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Skeezy PUA-cum-conspiracy-theorist Roosh V claims the synagogue shooting was a false flag arranged by the Dems, the FBI, the ADL and a local JCC

Roosh V: Just asking questions. Really stupid questions.

By David Futrelle

Roosh V, everyone’s favorite rapey pickup artist and wannabe alt-rightist, has morphed into a full-fledged conspiracy theorist, pushing a bizarre false flag explanation for yesterday’s synagogue shooting — seeming to suggest that it was some sort of joint Democratic Party/FBI/Anti-Defamation League project designed to sway the elections and shut down the Nazi-friendly Twitter clone Gab, and which deliberately targeted elderly Jews because they didn’t have much life left ahead of them anyway.

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Check out my NYT piece on the ideological battle over accused bomb-threatener Juan Thompson

Accused bomb-threatener Juan Thompson

Check out my NYT piece on the right-wing media’s tendentious takes on accused bomb-threatener Juan Thompson. Here’s the lede:

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