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School buses: “A symbol of women dominating men and boys.”

Evil gynofascist propaganda

Does anyone still doubt that we live in a gynofascist lady-tatorship? Some guy who calls himself Davd – because there’s no “I” in Davd! – has posted a sharp analysis of one of the most insidious tools of the matriarchy: those flashing lights they put on school buses to try to stop people from running over kids getting on and off the buses.

And no, I am not making this up. Here’s Davd, explaining it all to you:

Anyone who thinks that the women of North America were subjugated by some kind of patriarchy back between 50 and 100 years ago, need only look at the traffic on rural roads in the morning, to know better. …

Those school buses have been running mornings and afternoons for as long as i can remember—and i’ll soon be 70. They are a symbol of women dominating men and boys [and perhaps girls as well, though girls seem more able to wheedle adult women than we are]. …

[W]hy do Canadian and US school buses have big bright flashing lights fore and aft, and STOP signs that stick out from the driver’s side? I don’t remember the children who rode on them, including four of my sons, being all that grateful for the fuss; and i don’t remember them being all that frightened of the traffic. …  It was obvious enough to me and my sons, that the School Buses were babying the children.

So who babies children—Mommies or Daddies? …

The School Buses with big bright flashing lights fore and aft and STOP signs that stick out from the driver’s side, are the spoils of political victory for babying Mommies, well over half a century ago, not anything remotely patriarchal.

So Davd suggest we go whole-hog and just paint the things pink, to remind us of who really runs the world:

Pink school buses will be truth in packaging: School biases against boys are more important than the babying bus lights and STOP signs, and a larger reason to paint school buses (and school doors) pink.

Naturally, most of the commenters on The Spearhead found Davd’s concerns to be completely reasonable and in no way exaggerated. Firepower, in the very first comment, one of the most heavily upvoted in the thread, Godwinned it out of the park with these observations:

Tolerating pink gear on NFL players gets you pink buses. Accepting pink buses gets you pink uniforms in the future concentration camps.

Babying and coddling American kids/boys – gets you the youth you see today.

Meanwhile, Keyster suggested that the fact that school buses are painted yellow was itself evidence of an insidious conspiracy. For, you see, that color was set as the standard for school buses after a conference in 1939 that was funded in part by a grant from – cue dramatic chipmunk! – the Rockefeller Foundation.

And yes, that’s the same Rockefeller Foundation that funded and continues to fund feminism. No surprize that they’d fund a centralized government standard for the color of a gasoline consuming conveyence meant to transport our future proles. It’s important they identify school with safety as part of the indocrination process.

Much of the rest of the thread was given over to guys gloating that the girls they used to have such crushes on when they were in grade school had now all become old and fat. Nugganu —who recently informed me that he’d like to see me “anally raped by ten well endowed black men”  — got the most upvotes of any commenter in the thread with this observation:

For whatever reason I still see alot of the girls I grew up with in the 80′s fairly often. They’re all serious boner-killers now. I suppose it doesn’t help that they’re all varying degrees of fat, uglier and have the look of having had 100+ dicks stuck in them over the years. All of them are single too, surprise surprise.

Naturally, aging Spearhead dudes remain just as handsome and appealing as they were in their salad days. Everyone knows that ladies age like mayonnaise in an tuna sandwich, while Spearheaders age like fine whine wine.



123 replies on “School buses: “A symbol of women dominating men and boys.””

Hm. Well, she could bow out gracefully at 34 and accept her life of hagdom at a low-paid pink-collar job, then a 20-year-old could immediately step up to replace her for the next 14 years, and so on.

Unfortunately, demographics don’t support every man getting this service.

Maybe that’s why the MRAs want male jobs to be dangerous…

For whatever reason I still see alot of the girls I grew up with in the 80′s fairly often. They’re all serious boner-killers now.

Young pubescent Hershele was undoubtedly less selective than jaded (and non-virginal) 33-year-old Hershele. That explanation strikes me as more likely than “the girls have gotten uglier.”


Why do people think nursing is such a safe and easy job?

Presumably they think “nurse”=”anyone who works at a hospital and isn’t a doctor” (or “anyone who works in a hospital and is female”) and “patient”=”CPR dummy.”


