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YouTube’s Hbomberguy offers pickup artists a measured Roosh-ponse. Get it? Get it?

Roosh, run through a weird photo filter, because sometimes I like to run pictures through weird photo filters. Ok, not sometimes, all of the time. Filters are my life now.

So the inimitable Hbomberguy has a new video taking on the pickup artists we here at We Hunted the Mammoth have grown to know and loathe, focusing on two of the most loathesome, Roosh V and Matt Forney.

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#FreeSargon with purchase of a Sargon of equal or greater value

Sargon: Where’d all these Nazis come from?

With all the trouble and uncertainty in the world today, it’s sort of heartening to remember that there are still a few things that we can count on to remain the same, forever.

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Remember Sargon’s dopey petition? Hbomberguy offers his belated yet hilarious response

You may vaguely remember Sargon of Akkad’s petition to “UNIVERSITIES” to shut down all “social justice” courses. It’s been three months since Mr. Of Akkad — actually a dude named Carl, who lives in Swindon — launched the thing, and up until two days ago the only real effect it’s had in the real world was garnering Carl a supportive shoutout from the racist street thugs of the English Defence League.

But Carl of Swindon’s dopey petition has finally accomplished something he can be proud of. Well, kinda. It’s inspired a somewhat belated yet still quite hilarious response video from Youtube’s esteemed Hbomberguy — you know, the guy that did that classic “measured response” to the Sarkeesian Effect. The FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS one. So enjoy!

And if you can’t bear to hear another word about the petition, you can always skip ahead to the part of the video (about nine minutes in) in which Hbomberguy discusses Carl’s less-than-glorious performance in an online debate with one Kristi Winters, a feminist who embarrassed poor Carl by exposing just how little he actually knows about feminism.