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Spearheadonomics: How the ladies caused our economic malaise

These are the awkwardly posed businessladies who wrecked our economy
These are the awkwardly posed businessladies who wrecked our economy

Like a lot of people, when I’m looking for insights on the current economic mess, I turn first to random dudes posting on The Spearhead. Here’s some guy called Poiuyt explaining how ladies and the men who don’t hate them are the source of all our troubles:

Because this god damned genderist society has become so amoral, so degenerate and so bankrupted on account of its genderist pervervions and femaleist subversions, it is going to be exceedingly difficult to grow itself out of the mess it finds itself in. The proverbial golden geese and their precious eggs in male produktivity have been either been killed, eaten, over-exploited, over worked, abused, dis-incentivised, harrased and are now increasingly extinct.

Well, I can’t argue with that, though the whole goose metaphor isn’t working 100% for me, given that I’m pretty sure it’s not the man goose that lays the eggs, but the lady goose. But that’s nitpicking. Poiuyt is on a roll:

You simply cannot get any further male inspired ekonomic growth out of hugely indebted and morally bankrupted societies as ours following genderist statism today, … … because the primary sources of growth potential in male inspired productivity and male entrepreneurship has been cannibalised to the bone. Cannibalised to the point where there is nothing left to base any further ekonomic growth on, consequent of the vicious sexist state ideology of womanism at all costs.

49 upvotes for this bit of wisdom.

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Ya know, I’ve never actually “identified” myself as a man.

Straight men, such as myself

Of course you didn’t.

/me seconds Molly Ren. Seriously, had I but known you id as owl, I wouldn’t have made such toxic assumptions about your gender and sexuality. Many apologies.

If you wanna identify as an owl, I’ll call you that from now on.

Look out, DKM, NWO’s gonna eat all your pettables and turn them into pellets! DX

“I’m sure NWO could find some way to be just a little bit more passive-aggressive if he put some effort into it…”

And I’m sure you could find a way to be a tish more condecending as well. Talking about me in the third peson is always a good start. Do you feel superior now?

NWO: The simple fact that you hang around a feminist space and act all shocked when we don’t worship the Mighty Peen makes me feel superior to you. Nothing else required.

“Do you feel superior now?”

I’m pretty sure that my cat feels superior to you.

(Granted that this is in part because she is a cat and thus feeling superior to other creatures is her natural state.)

I hate it when people put pointless and inconsistent affectations in their writing. It makes me take them far less seriously.

“NWO: The simple fact that you hang around a feminist space and act all shocked when we don’t worship the Mighty Peen makes me feel superior to you. Nothing else required.”

That feeling of superiority has been indoctrinated into you since birth. The “feminist space” just reinforces your indoctrination.

Are women oppressed because there aren’t as many in IT?
Will Big Daddy remedy the situation?
How much will it cost for Big Daddy to remedy the situation?
Will men need to give up slots in education for Big Daddy’s remedy?
Will men need to give up slots in employment for Big Daddy’s remedy?
Will there eventually be more women than men in IT after the remedy?
Will women then claim how women are superior at IT after the remedy?
Hasn’t this been the model used whenever women cry oppression?

Nah, in order to make as little sense as Slavey you need acid. In order to be as angry as MRAL I think PCP would be required.

I dunno, Molly, NWO smoking weed would probably increase his paranoia, which is already redlining.

You know how sometimes one really bad trip can knock a person’s brain askew from reality permanently? I wonder if the same thing might work in reverse in Slavey’s case. It’s worth a shot.

I think ‘shrooms would be more his speed. Not too overtly trippy and would blow a lot of the bad shit in his head out.

NWO: Don’t care, don’t know. Okay, I care, but I have no solutions. And if Big Daddies are getting involved, we need some bigger guns, those are some scary bastards. Also, did you ever look up pegging?

And I’ve never claimed women as a gender are superior to men as a gender. Some women, sure, are better than some men, but generalizing over an entire gender is just stupid.

Should have added: Some men are better than women, too. Some people are better than other people. That’s how it works.

I am confused by the idea that men should give their job places to women.
I though that people complete for job places via education and skills and one well working economic has enough work places for everyone and because all of these people are working, the economy is working as well?

So you think that men are entitled to have jobs and somehow are donating their places (involuntarily) to women? Really?
It sounds to me that you equal gender with capability which makes your argument… stupid.

Also, the whole ‘Big Daddy”, I hear Oedipus complex arising.

I guess NWO just found out about the only tax that the Republicans were okay with-which is why the Raise ONLY NWO Taxes Act of 2005 was the only time the Republicans ever raised taxes. It was tied to one of the women’s health centres because when the Republicans like to stick the knife in, they REALLY like to stick the knife in.*

*this is not intended to be a factual statement.

