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MGTOWs can’t decide who’s making the world a dumber place: Teh Women, or Teh Jews

MGTOWs do, in fact, know nothing

By David Futrelle

The Nazification of the MGTOWs continues.

The MGTOW movement in general, and the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit in particular, has long been infested with racists, antisemites and other assorted alt-rightists. And despite a few weird squabbles along the way — some alt-rightists fault the women-avoiding MGTOWs for not helping to produce their quota of white babies — MGTOWs and alt-rightists mostly get along swimmingly, and the overlap between the two groups seems to be growing larger and larger.

Consider, for example, a recent discussion in the MGTOW subreddit n the burning question of who exactly is responsible for the alleged dumbification of the world — which some MGTOWs blame on women, while others blame (((the Jews))). (Never mind that the premise of the debate is nonsense; if IQ tests are even vaguely reflective of actual intelligence, the world has been getting smarter, not dumber, ever since the tests were first introduced, and even if IQ is bunk, there’s no evidence people are getting dumber.)

“How much can you bet that female mating decisions are causing a HUGE drop in IQ?” asked a MGTOW Redditor called LiftedTruckDude in a post a month ago.

I can hear the REEEEEEing already. But look at women’s choice of mates today versus in the 1950s. Because of welfare bux women no longer care if their mate can actually hold a job or not. So you have a bunch of women having kids during a one night stand with some idiot gangster. I can almost guarantee that this is going to have ramifications down the line.

Other MGTOW Redditors jumped in to support Mr. TruckDude’s thesis.

“Women’s breeding strategy never was and is about IQ,” wrote someone called 2ludwig, talking about women as if they were cattle. “They always preferred and prefer the strong, militant bad boys.”

But it didn’t take long before racism came creeping barreling into the discussion.

“Yes, unchecked female mating strategy lead to a mass drop in iq,” proclaimed liberteus.

It’s even worse when you factor in immigration: women in Europe want refugees, and if you read stories most of the women “hosting” refugees also get screwed. …

But yeah, ultimately taxing the smart to subsidize the idiots … reduces number of kids for smart people. North America is dumbed down, Europe is dumbed down at an even faster pace. This is the real thing that leads to civilisational collapse.

A commenter called sebastian0801 managed, somehow, to be even worse:

I you give women even more benefits for even less responsibility. Then wonder why they spend less effort in being productiv …

Then immigrate lots of low iq muslim migrants and third world people for them. Here in germany i see many young women have some migrant boyfriends. …

Normaly the white man should remove the immegrants back to her country and put the women in her place. …

Many women got pregnant by these low life immegrants. Mother a slut with a low iq father parasite migrant also low iq.

The children will be low iq. The following generation of these people will drop our iq level on a very low point.

Meanwhile, other commenters pointed their fingers at the group they see as the real culprit for all this allegedly “dysgenic” behavior — the people allegedly pulling the strings. Some were a teensy bit coy about naming the group, but their particular dogwhistles are so blatant they’re more like car alarms.

“[W]elfare and third world immigration is a dysgenic program,” wrote Belrick_NZ.

a deliberate dumbing down of the general western population to ease command and control.

meanwhile a certain ethnic group is maintaining their racial purety.

“((((Who))) could that be?” replied another commenter.

I don’t know, ((((((who?))))))

It’s telling that the only people the MGTOWs can even imagine hating more than women are Jews.

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64 replies on “MGTOWs can’t decide who’s making the world a dumber place: Teh Women, or Teh Jews”

Unlurking to point out that “Hogan’s Heros” was just another example of tv execs trying to cash in on a Hollywood moneymaker. Though the William Holden movie “Stalag 17” (based on a play, oddly enough) had a pretty grim main plot, there was a good bit of comic relief. Some of the comic bits were based on true stories of POWs’ attempts to escape, and others were more character driven.

My dad was a former Marine and history buff whose brothers both served in WWII. We watched every single WWII-based movie and tv show that came out in the 60s, from “McHales Navy” to “Combat.” But he watched “Hogan’s Heroes” and “Rat Patrol” for the sole purpose of yelling at them for being an insult to history.

