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Reddit Incel threatens hunger strike until the government gives him a girlfriend

Gandhi: Also went on a hunger strike for a girlfriend, or something like that

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By David Futrelle

The “Involuntarily Celibate” Redditor who calls himself Insale thinks that all he and his fellow incels need is for the media to pay a little attention to the lack of a party in their collective pants. Once the women of the world see their sad plight, Insale thinks, they will presumably line up for the opportunity to cure incels of their perpetual celibacy.

If not, well, maybe Insale will go on a hunger strike until the government steps in to issue him a girlfriend.

Anyone know how to get media attention? (self.Incels) submitted 1 day ago by insaleOptimistic I would like to have someone do a news coverage for me. The issues of inceldom and female hypergamy need to be revealed to the masses. And if I don't get a girlfriend after that, I will go on a hunger strike. I will livestream my strike until a girl gives me the relationship I need. Surely the government has to step in right? Will they provide me a companion or what? Gandhi did the hunger strikes and they were effective so why can't incels? Especially with modern tech, the news would spread faster. People from all over the world would be tuning in our live streams and maybe there's someone out there that would be willing to love and be intimate with us.

Insale’s colleagues on the Incels subreddit have not exactly been impressed by his plan.

“You’ll just be a male anorexic,” declared one commenter. “Maybe they can send you to a treatment facility and you can get rejected by the anorexic Stacies.”

“They would just laugh at you,” added another.

On the exceedingly unlikely chance that Insale actually goes through with his plan and women are indeed inspired to sign up for his offer of love and intimacy, I would strongly suggest they take a look at his comment history first. Even a cursory examination suggests that Insale’s ongoing celibacy is not the result of a lack of media exposure. It might have a bit more to do with the fact that he likes to openly fantasize about bashing women’s heads in.

Here he is offering his opinion on a YouTube video in which a woman discusses her depression.

insale 11 points 1 day ago  I want to beat her skull in and show her what real depression is when I put her in a vegetative state.

He had a similar response to a YouTube video of a different woman discussing her social anxiety.

insale 18 points 2 days ago  I want to bash her head in for faking mental illness.

Then again, he thinks all women with mental illness are faking it.

insale 1 point 2 days ago  Women can't be lonely, sad, depressed, mentally ill, humans, smart, loyal, faithful, respectable, or INCEL. Women can be whores, sluts, prostitutes, property, items, livestock, possessions, cum buckets, sex dolls, or maids.

He’s also a strong believer in “discipline” for women.

insale[S] 9 points 2 days ago  Women need to be disciplined by a proper man.

He’s also not a big fan of “femoids,” by which I think he means “feminists.”

insale[S] 0 points 22 hours ago  Femoids deserve to be punched and beat at any chance. They are not humans. Objects don't have emotions.

Naturally, he manages to see himself as the real victim.

nsale[S] 5 points 2 days ago  Society doesnt want me to be happy. I'm not good enough to be smiling. Society treats me like a subhuman.

Indeed, he thinks the government should step in on his behalf, hunger strike or no, by forcing women to have sex with him and other incels.

insale 1 point 3 days ago  Not having sex with incels is a violation of human rights. Women should be jailed for crimes against humanity

Nonetheless, he insists — at least when he is posting outside of the incel subreddit — that he is actually quite the gentleman.

insale[S] -4 points 2 days ago  Why don't I get partners? I respect women believe me. No one respects women more than I do.

Insale, like most of his fellow incels, vehemently rejects the idea of seeking professional help for his problems, dismissing therapy as a “scam” and defending his vile comments online as a form of therapeutic “venting.” In fact, even by his own admission, his exposure to the incel community online is making him angrier, more hateful, and less hopeful about the possibility of improving his life.

Indeed, several days ago he declared that the subreddit had “ruined” him.

insale[S] 9 points 2 days ago I dont know man. The nature of female behavior that I've read on this sub has completely polluted my innocence. I used to believe girls were innocent, sensitive, lovable human beings until i stumbled upon this sub and started getting influenced. permalinksavecontextfull comments (107)reportgive gold I fucking hate this sub but I can't stop coming back to read more. It has ruined me. by insale in Incels [–]insale[S] 5 points 2 days ago I would do anything to suffer from amnesia and forget everything I've learned about female nature. I'd rather live a false reality of a blue pilled cuck than be miserable black pilled incel without any hope.

The incel ideology pretty much poisons everything it touches. Media attention isn’t going to solve your problems, guys; the only way you can move forward is to free yourself of the incel community and its noxious, hateful, and self-destructive ideas.

FYI: Despite the references above to r/incels being banned by Reddit, it hasn’t been. Periodically the mods of the subreddit set it to “private.”

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Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
Scented Fucking Hard Chairs
5 years ago

I wonder if he’s the same chap who used to go around various boards threatening to do a mass shooting if the government didn’t get him a girlfriend.

Governments Get Girlfriends? He used to troll here too, way back in the day before I delurked.

5 years ago


It’s nice to see you around again!

GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina
GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina
5 years ago

EJ: My father was mildly racist but (as his obituary in the NY Times described him) a champion of the underdog, and I acquired more of the sympathy for the oppressed than the racism for whatever reason. And in later years he overcame most of his racism due to his admiration for Dr. King.
I would think that growing up white in South Africa would make it much more difficult to avoid absorbing some of the racism that must have been everywhere around you.
The other factors in my case were:
(1) I was adopted, so I never knew (until about ten years ago) what my biological ethnicity was, so it was harder for me to develop a tribal identity. (I still don’t know much about my father’s ethnicity.)
(2) My mother came from a large family headed by a Scotch-Irish policeman. She was largely raised by her mother’s sister, who taught her that she and her sisters were very special, the descendants of Swedish nobility — not like their ruffian Scotch-Irish brothers. I always thought that the idea was pretty silly, and consequently (in combination with my father’s sympathy for the oppressed) I came to regard ethnic pride and my mother’s sort of ancestor worship as somewhat ridiculous.

5 years ago

At least his fellow manbabies acknowledge that he would probably end up as the punchline in a late night talk show host’s opening monologue.

5 years ago

It seems that Insale has no idea what human rights are, or the fact that the government would have no right under our constitution to force a women to “love” him.

4 years ago

You don’t understand. The black pill is about the truth of life. Life is a hyperbole, there is no nuance in real life. For example: chads fuck 90% of women. It may seem like too much of a hyperbole but it’s the truth. Life IS a hyperbole. Once you’ve swollen the blackpill, there’s no way back.

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