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Off-topic: Cats using robotic technology will take over the world

And here’s proof. This is how it starts, people!

If you don’t understand just how ominous this development is, I set this video to music. Ominous music.

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Moments like these are the real reason robot vacuums were invented. Same deal with laser pointers.

I wish I could help, but I don’t know anyone in CA, let alone Pasadena. And I don’t get around the internet that much, so to speak. Sorry. 🙁

It’s eerie how calmly the cat operates the roomba, with such an expertise that it’s clear that we puny humans have no choice but to obey our future feline masters.

Aww, she looks really sweet. I hope she will find a nice new home!

@ katz – I don’t know anyone in Pasadena, sorry, but there are threads on Jezebel constantly where people say they’re looking to adopt pits. I’ll post a link over there.

That EVIL woman is letting a cyborg torture her dog!!

(I love TG1979’s videos. Sharky is a rock, nothing phases him.)

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