Not that it’s relevant to anything, but I just wanted to point out that no matter how shallow and money-oriented tv studios are, no one just woke up one morning and said, “let’s make a comedy about POWs in a Nazi prison camp! It’ll be hilarious!”


What if Chad is a street gangster? The “gangster” is a pretty transparent dogwhistle for a black person (or “Tyrone”, as the incels call them), and the idea of white women sleeping with hypersexual minority men is an age-old racist trope.

There are two types of Chad (in their imagination). One is a thuggish gym brute, who may or may not be black. The other is a rarefied 6′ GQ model with a high status career, a six figure income, bla bla bla 80% of the ladies on Tindr. Thug Chad is the reason women need to be controlled, while Hypergamous Chad absolves them of responsibility for self-improvement.


You know, part of me is rather astonished that the little world that they’ve built that explains human interactions so neatly never crumbles into dust the minute they go outside.

They’re really good at twisting the world to fit into their model. It’s a combination of viewing every innocuous action through a sinister transactional lens, and being blind to the 99% of activities besides sex and jobs that make up human experience. In their world, people don’t knit or nurse sick children or spend a lifetime with a 4 or sit on a park bench and watch clouds go by. None of those activities provide external validation from alpha men, the sole arbiters of human value. /s

They’re sex predators with zero theory of mind, which means they can’t comprehend people having goals in life other then getting laid.

So it’s all sex sex sex job job sex sex job sex sex, always in complaint form, always about their perceived loss of status. I don’t know why they don’t get bored with themselves. I guess rage is addictive. It’s a lazy way to feel powerful.


It’s a combination of viewing every innocuous action through a sinister transactional lens

They do this in part by making up backstories that fit their narrative. See a conventionally attractive man with a woman who isn’t as conventionally attractive? Make up a backstory and it still fits your story. If you gave these people a Thematic Apperception Test, this is what you’d see. They just make up something to that ties it into their BS and they don’t have to think of other possibilities.

There’s no pairing they can see that doesn’t confirm their worldview.

Conventionally attractive man with conventionally attractive woman: hypergamous slut showing her true colors and only wanting a Chad!
Conventionally attractive man with an unconventionally attractive woman: women these days are so picky that even hot men need to lower their standards to find a partner!
Unconventionally attractive man with a conventionally attractive woman: she’s only with him for his money and is definitely cheating on him.
Unconventionally attractive man with an unconventionally attractive woman: she’s only with him for his money after riding the cock carousel and women are so picky that the guy had to settle for her!
Any pairing of a man with another man: degeneracy! Women are so picky that men are resorting to sleeping with each other!
Any pairing of a woman with another woman: they’re only doing it to try to get the attention of a Chad.

Just commenting to request you leave Sgt. Schulz out of this. He’s just a toy maker from Duseldorf, he doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with these chuds.

One is a thuggish gym brute, who may or may not be black. The other is a rarefied 6′ GQ model with a high status career, a six figure income, bla bla bla 80% of the ladies on Tindr.

Well now I’m shipping Chad with Chad.

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants

So it’s all sex sex sex job job sex sex job sex sex, always in complaint form, always about their perceived loss of status. I don’t know why they don’t get bored with themselves. I guess rage is addictive. It’s a lazy way to feel powerful.

Absolutely true. It triggers those endorphins without needing to do the hard work of introspection.

Once again mgtows are unable to move on and talk about things that interest them. Despite boasting about how successful they are and far superior, they’re incapable of leaving women out of their mouths and talk about instead hobbies and goals to improve themselves. However, I do see alot of mgtows fight with alt righters and traditionalists more often than not. I’ve seen anti semitic alt righters call for mgtows to die off (esp if they’re poc) since they’re not “doing their job securing the white race” and traditionalists just laugh at them for being lonely bitter men. Their shared hatred for the bad boy stereotype does make it seem that they watch old Hollywood movies as documentaries. Like, they see James Dean’s appearance as the devil meanwhile they see themselves as the nerds and dorks who never had a chance with the cheerleader (ie women in general). It’s such a weird juvenile phenomenon coming from grown adult men..

