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Jews are using yoga pants to genocide the white race, weirdo racist dingbat charges

They’ve even got dogs wearing them now!

By David Futrelle

Will the evil Judeo-Masonic (((Illuminati))) cabal that apparently determines what sort of pants that people wear stop at nothing?

Evidently not, if this meme from a now-defunct racist conspiracy site is anything to go by:

I had no idea that one’s choice of pants determines who you have sex with and whether or not you have a career.

But the site that originally posted this meme,, described itself as “a independent run news-organization which strives to deliver educational and informative information and news” on such topics as “false-flag terrorism, the (((Illuminati))) central banking cartel [and] world-wide Judeo-Masonic misconduct,” so clearly they must know more about such things than a humble blogger such as myself.

H/T — r/ForwardsFromHitler

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160 replies on “Jews are using yoga pants to genocide the white race, weirdo racist dingbat charges”

@Troll JACK:

Yoga pants are skin tight and practically see through. This was not acceptalbe public dress 20 years ago. why is it okay now?

Only if they’re from Lululemon…or, as I prefer to call them, OVERPRICED LEMON.

The yoga pants I’m wearing now are from Old Navy. Inexpensive, come in sizes past 10-12, not unduly tight, and 100% opaque.

Please stop asking stupid questions now, or face more mockery and disgrace in future. Kthxbai.

@Bookworm in hijab

The quality of trolls around this place is notoriously lower than it used to be. It’s a great pity.

@Bookworm in hijab:

Totally random tangent, but related to hockey; I was heading home after a late night downtown and I saw a woman wearing a vancouver canucks jersey and a perfectly matching blue headscarf and I really wanted to compliment her on it but I am so totally incapable of just walking up to strangers and saying things that sound like come-ons.

I kinda feel a bit guilty cause when I first moved here I got comments from people of all stripes nearly every week about my fashion from complete strangers and it was definitely all respectful and uplifting but I’m just no good at paying it forward in that same way.

@ Jane Done (love your name!),I know what you mean! I always live to see people’s cool outfits, but I worry that if I say anything to them I’ll come off as a weirdo…

@Jane Done:

If it helps, here are the simple rules I set for myself (more common sense than “rules”, really) when I decided to start complimenting random people more (because I like making people happy and because more positivity in the world is a good thing), to make sure I’m keeping things as neutral as possible:

1. It needs to be about something I actually like / appreciate / just generally think is cool. Pretty obvious, I’d say – it’s more just a reminder that if you (general “you”, not Jane specifically) need to look for something to compliment, then that might mean your intentions aren’t a “pure” complement but closer to a come-on.

2. A compliment will only be about something that reflects taste and choice – in my case that would usually mean clothes, or a cool hair dye/style, or something like that. Never anything body-related, even if it’s supposedly neutral like eye colour (or a natural hair colour, no matter how much I love redheads). The compliment needs to be about something they had a part in choosing.

3. As much as possible, it needs to be clear that the situation is not intended as anything more than a compliment. The ideal situation is what I think of as a “drive-by compliment”, where I’m just passing them on the street and go “hey, great shirt!” or “wow, love the hair!” and we both move on and that’s done. I try not to approach someone specifically for the compliment, since that feels awkward. If we happen to be in an enclosed space, like a bus, I try to make it clear that I’m not expecting anything (won’t try to create/maintain eye contact, won’t initiate any extra conversation, I leave it up to them). Don’t even need a thankyou.
3a. An auxiliary to that – if someone is wearing headphones or reading a book or otherwise involved in something that would require drawing their attention especially for the compliment, I don’t approach them. What I have to say is not that important.

As far as I can tell, these rules work (that is, people I compliment seem happy, and I haven’t had any reactions that indicated they thought I was coming on to them). Of course, as a (cis)woman I have the advantage of seeming less threatening to begin with, but I think these rules can work for men too. As long as it’s a genuine “oh hey, cool [thing]!” where it’s clear there is no expectation beyond it, and where the complimentee has space to not feel any kind of obligation, I think it works.

(Okay, I do admit that I tend to mostly target women, but at least some of that has to do with seeing fewer men who have interesting clothes / shoes / hair etc. that I might want to compliment. And yeah, have to judge it more carefully so it won’t be taken the wrong way, because things might get awkward at best, dangerous at worst. But even so, I have done it, and it has worked.)

@Penny Psmith, that’s pretty much exactly what I do (“drive-by” only; only ever things someone chose, such as rainbow hair or the like). I don’t do it often, mind, and I hardly ever compliment men.


Like I said, it’s really mostly common sense, but figured it might be helpful to see it listed. 🙂
And actually one of the (many) things I like about geek cons is how many chances they offer to compliment people of all genders, because there are so many folks with awesome cosplay, or just cool nerdy t-shirts, and people generally feel more free to look unusual. It’s so much fun.

@Penny Psmith, yup – I can see how that would be great, because it’s a real pleasure to be able to offer genuine compliments! It’s only problem thanks to the selfish shit pulled by entitled blokes, really :-\

And also yes, I agree it’s definitely helpful to see it listed like you did 🙂

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