A practical plan for a government-provided girlfriend program, according to some dingus

Incels waiting in line for government girlfriends (and free soup)

By David Futrelle

There are a lot of people who try to leave comments here that break most of the rules of the site. Some of the comments are just plain annoying or offensive; others have a certain spark of weirdness to them that inspires me, if not to let them through moderation, then to present them to you all.

Today’s is one of the weirdest I’ve gotten so far, from a fellow who evidently thinks he has figured out a way to make both incels and trans women happy at the same time. How, you wonder, probably imagining the worst. I’m just going to let him try to explain.

Why can’t you just put transwomen or effeminate boys to become women through a state mandated girlfriend or wife program so that lonely men can have somebody and not be by themselves?

You know that no actual women born that way would be involved and you could still do as you want?

Most effeminate boys will not be accepted by any job anyway and are poor as heck. They are better off having their sex changed and assigned to men to balance out the lack of partners or women for men. Especially if you know that ‘transwomen’ could be able to have children of their own soon.

Why not give them a husband who can provide for them as well as give them a place to live?

So, yeah, big “yikes” for this one.

I’m not sure if this guy is trolling or not, but either way this is quite an extraordinary example of whatever the hell it is.

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2 years ago


I thought that many (though by no means all) TERFs, especially in the early years of the movement, were lesbian separatists, female supremacists and other types of mostly-genuine-but-extremist feminists; was I wrong?

Yes, that would generally be accurate that TERFism originally started with political lesbians and women like Julie Bindel and Valerie Solanas.

You are also correct that a large chunk of modern day TERFs are conservative older women who see it as a cover for old bigotries while pretending to be progressive. But even in the beginning a lot of what was advocated by early TERFs was counter to the aims of other feminists, for example time TERFs beat up a trans* lesbian and a group of cis lesbians for defending her in the 1970s, or the assault at MichFest.

2 years ago

@Naglfar: OK, thanks for clarifying. Goes to show that any kind of intolerance save for intolerance of intolerance itself (see Karl Popper’s paradox of tolerance) will eventually be swallowed whole and instrumentalized by reactionary assholes, because they find it attractive from the very start.

2 years ago

TERFs really don’t like the paradox of tolerance much, see this thread where a TERF troll claimed I was intolerant for not agreeing with her view that I was a violent delusional man who didn’t deserve access to bathrooms.

Nick Rowan
2 years ago

Re: the picture and soup lines.

Many of those men had sent their wives and children to live with her parents, usually on farms where there would be food. They had stayed in the city to try to find work. Or they were with the CCC or WPA and being fed in the communal kitchen

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