdom — but still NWO continued his harangue about Jews for hours in what he called “an eye for an eye” (should it be “a post for a post”, anyway)? So he broke his promise in any event.

So basically Slavey has decided to act like a child, and he thinks this is some sort of moral crusade? He’s funny.

I notice that “Jews lie, it’s their religion” is, like “women lie about rape,” very selectively applied.

Although it stands to reason that anyone could be a Jew and just lying about their Gentile status, only people who have named themselves as Jews are attacked with “YOU LYING JEW!”

(The parallel here, which I’ve talked about before, is that MRAs are only afraid of rape accusations from women they’ve slept with. Even though any woman could falsely accuse them.)

It’s like… I honestly can’t tell if that means that on some level they know how full of shit they are, or not.

Lol did anyone happen to mention where the “eye for an eye” quote comes from? Well at least the one in the Tor-, er, Bible?

Here’s a clue NWO, you stupid bigot, IT’S A BIG JEW LIE!!!!!1!!!!

Hey NWO, I have a Christmas song for you. To the tune of “Feliz Navidad”

Jesus was a Jew
(doo doo doo do doo)
Jesus was a Jew
(doo doo doo do doo)
Jesus was a Jew
Yes, a big old giant Jew
(doo doo doo doo!)

I wanna tell you Jesus was a Jew
(doo doo doo do doo)
I hope you realize Jesus was a Jew
(doo doo doo do doo)
Why do you hate Jesus so very much
(doo doo doo do doo)
From the bottom
Of your heart????

I need to apologize to any Grinches in the world who steal Christmas. I should have never compared them to NWO. After all, even the Grinch had a change of heart. I don’t think NWO ever will.

I don’t know that there’s much point in attempting to read for consistent meaning. That sort of thing is only relevant to people who occupy more or less the same planet as the rest of us.

On a related note, was it here or somewhere else that folks were talking about the somewhat collective nature of seemingly disparate prejudices — where a person upon demonstrating a sufficiently virulent hatred of women invariably be found to have the same set of whacky ideas as regards sexual orientation, race, religion, et cetera in a way that seems to end invariably in eugenics (and similar starting at any point in the circle, the racist is found to be misogynist, the homophobe is found also to be an anti-semite, mumble mumble ranty rant kill them all for the good of the species)?

WTF happened to this thread? By the great FSM, I just read 4 pages of a Christian crying because asking whether or not he believes in the new testament is a trap* while yelling back religious quotes to a non religious person?
That was weird. And not manboobz usual weird.

*when Jesus was asked trick questions, he answered with smart answers. No screaming or silencing the person.

Kyrie, you know what happened? Nwo happened. Sometimes, sometimes, if you’re a very lucky troll connoisseur… NWO happens to a thread, Man. Hardcore happens to a thread. Not just does his regular trolling, but HAPPENS to a thread. And then you’re in for something special. Like today.

NWO seems to have gone away, but I just wanted to point out again that:

1) The things other people were quoting were *actually from the Bible* and they weren’t playing some weird quote-out-of-context gotcha game; they were actually quoting some rather uplifting stuff, the kind of stuff that makes even agnostics like myself say, “hey, that Jesus guy had some good ideas!”

2) The things you were quoting, NWO, were imaginary or quotes taken so far out of context that they actually meant something close to the opposite of what they seemed to say. And you seem to have gotten them all from a list put together by the Ku Klux Klan. I mean, LITERALLY PUT TOGETHER BY THE KKK, LIKE ON THEIR WEBSITE:

Polliwog | December 23, 2011 at 12:56 pm

From here:

“These misquotes and fabrications come straight from the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan web site. Some cannot be explained simply because the quotes do not exist in the Talmud. Some references are to a book that does not exist in Talmud or any Jewish literature. Others are taken seriously out of context, or add words or thoughts that are not in the original.

Kethuboth 11b, concerning betrothals. “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this, it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.” A footnote to that passage says that if a man were to have intercourse with a three year old she should not suffer the consequences of loss of virginity when she become eligible for marriage. The comment is actually a defense of victim’s rights. The man who did such thing would be punished, but the victim shouldn’t be…

Sanhedrin 59a says nothing about murdering the heathen, nor does it relate the death of a gentile to the death of a wild animal. It says “R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses command us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs.” The tractate goes on to refute this statement by discussing the laws about eating blood. Even in this statement, if accepted, there is no mention of murdering the heathen. “Worthy of death” implies a judicial sentence, not murder…

Abodah Zara 26b is taken seriously out of context. What the original says is “but minim [idolatrous priests, whether Jewish or gentile], informers, and apostates [specifically Jewish] may be cast in [a pit], and need not be brought up.” This says nothing about killing, and much less about killing gentiles. If it says anything about killing, Jews are included. The discussion, however, is whether a gentile may circumcise a Jew. The argument about who may be thrown into a put, pulled out but not thrown in, etc., concludes by saying that the pit should be covered so that nobody goes in.”

