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Check out my NYmag piece: “Inside the Dangerous Convergence of MRAs and the Alt-Right”

Confessed white supremacist terrorist James Jackson: Shouldn’t he be wearing a hood with that?

If you wondered where I was yesterday, I was writing this piece for New York Magazine’s The Cut on confessed racist murderer James Jackson and the alt-right-ization of the MGTOW movement that takes off from this post of mine earlier this week. Discuss!

You might also want to take a look at Robyn Pennacchia’s Wonkette piece on Jackson.

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4chan /pol/sters unimpressed with racist killer James Jackson’s body count

James Jackson: Not the hero /pol/ wants

Racist terrorist James Jackson — who has confessed to murdering an elderly black New Yorker as a sort of test run for a more dramatic act of mass murder — in many ways seems like 4chan’s /pol/ made flesh, a deeply alienated young white man driven by racist rage and, apparently, deep fears of sexual inadequacy.

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Is confessed racist killer James Jackson the first MGTOW murderer?

Timothy Caughman: Murdered by a MGTOW?

Hate speech has consequences.

The Daily Beast suggests that accused killer James Jackson — who told police and the New York Daily News that he stabbed an elderly black man to death as a sort of “trial run” for a planned terrorist massacre of black men in Times Square —  was radicalized, at least in part, by watching alt-right and white supremacist videos on YouTube.