Though Poiuyt sounds stupid, he’s right, children and fools tell the truth!

Please, what are the US industries that produce something tangible, that the world still needs and wants? And I don’t mean to fool others into buying glass beads, like Apple products.

Agricultural products don’t count, they’re just profitable to export because of the subsidies and practically, slave labor by illegal immigrants. (And as a “nice” side effect, they harm progress in third world countries, too, because the local farmers there have no chance to compete with the throwaway prices on the world market. E. g. Americans really like chicken breasts, so they raise the chicken here under horrible appalling circumstances, eat the chicken breasts, freeze the legs and ship them to Africa.)

Ok, so the US has aerospace, advanced electronics (only the stuff the Chinese cannot yet produce) like semiconductors, pharma… that means tons of highly-specialized people who are absolutely useless except in an extremely advanced economy, while more “basic” skills, those that are also valuable in a much less advanced economy, like craftsmanship are totally undervalued. The US economy is like an apex predator: specialized, aggressive, frightening but totally vulnerable to sudden changes and ready for extinction.

And now if men don’t play along with that anymore because they’re simply frustrated with this society — you teach them nothing but self-hate & if you are not for yourself for what can you be? — it will result in an economic shock wave that will cripple this economy once and for all.

Good luck with your “service economy” then, ah, what am I still arguing, I think it’s inevitable and you know it. Enjoy your last flickering rays of golden light that will finally give way to the dark unending night.

Well dear, I’ve been working a long time. I figure over the last 30 years I’ve paid a good $500,000 in taxes. Ya got federal, state, city, medical, unemployment, social security (which I’ll never see), sales, property, on and on it goes.

I hear Somalia needs milk machine technicians…

I am deeply offended by NWOslave being considered an owl. Owls are wonderful and useful animals, with beautiful eyes. XD

I had always interpreted Owlslave as “slave of the owls,” like they finally got fed up with him and decided to strike back. Silently. Fluffily.

Every time NWO writes “Big Daddy” I feel like a leatherdaddy is about to spank me (which I wouldn’t appreciate as I am not a sub) or him (which I suspect he’d enjoy more…or maybe it has to be a domme, who knows, but he certainly seems addicted to coming to this blog to be verbally spanked).

“Why don’t you tell me. Did feminist ideology “assign” their gender at birth, or do they “indentify” as some yet to be determined gender?”

Gay is a gender in OwlWorld?

So you think that men are entitled to have jobs and somehow are donating their places (involuntarily) to women? Really?
It sounds to me that you equal gender with capability which makes your argument… stupid.

He does:

I hate the way women can’t admit men are better than women at some things.

“Oh, you think the FDA is there to help? Yea, that’s what they do. The only drug I’d take is if someone handed me a joint, it’s been a long time.”

Really Slavey? For what possible reason would people not want to hang out and smoke weed with you?

Bigotry is the devotion to ones own beliefs.

I mostly just pass right over NWOslave’s walls-o-text, but this one leapt out at mine eye.

That is a quite idiosyncratic interpretation of the definition of bigotry, right there.

Shaenon: I am not trying to contradict you, per se, but it might be that Rosalyn Yallow, sort of, deserves the distinction, as regards the Nobel Prize.

In 1972, when their triumph was widely recognised and the world expected them to receive a fully justified Nobel prize, Berson died from a heart attack, at the age of only 53. Although Berson had already left to extend his own clinical studies, Yalow was shattered. The world believed that Berson, who generally presented their joint work at conferences, had led the research. Yalow realised that if her huge contribution were to be recognised, she would have to prove herself all over again. She embarked upon this task with awesome determination.

Naming her laboratory at the Bronx VA after Berson, and working with Eugene Straus, a young postgraduate physician, she opened up new areas of research in gastric hormones. She demonstrated that the same hormones exist in many different forms, that some have quite separate roles in different parts of the body and that one of these (cholecystokinin) controls appetite and hence obesity. She then pioneered the use of RIA in the detection of drugs, enzymes, and viral and bacterial antigens, eventually opening the way to the investigation of any substance of biological interest.

In 1976 Yalow won the coveted Lasker Medical Research award, which turned out to be the harbinger of her Nobel prize. When her Nobel dissertation was printed in Science, the medical world was embarrassed to find that she had included the text of the letter from the Journal of Clinical Investigation which, 22 years earlier, had rejected Yalow and Berson’s discovery and identification of insulin antibodies.

Guardian Obituary

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