I have also noticed how every time I watch a vid on YouTube and there’s a negative comment about women, I check their profile and to my non existent surprise, they either are subscribed to mgtow channels or have a playlist of videos of the topic. They’re not good at moving on and living their life at all.

When I read exredpill, ex mgtow and r/the bluepill it’s sad to see how this cult is so cruel and exploitative to people who are depressed and lost.

The comments here about how mgtows are so bitter and mired in toxicity reminded me: I was at a good friend’s birthday celebration a little while back.

We were on the bank of the massive river that cuts through my city; a gorgeous spot, with cliffs behind us and water in front. There’s a tiled outdoor dance floor and people were dancing; adults, kids, everyone. There were multiple groups of people barbequing; kids running around; people cycling, skating, rollerblading; climbers on the cliffs; boats and boards on the water. The city skyscrapers just across the river. It was almost ridiculously idyllic, lol.

And just for a second, I saw the whole scene from a mgtow perspective. Inter-racial families everywhere (including mine). People from all different countries. Conventionally beautiful folk with regular looking folk. LGBT people all over the place, including the birthday girl of our gathering. Etc. Everyone just living their best life.

I didn’t exactly feel sorry for mgtows – they chose their worldview, after all – but I did feel deeply sad at the sheer waste of living your life like that.

One of the things that I find most telling about the MGTOW “We’re ignoring women and focusing on our hobbies and stuff” line is not just the utter lack of them doing either, but that non-MGTOW men tend to spend way, way more time talking about their hobbies and interests.

Right now I’m in a really great online discussion about cartoons of the 80s, and how they did or did not hold up. Can you even imagine a MGTOW getting into something like that without making it all about how much he hates women?

Or all the research and discussion that I’m engaged in right now regarded a new formulation of paints for miniature wargames. Would miggies even care about seeing the differences between highly-translucent paints over different primer coats, or would they just go into “I can’t afford this stuff since my ex-wife stopped supporting me ::cough:: I mean, took all my money.”


Can you even imagine a MGTOW getting into something like that without making it all about how much he hates women?

I can’t imagine that. I would instead expect them to go off about how awful the women in the shows are and make up all sorts of strange non-canon stuff about them.

MGTOWs tend to get really defensive the minute someone asks about hobbies, which implies they don’t have any.

Speaking of Hogan’s Heroes, the one thing that’s baffled me about the series is that there were some people who looked at an episode, and came to the conclusion that it was set in a concentration/extermination camp instead of a POW camp. And then raged about how depraved it was to set a sitcom in such a horrible place. (Glares at Mad Magazine.)

Like 1960’s Hollywood wouldn’t have balked at that idea, a mere 20-30 years after the Holocaust happened, when so many people in and out of the entertainment industry still remembered going through it and everything.

Unless the history books lied and the concentration camp victims really did wear Air Force uniforms from assorted countries instead of striped pajama-things. Because otherwise I would’ve thought what the prisoners were wearing would be a good tip-off as to who they weren’t supposed to be.

At l ast in my opinion.

David, you can spin it anyway around you want. I hang out with men and women, but I don’t date and I certainly have no intention to get married or even live together. My parents divorced, my brother divorced and he has to pay 5 years alimony (WTF) even though she also had a full time job and decided to go with a “better” guy. He doesn’t intend to get another GF either. My uncle was in a bitter divorce fight in which he lost a good deal of his (pension) assets as well as custody of this kids. I don’t identify myself with the MGTOW hate that they spew out, other than that MGTOW has taught me to stand up for myself and to raise the bar for any potential wife, just like women raise the bar for a potential husband. With a the majority of North American women either on anxiety pills, meth, have tattoos, are overweight or have had multiple sex partners, I keep the honor to myself and remain single. Yeah, life is good, even if you don’t agree.

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