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MGTOWs blame Ariana Grande for Manchester bombing, demand her execution for “treason”

Ariana Grande: MGTOW enemy #1

Ariana Grande has been getting a lot of hate from alt-rightists and other assholes in the wake of the terrorist bombing that killed nearly two dozen after she performed in Manchester.

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“The Stacies got what they deserved!” Reddit Incels mock the victims in Manchester

A makeshift memorial to those murdered in Manchester. And a sentiment not widely shared on the Incels subreddit

It was a busy day on the Incels subreddit yesterday. While some subreddit regulars celebrated the third anniversary of “incel killer” Elliot Rodger’s murderous rampage — they call it “Saint Elliot’s Day” — others lashed out at the victims of a fresh tragedy: the terrorist bombing of the Ariana Grande concert that left nearly two dozen dead, many of them teenage girls.