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Feminist ladies all want to be men; that’s why they have such deep voices, Men’s Rights Redditor contends

Elizabeth Holmes: The Deepest Voice

I learn so much about feminism from reading the Men’s RIghts subreddit. For example, today I learned that feminists — at least those of the feminine persuasion — all want to be men. And that’s why they all have such deep voices.

Let’s let JustSomeGuy2008 explain his theory:

“I’ve noticed a pretty consistent theme with feminist women,” he begins.

They seem to wish they had been born men, and they are resentful of that.

Er, citation needed? No citation given:

it’s not that the treatment of women was worse than the treatment of men. It’s just that the treatment was different.

Like for example, when credit cards first became a thing, single women weren’t allowed to get them. There’s a little difference for you. Further back, we have that whole can’t vote or patent inventions or own property era. Different, different, different.

And I would argue most men and women don’t have that much of an issue with this. Men understand the things which are typically expected of them, and so do women.

Have you ever even met a woman? Serious question.

But feminist women specifically seem to be constantly resentful of the fact that they were born women instead of men. So to them, being treated like a woman is worse, because in their mind, being a man is better, therefore treating someone as a woman (not a man) is objectively worse, which they conclude as misogyny.

Yeah, that’s not how any of this works. Wanting the same rights as men doesn’t mean women want to be men.

One relatively minor example I’ve noticed is how common it is for feminist women to speak with an artificially lowered voice.

Oh yes, that well-known fact. I can think of all of one woman who (allegedly) lowered her voice to impress gullible investors and cause them to give her money for her fraudulent blood test technology. It worked for her, until she got caught. I’m not sure that she counts as a feminist.

I don’t just mean women who have naturally deeper voices. It’s pretty obvious when someone is trying to lower their voice, similar to how you can tell the difference between a high voice and falsetto.

Wouldn’t it have been much cooler if Elizabeth Holmes spoke in falsetto instead of that deep voice?

I’m not sure what my point is except that I love falsetto.

Sorry about the digression; here’s the rest of JustSomeGuy2008’s inane theory:

It seems super consistent when I’ve met hyper-feminist women that they have artificially deepened voices. Whether consciously or subconsciously, they are trying to sound like men.

Wait, wait. I’ve found another example of a woman who sounds like a man.

I mean, she’s fictional. but what are you going to do?

Maybe JustSomeGuy2008 has just been watching too much Venture Bros.

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