Seriously, what is wrong with MRAs? They claim fathers don’t get their fair share of parental custody, but according to them only mother care about children safety…

If caring about safety is bad it actually makes perfect sense.

[blockquote]What I find funny about male dominated jobs is that I’ve heard both the view that women should get into them more and take the same risks as men, but also that women should stay out of those jobs, since they’re not strong enough to do them.

So, which is it?[/blockquote]

This boggles my mind as well. I’ve spent my working life so far alternating between the blue collar resource sector and pink collar labor jobs. In my experience, the pink collar jobs were not physically easier, but they did pay a lot less and treated workers less well. And honestly, a lot of the riskiness in so-called “male” blue-collar jobs is caused by negligence on the part of the employer or the worker.

Honestly, you’d think that if MRAs care so much about men in “risky” jobs, they’d be huge lobbyists for better OHS regulations and enforcement, better worker’s compensation, and a shift in attitudes towards working in unsafe conditions. But that would benefit everybody who works, and it wouldn’t hasten the ladies back to the kitchen, so that isn’t going to happen.

“anyone who works in a hospital and is female”

I’m a ER technician and get called “nurse” all the time. So do the female doctors. The male nurses and techs get “doctor” all the time.

Not just from older people, either.

Caraz and thebionicmommy: ok, you guys got me there 😛 they better start working on those solar powered lady bots-then.

“Whaddya mean I can’t recharge when the sun is down? feminist FUCK misandry!!!!11”

Nonetheless, anyone who works with patients in any capacity will encounter bodily fluids. I suppose if your role is to administer medication, it’s possible to do that with no body fluids. Not in any hospital that actually exists, but it’s not a necessary part of the job — you might be giving pills to a patient who’s shit zirself, but the patient having shit zirself isn’t the pill-distributor’s problem to deal with, nor is it why the pill-distributor is there..

Not that I believe any hospital divides tasks that way. In any case, administering medication isn’t the sum total of nursing, if it’s even part of it.

Hospitals confuse me.
Scrubs = nurse
White coat = Doctor
White coat & clip board = scientist
White coat & Crazy hair = mad scientist
Removing things from me = surgeon
Sticking things into me = Alien

@Wetherby – Of course, Midwifery is a prime example of this! You’re UK based as well, aren’t you? I have friends who are midwives, so I’ve some idea of how hard a job it can be through stuff I’ve heard from them.

I worked as a carer myself for an elderly woman with MS to make ends meet while I was studying at university (gosh, it’s like us women don’t get an easy ride through higher education at all and have to ACTUALLY work our way through our degrees!). It’s hard, hard work. I found the work rewarding but personally found it wasn’t something I wanted to pursue on a serious, career-minded basis, but I am absolutely full of admiration for anyone who can do it and is devoted to it.

My aunt who I mentioned LOVES her job, and now works with people with dependency issues ie. drugs and alcohol. She gets a lot more abuse from her patients than she did working for the elrderly, but she absolutely loves it, is totally dedicated to her patients and wouldn’t switch occupations for anything.

I’d love to see an MRA spend just five minutes with someone who is elderly, infirm, has mental health problems, learning difficulties, is terminally ill, etc. I doubt any of them would cope well at all.

Cynickal – I know not every hospital is as good at identifying people, but where I work:

Nametag that says “TECH” in inch-high brightly colored letters = Technician
Tag that says “NURSE” = Nurse
Tag that says “MD” = Doctor

(Also: no nametag or ambiguous situation = “Sir” or “Ma’am” is always safer than a guess.)

Under those circumstances, I think I’m justified in being annoyed when patients who are literate in English call the female trauma surgeon “nurse” and the male housekeeper “doctor.”

I’d love to see an MRA spend just five minutes with someone who is elderly, infirm, has mental health problems, learning difficulties, is terminally ill, etc. I doubt any of them would cope well at all.

I agree. I’d also like the ones who talk about wanting fathers always getting full custody after divorce to actually spend a day taking care of small children. Would they really have the patience and stomach to deal with temper tantrums, biting, leaky diapers, and spit up? When they talk about fatherhood being so great, it’s because they consider throwing catch in the backyard to be going above and beyond the call of duty as a parent. Are they really willing to do the dirty work too? Do they want to get up at 3 AM to care for the kids when they’re sick? I doubt it.

