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Incel comes up with a way to blame feminists for male pedophiles

Beatlemaniacs: Not adult women

Never underestimate the ingenuity of the incels when it comes to finding ways to justify pedophilia.

According to one prolific commenter who calls himself Mainländer, the problem is that feminists have encouraged adult women to dress and act in unfeminine way, thus making young girls the only truly feminine females in our society. Is it any wonder, he suggests, that so many men find prepubescent girls sexually alluring?

“[H]ow come we see so much pedo/hebephilia nowadays?” he asks in a recent post.

It’s simple, foids that young are pretty much the only ones left who still look feminine.

He then posts this video accompanying The Beatles song Eight Days a Week, filled with shots of young female fans screaming for their idols in Shea Stadium in 1965.

These gals, he argues, demonstrate how marvelously feminine women were back in the pre-feminist days.

Look at these images from a little more than half a century ago. Most of the women who appear on that video are likely in their late teens to early 20s; look how they’re dressed, their hairstyles, their lack of body modification, etc.

It’s funny because i’ts like they look like children, since only children seem to be that feminine nowadays.

Dude, dude. The reason that they look like children is that they ARE children. The typical Beatlemaniac back in 1964-65 was between ten and fourteen years old — people have done studies — and if you look at the girls in this video it’s clear that many of not most of them are from that age group, a long way from adulthood.

As jarring as it is to see Mainländer misidentifying preteens as adult women, we haven’t even gotten to the crux of his creepy argument:

When the average child/pubescent female still looks feminine like that but older females all are full of body modification, prostitute-like or masculine dressing, unnatural color/supershort hair and above all, a bitchy, unpleasant, rude attitude, it’s no wonder so many men seem to be interest in younger women, even beyond what would be expected according to normal male sexuality.

Tell that to the judge, you freak.

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24 replies on “Incel comes up with a way to blame feminists for male pedophiles”

Gee, I wonder why so many women have a bitchy, unpleasant, rude attitude when they are around him. /s

And let’s not forget that the early Beatles were widely dismissed as a fad-of-the-moment, because anything whose chief audience is tweenage girls is automatically risible; here another 60’s British icon offers his 2p on the subject.

Besides the obvious pedophilia apologetics I take issue with the fact that he (like so many men) seems to believe that women are supposed to dress and appear to appeal to men, not in a way that makes us happy. What an entitled, disgusting creep.

My mother was a Beatlemaniac as a young teen and the thought of this creep perving on videos of people like her is making me gag.

Then you get to him whining about women being happy and comfortable with their appearance. Double gag.

Dude, I was once a girl. I hated it when old guys — guys your age — took a predatory interest in me. I could smell those vibes a mile away. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Keep this stuff to yourself. Except for your therapist — tell that professional everything. You need to get this under control.

Funny. A lot of the stuff he describes as unappealing is stuff that draws my eye precisely because it distinguishes people from one another.

But then again, I have a visual impairment, so my opinions on beauty are clearly objectively wrong by their standards.

It concerns me that this isn’t just an incel thing, but widespread. If you were to go on just how much I was creeped on in public, my desirability to men peaked at around 12-13 years old. And according to some tik toks I was watching the other day this is a common experience. Just, what is going on! I want to know whats wrong with a significant minority of straight men and how the internet seems to have made it worse.

Another man who presumes to be a judge of what looks feminine, and what doesn’t.

@LollyPop: I think it’s the lure of the forbidden. Also, these guys probably believe these very young girls are totally naive and innocent. Meaning, they’d be able to get away with certain behaviors with them, that an adult would call them out on.

I’m always momentarily puzzled when guys complain about “unnatural” hair colours, but then I remember that going out in public with vividly unnatural hair takes self confidence, and a woman with self confidence won’t give these chuds the time of day.

@Moggie: I never considered that. Yes, going out in public with vividly unnatural hair colors does take confidence. A woman or a girl with that level of confidence, isn’t likely to take any shit.

For months, I’ve been considering bleaching all the color out of my hair, and reveling in vibrant red or peach hair. I have all the equipment I need. I just lack the confidence. Kinda dumb, because I can always return my hair to something like its natural shade.

O/T, but may be of interest to peeps.

In summary, confirms kids of any age can consent to gender confirmation treatment like puberty blockers without a court having to approve.

The first instance decision had set out guidance for under 13s and 14-15s; but the Court of Appeal said judges didn’t really have the expertise to rule on such matters.

it (is) for doctors, not judges, to decide on the capacity of under-16s to consent to medical treatment.

@Alan. Yay!
I keep repeating all over the internet: Puberty blockers are reversible. The wrong puberty, not so much.

@Alan: That’s good to hear for the people in Britain. Pretty much everything I hear about the subject of trans rights in the UK is bad news.


It can be hard to take the plunge with hair stuff. I’ve always been a bit envious of my friend whos attitude is “it’s only hair”. She shaved it all off once, she looked great but I think she got fed up with the *constant* attention it got!

I personally find it easiest to ease in slowly with any big hair changes. You could start with a flash of colour rather than full head coverage, it could look really cool.

I’m spectacularly bad gauging people’s ages. It’s even more difficult with anything going decades back, since I have even less of an idea what was the done thing for people of particular ages. So I get that someone might have a difficult time judging people’s ages from snippets of a video from the sixties. Everything else here is gross and stupid.

Also, I’ve never understood why some seem to think it’s okay to proposition really young girls if they “look mature” and how it’s supposedly somehow unfair to expect men to just know who is thirteen and who is not. I always kind of assumed that since I know I don’t know how old anyone is, it would be my responsibility to take that into account in whatever I do. Such a wild idea.

Perhaps the problem there is propositioning complete strangers before getting to know them first. Get to know them and you should soon find out their age, or at least whether they’re in university yet, or graduated from it, or other such “life stage” information.

That might also be the reason the main places to find “hookups” have traditionally been your school (so, your age-peers, or close to), while still in one, and bars and clubs (which typically won’t let in anyone under 18).

I’m surprised he didn’t mention weight. I was watching a video on YouTube recently that was a performance of some song on a late ’60s TV music show. A lot of the comments were “Modern woman are so fat, look how there were no fatties back then” type comments. Apparently the commenters had forgotten about Mama Cass Elliot, a large women in one of the biggest groups of the era.. No doubt they also didn’t consider that maybe whoever produced the show way back when only picked slim young women for the audience. Or made sure only the most attractive women were at the front to be picked up by the cameras.


Apparently the commenters had forgotten about Mama Cass Elliot, a large women in one of the biggest groups of the era.. 

That show didn’t start until the fat lady sang.

No doubt they also didn’t consider that maybe whoever produced the show way back when only picked slim young women for the audience. Or made sure only the most attractive women were at the front to be picked up by the cameras.

Indeed, Hairspray was an acknowledgment of, and gleeful defiance of, that policy.

And it’s important to distinguish the early from the later Sixties, given the lingering impact that Dame Lesley Hornsby Lawson would have on ideal female body type.

full metal ox and tim gueguen
, the average BMI of American women was considerably lower in 50-70s. they were almost at the same levels as, say, Japanese women have today.

Sheila Crosby
puberty blockers are permanent when applied on a critical phase in the male child’s development. his brains won’t grow as is meant to grow, for one example. male brains need that which is blocked by puberty blockers when they are growing.

to other commenters why they got most approached at age 12-13, well, could it be because in fact, most men value youth, not sexual maturity? after all, it is what is actually happening that is the real proof of what men want, not socially pressured answers in controlled environments.

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