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The Cock Blockade

Benedict Arnold: Don't let your dick be like this guy!

There are a lot of manosphere misogynists and  MRAs who think that “Game” (pick-up artistry) offers a sort of liberation for guys  who heretofore have been at a horrible disadvantage to stuck-up bitches in the dating arena. But there are others – and the blogger at Omega Virgin Revolt is one of them – who think that spending so much time trying to figure out how to impress women is not only a waste of time but a sort of capitulation to the evil that is women. To put it in the parlance of the manosphere: If women are just a bunch of cunts, why waste your life chasing pussy?

I recently ran across a comment on the blog  Omega Virgin Revolt that explains this particular theory quite cogently. Well, as cogently as these guys ever get. (I’ve taken the liberty of editing out some of the less-comprehensible bits.) According to this anonymous non-Gamer:

Men have so much power that they literally give it away…  [by] chasing tail. Biological impulses my ass. Humans have this thing called the ability to think and the power to choose. It’s why we are at the top of the food chain yet there are much larger and stronger creatures that exist. Apply that to women and sex as well. If [men would] go on a sex strike like the MRM should have [done] as one of it’s primary objectives … .

It’s like Lysistrata, only with penises.

Which makes men who chase after women sexual strikebreakers. Scabs. Traitors. Collaborators. BeneDICK Arnolds who are quite literally sleeping with the enemy.  

Who in their right mind thinks that fraternizing is going to get them anywhere? First off it makes men in general look like … out of control [scum] who only want sex and gives women even more reason to view us all like that. Well I myself am not manipulated by sex and once men get to that point, women simply can’t overcome that. And you know why? Because they have to bring something else besides it which many unfortunately don’t comprehend.

Yep. We’re back to the MRA misogynist theory – discussed here previously – that the only thing women bring to the table, as possible romantic partners and humans, is the vagina. And that when men “call them on it,” as it were, they will collapse in a heap, realizing they can’t lord it over men with the power of their vaginas any more.

Our anonymous philosopher then makes what he evidently sees as a highly cutting remark about feminism:

Isn’t that actually being a true feminist and the basis to which we should all hold women up to?

Um … yes? Feminism does indeed suggest that the worth of women does not inhere entirely in their vaginas, at least not any more so than the worth of men inheres in their dicks.

What do we want? Genital equality!

When do we want it! Now!

But back to our anonymous friend and his manifesto:

You go to war, the first thing you do is try to embargo or blockade your enemy’s means of getting supplies to keep their own war effort going long before the firs[t] shot is fired. But these days, men are giving women all that and much more just to turn around use on them.

That’s right, fellows. He’s talking about a cock blockade. Cut off their dick supply at the source!

Urk. Let me reword that last bit:

Keep your dicks locked down, far from the grasping hands of desperate women. Starve them out.

Soon enough they’ll surrender, and come out waving white flags. And, presumably, their panties.


EDIT: I changed the title to one that darksidecat recommended. It’s really a much better title.

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11 years ago

Darque: Ok… I’ll call your bluff. I’ll stipulate that you can find as many women as vituperative as the folks on the MRA sites.

But… you have to put up: I want to see the reasonable men in the MRM. Show me that the toxic sludge Dave is mocking is actually the outliers.

Because I’ve been looking, and I’ve not found them.

Pending them being shown to me (and you are making the claim they exist, so the burden of proof is on you to prove it), I don’t buy it. Yes, there are some angry women out there. But there are a lot of reasonable ones. The people at Pam’s House Blend, at Feministing, at Jezebel. Both the top posters, and those in comments are a far cry from what is to be seen in the blogs on the sidebar.

So… right now… I’m calling shenannigans.

11 years ago

Worth noting, as much as I despise Julian Real, I am pretty sure he identifies as a man, and was male assigned at birth.

6 years ago

Lol @ Jezebel being anything close to “reasonable”

It’s all misandrist women and men with internalized misandry.

But for you, misandry is like water to a fish. True equality looks like oppression because you are so accustomed to the pussy pedestal.

4 years ago

NecRomancer: Internalize this:
You are a hateful, sexist piece of shit.
So many ways to be, and yet that is what you choose.
Think about it, while it’s still legal to think.

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