@bionicmummy – so ture! When my mum and dad split up, my dad used to reassure us by saying we’d spend more fun times together than we had when my parents were together. For years I wasn’t sure what he meant by that.

I then figured out what was meant by that was basically mum does all the day-to-day hard mundane stuff to do with school and doctors appointments and buying clothes when we’d outgrown our old ones and things like that, and dad does the fun weekend stuff by taking us on trips to the cinema and the park and things.

I think MRAs just think of all the weekend stuff and none of the day-to-day stuff.

I looked up the job thing last time Meller was crying about women losing their fluffiness by working glamorous high-paid jobs that rightfully belong to men. Turns out that, for all the progress women have made in the workforce, the most common jobs for women are still, by a long shot, the age-old triune of secretary, nurse and teacher.

Only two traditionally “male” jobs, manager and accountant, even crack the top twenty. And the traditionally female jobs are overwhelmingly female: 80% of secretaries, nurses and teachers are women. There hasn’t been much of a rush among men to get those cushy lady jobs.

I then figured out what was meant by that was basically mum does all the day-to-day hard mundane stuff to do with school and doctors appointments and buying clothes when we’d outgrown our old ones and things like that, and dad does the fun weekend stuff by taking us on trips to the cinema and the park and things.

Yeah, I’ve heard that kind of parent called a “Disneyland dad”. Dad gets to do all the cool, fun stuff while Mom has the work and responsibility. This can make children look at the dad as “the cool parent” and mom as “the boring parent”. As the children grow up, though, they realize who really made the sacrifices and did the work for them when they were small. This exact thing can happen in reverse, too, when moms have the kids every other weekend and dads do the majority of care. I guess parents can be tempted to spoil their kids when they don’t have them all the time to deal with the consequences, kind of like what some grandparents do.

Holly, I wonder if part of the problem isn’t that most people have never heard of an ER tech? I certainly haven’t & we spent a lot of time in the ER last year, between dh’s multiple admissions & the kids. Until you mentioned it, as far as I was aware, there were doctors & nurses in the ER and that’s it (other than the obvious extras like people who draw blood & cleaning staff)

I guess I sort of had the weekend Disneyland Dad. What I appreciate about him is that he was aware that my parents had to do all the heavy lifting in childcare and that he wouldn’t have been able to raise two children with the lifestyle he was living. He also understood that kids cost money, and so he was happy to pay child support. Most MRAs think they can parent like my dad did full-time and for free. Um… nope!

Their fantasy is to have women as teachers, nurses, secretaries, as well as bank tellers and cashiers and cocktail waitresses and maids. They should expect to be paid way less than men and there should be a lot of them out there so they can fill all these jobs cheaply. It should be easy to tell who’s in charge in any work situation because it’s the man, just like you should never have to press “1” for English because that’s automatically the right language. Why complicate things?

They should give all of their money to their husbands with the possible exception of ten dollars a week that goes to the Christmas Club account so they can buy hubby golf clubs or something.

Their jobs should be part time so they don’t interfere with getting everyone ready for work and school or getting home in time to start dinner and greet everyone at the door when they come home and offering a snack, foot rub, or martini. If no kids are around then this gives her time to take off her work clothes, freshen up, and wrap herself in saran wrap for the unwrapping pleasure of her lord and master.

They should never gain weight, remain attractive, but at no external cost. They should be incurious or stupid or accepting enough for the husband to have affairs without getting exposed. Don’t forget, a lot of these guys would have as much use for a woman who likes sex as a dog would for the car it’s chasing. So long as she *looks* fuckable that’s enough.

I don’t get it. He’s complaining about the stop signs on the side of school busses? Its to ensure the safety of small children. WTF? These dudes have really gone off the deep end.

And the side stop signs are for US, adult drivers, so we will stop our vehicles and not shoot past and in front of a school bus, running kids over. MY GOD. Are there people out there that stupid that believe school busses are the bane of civilization? And this dude claims to be a father? He should have been steralized at 12!

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