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Arnold: Alpha male, or … girly man?

Grr. Argh.

Ok, MRA/MGTOW/PUA dudes, I’m trying my best to understand the whole Alpha-Beta-Omega thing, really I am. But then you guys make comments like this one from Avenger, found recently on The Spearhead:

Arnold is by no means an Alpha (except in the films lol) In real life he was a muscle bound steroid using meathead in a “sport” that was associated with homosexuals until recently. You’ll notice that he always speaks English and never German even when talking to the German speaking press. That’s because his accent is so bad that they laugh at him.I guess he thinks he can hide it in English where people just assume it’s an ordinary German accent) He sounds like some yokel in German. Sort of like a German Gomer Pyle lol

And no Alpha would permit their wife to go on some talkshow.

I’m not sure how exactly someone who uses “lol” in his comments got to be the final arbiter of Alphaness, but what do I know?

So, please, guys, just explain to me what exactly defines alphaness? (Aside from forbidding wives to go on talk shows.) If Arnold — a giant muscular actor dude with lots of money who was only just recently the governor of a pretty big state — isn’t an alpha, then who exactly is.

Here’s a list of dudes that I think most people who believed in the whole “greek system” would define as Alphas. If any of them aren’t alphas, please tell me why.

Brad Pitt

Genghis Kahn

Barack Obama

Charles Atlas


Bill Clinton

Donald Trump

Mystery (the PUA)

John Wayne

The Situation


Margaret Thatcher

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So it’s what I suspected: the definition is such as to render tautologous the apparently meaningful statement that women only want to have sex with alphas.

If ‘alpha’ is defined as a man with whom women want to have sex (and an omega is defined as a man with whom women don’t want to have sex), then saying that women want to have sex with alphas is just saying that women want to have sex with men with whom they want to have sex.

Similarly, it’s hardly a surprise that women don’t want to have sex with omegas, and it’s kinda odd to complain that women haven’t managed to attain the contradictory state of wanting to have sex with men they don’t want to have sex with.

Oh, if only we had some independent criteria by which to rank men according to the alpha, beta, omega scale! (And why aren’t there gamma, delta, epsilon, rho, tau, etc., men?) This is clearly very important. I’d like to know if my husband is an alpha, so I can find out whether I want to have sex with him, or whether I should instead spit on him, leave him and take all his money.

Hey, if any man who faces any consequences for any kind of sex act is automatically a “beta”, is the reverse true? Is any man who faces no consequences automatically an alpha?

Imagine a 14-year-old ghetto kid who’s a low-level member of a street gang, and he’s never known his own father. He’s slick enough to impregnate a neighborhood girl, and then a week later he’s arrested on a narcotics charge after he has the bad luck to run the wrong way while his buddies run the right way. There are aggravating circumstances: He was near a school, and was carrying a gun when he was arrested. So he goes away for a while.

A few years later, he’s out… but no one even thinks about pursuing him for child support. He’d be hard to even locate, for one thing, having no verifiable address. The girl and her mother know perfectly well that even if he can get a job, it won’t be a well-paying one, and it might be for cash, under the table. So he faces no consequences for having sex with the girl. But is this poor young man therefore an “alpha”? That would be ridiculous.

So the actual MRA system is… people ALWAYS fuck for power and wealth?

Otherwise beta man strikes it rich: becomes alpha.

Fat chick is always an omega, unless she’s a rich fat chick, then she’s an alpha?

Arnold acts “gay” (I just winced typing that), so if he wasn’t rich, he’d be a mangina… except he’s rich, so alpha?

mediumdave – sounds like a “thug boy” to me. Who are either outside the “greek system” or maybe they’re “thetas”.

There aren’t a ton of exceptions. I’ve said it’s merely the “social freaks”- I suppose the “Gods”- that get to bypass the looks department.

Also, can I get taken off moderation now? It’s really annoying.

All right, MRAL, you’re off moderation (I’ve removed all the IP addresses I think are associated with you; if future posts vanish it’s because I missed one.) Just behave.

I’ve said it’s merely the “social freaks”- I suppose the “Gods”- that get to bypass the looks department.

But MRAL, I said nothing at all about my hypothetical gangbanger’s looks… I described him as “slick”, which is a description of behavior and attitude, not appearance. So let’s say he’s just average-looking. Does that change anything?

If “thug” is a category outside of the Greek classification system, well, what good is it? It doesn’t take into account the fact that his status will change according to his surroundings. In his neighborhood pre-arrest, he’d probably be considered a beta. In prison, who knows? After his release, it depends on where he ends up. Back in his neighborhood, if he can rejoin his gang his status might be upped a bit. If he tries to make it in the “legit” world elsewhere, things will be pretty hard. An unemployable homeless guy is pretty “omega”, don’t you think?

You see what I’m saying? Your system is just too limited; it doesn’t factor in the complexities of real peoples’ lives.

Your system is just too limited; it doesn’t factor in the complexities of real peoples’ lives.

For MRAL, this is a feature, not a bug.

So…I may be missing something, but are the MRAs saying that Edward Cullen is their ideal alpha male?

Post is old af, and I couldn’t actually handle dealing with the comments, but if it wasn’t said…Arnold id Austrian, not German. Maybe only a slight difference, but one that ought to be acknowledged.

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