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Incels agree: We should be allowed to have sex with our mothers and sisters

Incel wonders: Why isn’t my sister obligated to fuck me?

Even Freud, as obsessed as he was with the darkest aspects of human desire, would have an aneurysm reading through the posts on

Take this recent thread, in which a number of forum regulars vent their fury at being deprived of the “right” to fuck their mothers and sisters.

“Incest should be 100% legal,” writes an incel called BlackPilledOverdose in a post starting off the thread.

There’s really no reason for why it should not be apart from inbreeding, Which I agree with. Inbreeding should be illegal.
Inbreeding creates ugly babies who have genetic deformities.

But if it’s just two consenting adults having sex and being in a relationship, There’s nothing wrong with it.

His reasoning, such as it is? Well, in his mind, incest is no worse than “trannyism and faggotry,” both of which are widely accepted in society (except, I should add, when they’re not).

People will freak out if you suggest legalizing incest but at the same time they support trannyism and faggotry which are far more gross and unnatural, Faggots go around spreading diseases and pushing their ideology onto children and also trying to recruit more people into their “Lifestyle” While trannies mutilate themselves and demand everyone accept their mental illness as “Normal”

Well, that’s certainly a slur-filled bunch of words. Not sure it counts as an argument, exactly.

Incest is … just a man being in a relationship and having sex with his sister or mother, It’s no where near as bad.

It’s more acceptable for a man to be a faggot or a tranny than it is for him to date and fuck his sister or mother, Such clown world logic.

If you ever wonder to what degree the far right has colonized the incel world (and vice versa), the usage of such far-right catchphrases as “clown world” is a good clue.

Naturally, BlackPilledOverdose thinks that his plan would be good for the incels.

Legalizing Incest could also help Incels ascend because our own sisters and mothers would be more likely to help us ascend than other foids.

Not so sure about that one, buddy.

The case for incest is especially strong, in his view, if the women in your family are hotties:

If you’re own sister or mother was a Stacy you would want to fuck her.

And won’t you think of the children?

I also think legalizing Incest would be good because it could give unwanted babies and children a chance at getting adopted a lot easier because Incest couples would be banned from inbreeding.

At long last, he concludes by restating his thesis.

Governments around the world should just legalize incest already, There’s no excuse.

Of course, this being the cesspit that is, virtually everyone in the thread agrees with him, except for one fellow who thinks incest should only be allowed between cousins, not immediate family members, and another worried about inbreeding “creating more incels.”

One commenter agrees with the OPs’ homophobia and transphobia, declaring rather illogically that “soys are hypocrites for being anti-incest when their pro lgbt.”

Some other commenters go beyond advocating the legalization of incest; they want mothers and sisters to be required to have sex with sons and brothers.

The first responder to BlackPilledOverdose’s, er, argument declares that

your mom and sister should be obligated to lend you their pussies if you’re horny

In a follow-up comment, he adds,

moreso your mom because she is the reason why you cant get laid. she decided to give birth to an ugly incel so she should at least be mandated to give it up

Like the OP, he gets applause from the crowd for his brave stance. Incels tend to love the idea of having women compelled to have sex with them.

Were he still alive, Freud would be slowly banging his head against his desk.

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Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
1 month ago

Yeah, I’d been wondering how a ban would be enforced in the case of say, adult siblings who both consent. I imagine it’d be more of a DADT rule—after all the authorities can hardly investigate all siblings who spend time together, or bar them from sharing a home. 

Virgin Mary
Virgin Mary
1 month ago

I’m sure this was an X Files episode…

1 month ago

While I’d argue that it could still be hypothetically consensual if everyone involved was a consenting adult able to understand what they’re getting into, a form of reverse imprinting that occurs in child development called the Westermark effect makes it so the sexual attraction required for a relationship to begin with is very unlikely to happen in the majority of circumstances (the critical trigger for it appears to be being raised together from birth to 6 years of age). Obviously, most children aren’t separated from their families at birth for that long and social norms usually compensate for the majority of those exceptions.

These guys on the other hand? I’m pretty sure they’re either trying to convince themselves that they would do it or think themselves to be so deprived that it wouldn’t matter, and knowing them it would only be exploitative either way.

DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to imply that incest shouldn’t be frowned upon in the majority of cases, only that it’s hypothetically possible for it to be consensual.


Full Metal Ox
1 month ago

@Virgin Mary:

I’m sure this was an X Files episode…

And a legendary one, enough to get banned:

Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)
1 month ago

@Love Is All We Need

Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile)

 12 hours ago

There’s really no reason for why it should not be apart from inbreeding, Which I agree with. Inbreeding should be illegal. . . . I also think legalizing Incest would be good because it could give unwanted babies and children a chance at getting adopted a lot easier because Incest couples would be banned from inbreeding.

So if inbreeding is illegal (but not the incestuous sex that can lead to inbreeding), then the unwanted noninbred babies and children wouldn’t have to compete with the unwanted inbred babies and children for a chance to get adopted.


I thought he was implying the “incest couples” would become adoptive parents.

You might be right. This conjures up the lovely image of a mother-and-son “couple” adopting a child.

Elaine The Witch
Elaine The Witch
1 month ago

This also remind me of a story I read. A couple of like 7 years, took one of those ancestry DNA kits and found out they were full blood sibling. At that point they were very much in love, had sex many times and were engaged to be married. A lot of the comments told them that one of them should make sure they can’t have children and then just hide the evidence so they could get legally married.

But you know, those two didn’t know they were siblings when they first met.

1 month ago

Like Luke and Leia.

Full Metal Ox
1 month ago


Or Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, who hadn’t known they were aunt and nephew before doing the nasty.

(Although Daenerys’ culture notoriously believed in keeping the family in the family.)

Moon Custafer
Moon Custafer
1 month ago

Then there’s Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore, who apparently fell in love as teenage classmates, and eight years later Cahun‘s father and Moore‘s mother married, making the two legally step-sisters. I don’t know whether the parents married by coincidence, or if they recognized there was a relationship between their respective offspring and took a route that would allow them to be considered family in the eyes of the world. (In any case, Cahun and Moore are seriously interesting—they were writers, artists and anti-nazi activists—and I’m not sure what pronouns they’d use if they were still alive today.)

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