Dude, NWO, even when you try to find “facts,” all you can do is cite a KKK list of made-up and woefully misinterpreted citations from the Talmud. That’s just sad, dude. Heck, there’s loads of nasty things in the Torah – God spends a significant chunk of the OT smiting damn near everyone, often for reasons that amount to “it seemed like fun,” and all you can pull out is some Talmudic quotes about how you don’t lose your virginity by being raped as a baby? OH THE HORROR.

“Lol did anyone happen to mention where the “eye for an eye” quote comes from? Well at least the one in the Tor-, er, Bible?”

I think my favorite thing about Slavey’s crusade against the evil Jewish bankers who have poisoned the UN with flouride is the fact that he’s one of those Christians who takes all of his moral guidance from the Old Testament and almost completely ignores anything Jesus is actually supposed to have said.

What’s so sad is I don’t believe that slavey believes really anything that he writes. He does of course hate the world but this could be a website about anything and he’d hate it.

He just needs attention anyways he can get it. It’s too bad he doesn’t have family or friends to be with, but his own fault he never will.

Kavette, I’d agree with you that he doesn’t believe it if I knew he didn’t act like this everywhere else on the web. Hell, the man gets his talking points from the KKK.

Kavette, NWO is almost a carbon copy of several other fundamentalist Christians I’ve encountered. He gets his talking points from all the same places, he uses all the same rhetoric and supports all the same positions.

Either he’s as genuine as they come or he has done a hell of a lot of research.

Actually the “Kol Nidre” canard takes me back, way back, to skinhead Berlin. Slavey makes me glad to be a Zionist, I have done heavy lifting for Israel but nothing like what he imagines, which is hallucinatory. And I do like Sady in general, and on Elevatorgate and M:TG scandal in particular.

I don’t think he is what he says he is simply because of much he posts. Frankly I could (if I wanted to be physically sick) make up the same things he does. I believe in a way he’s done a great deal of research by the joining the boards of every hate board there is.

The internet is his life and sadly instead of finding friends on it, he looks only for enemies or others with the equal amount of hate towards life itself that he has.

If not he’d being taking time off on Sundays for hate filled extreme right “christian” worship and klan meetings. Unless he really doesn’t work at all unless he’s sleeping he seems to always be here. Considering this isn’t the only board he writes on and has admitted to sitting in front of a computer instead of texting on a phone his life is really fucked. This is all there is for him.

WE are his entire social life.

@ Holly *hugs* for the shitty Jewish misogyny. As a Jewish feminist and future rabbi, stuff like what you describes REALLY gets my gall, and you deserve way better than that.

… and here’s the thing, there are some really truly legitimately fucked up bits in the Talmud. I remember studying a section of Yoma that essentially started a legal argument about clearing buildings off of people with the legal premise that “If a building falls on a bunch of gentiles during the Sabbath, don’t violate the Sabbath to save them,” which, while far more complicated than that, was still 50 different kinds of NOT OKAY.

Here’s the thing. We TALK about how those bits are not okay. We re-interpret them to follow justice. We care about, and acknowledge that there are problematic aspects of our religion.

And NWO is an asshole.

NWO, a few hours ago I saw a fig tree, and I kicked the shit out of that motherfucker. What have you done to honor Jesus today?

This is an awesome line and deserves to be repeated.

Personally, I honored Jesus by getting my mother a fuckton of wine.

This isn’t the first time NWO has gotten in a tizzy over the idea of JOOS mocking Christianity. As I recall, this was his big problem with Tom Lehrer’s The Vatican Rag. It was then that I first learned that Lehrer was raised in a Jewish family. It hadn’t occurred to me to look it up before then.

Of course, most Catholics I know find the song hilarious.

That’s not true. We couldn’t make terrible god-defying jokes if we had no brain. And I thought we were supposed to be heartless bitches, is it both now?
And now that I think of it, we’re we called IRL cowards just a week ago? We should hurry to see the wizard of Oz before all our other internal organs disappear as well.

