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For MRAs, Valentine’s Day is “a socially coerced day of hyper-entitlement for a generation of princess leeches.”


Happy Valentine’s Day Boycott Day! Every year on Valentine’s Day, MRAs around the world unite in a sacred ritual: the annual Valentine’s Day Blaming of the Ladies parade.

For, you see, Valentine’s Day is little more than a plot by the ladies to extract fancy chocolate and diamonds and other pricey romantic goods from the world’s men. That’s why, for the past I’m-not-going-to-look-up-the-number of years, the lady hating radio personality Marc Rudov has been trying to get other men to boycott the holiday to show the ladies of the world what’s what.

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JohnTheOtter is also losing it

JohnTheOtter at work, courtesy of The Kittehs' Unpaid Help
JohnTheOtter at work, courtesy of The Kittehs’ Unpaid Help

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Also, I sort of suspect there will be some in this thread in about 30 seconds starting … now!

Go, go Man Boobz Internet Poster Team!

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