NWO: About the Talmud, you know nothing of it. If you did you wouldn’t be quoting KKK riffs on what it says.

First, it’s not the, “bible” of the Jews. It’s, several, collections of arguments about how to live the 613 laws (mitzvot) in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

They all start with a statement (such as the first tractate in Bava Metziah I (the “first” book of The Babylonian Talmud, which is what most people are referring to when they say, “the Talmud”. There are other Talmudim, but I digress), which says, “Two men come to you, holding a garmet, each saying, “I have found it, it is mine.”

From there come a number of arguments, which are used to discuss the laws of found property, holding goods in trust, divorce, misuse of property, the disposition of stolen goods a third party thought were honestly purchased and I forget what all else.

Take the first lie you quoted:

Sanhedrin 59a: “Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal.”

There is no such passage. What Sanhedrin 59a says is, R. Johanan said: A heathen who studies the Torah deserves death, for it is written, Moses command us a law for an inheritance; it is our inheritance, not theirs.”

From there comes the arguing. In fact the tractate determines that Rav Johanan was wrong; even at that the language used, “worthy of death,” is a reference to a judicial punishment.

When all is said and done the decision is actually that a non-Jew who studies Torah (not Talmud… Torah is the Jewish Canon, roughly parallel to the Old Testament: which isn’t the same from one Christian sect to another) becomes as a High Priest. Far from calling for the death of non-Jews, it praises them.

That one, alone, gives the lie to all you blather about people unfairly mocking yuor faith for asking you questions about how you reconcile your actions to the published tenets.

It also, perhaps, explains how you do that; if this is your level of understanding, or research.

NWO: I missed this (it’s been busy here), what with work, and Christmas (which would have been the center of my working world, even were I not Christian, because I am working retail), and New Years this slipped through the cracks:


Of course you know more about being a Christian than me. You don’t tell me how to be a Christian. You don’t ever speak about being a Christian. You don’t ever say anything about any Christian or about the Christian faith.

Once you do. I have free rein to tell you how to be a good Jew. All the atrocities of every single Jew who ever did anything wrong. Once you, open your all-knowing yap about anything pertaining to Christians/Christianity. I mock every aspect of your faith from calf worshipping to talmud goodieosity. Savvy?

Amused does know more about Christianity than you do. There are some aspects of what she said to you which I think were either confusing, or confused (there is nothing about thinking about adultery in the commandments), but the core of what she’s said is true.

But you claim to be Christian. You are supposed to be an example; to show the world by your actions, which are guided by your faith. Honest in all things, forgiving, and loving; being kind to your enemies, even as they are murdering you for that faith.

You… you can’t even bring yourself to forgive someone who says something scatological about Jesus. Heaven help you if you were to face a more brutal test, though were I you I would pray for help with the little ones.

As Jesus said, “by their fruits shall ye know them”. Your fruits are bitter, and full of hatred. You are a poor evangelist.

You don’t have a fucking clue about Talmud. You probably can’t tell me the difference between Chabad, and Hillel. I’m not jewish (I’m a Christian, of a flavor you despise). So when someone is correct about christianity, you’d be wise to not try to abuse their religion; because you are getting it wrong, which only makes it plain, the most ignorant of people, that you are the sort of Christian by affiliation, not action, which offends you.

You, never speak about Christians. Savvy? If you do I will continue to speak about Jews. It’s simple respect. If you want me to stop saying anything negative about Jews, you must affors me the same courtesy.

It has been said the truth hurts.

Which courtesy you have never extended to anyone else. You aren’t asking for respect; because Christianity has been, by and large, afforded every respect here; what you are demanding is that YOU, NWOslave never be mocked for your inability (or cussed unwillingness) to live up to the tenets of the faith you claim to serve. You are demanding us to commit an idolatry of your person.

Jesus wept.

NWO: Holly hasn’t fucked a little girl under 3. She’s a bad Jew.
Holly, as far as I know hasn’t killed a gentile. She’s a bad Jew.
Holly, as far as I know hasn’t stolen from a gentile. She’s a bad Jew.

Ooh… let me play.

NWO Hasn’t plucked his own eyes out, he’s a bad Christian.

NWO Hasn’t cut off his hand, he’s a bad Christian.

NWO hasn’t forgiven Holly, he’s a bad christian.

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