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Should dudes attracted to older or fat women be thrown out of the incel club for having it too easy? An incredibly stupid debate

How incels view women over thirty

By David Futrelle

Incels spend a lot of time debating incredibly stupid things. Whether female sexual pleasure matters. Which mass shooters to embrace as heroes and which to dismiss as “amateurs” with insufficient body counts. Whether or not incels today suffer more than actual slaves did in antebellum America. Whether most women regularly have sex with dogs, or just some of them?

But in some ways the most stupefying debate I’ve run across on the forums lately is whether or not incels who are attracted to “older or fat women” should be thrown out of the incel club because they have it too easy when it comes to getting laid — at least when compared to your more “normal” incels, obsessed with having sex with virgins and underage girls.

Because, yes, in incel world, adult men fetishizing “jailbait” is seen as normal and natural, whereas being attracted to women over the age of, say, 30 is regarded by many incels as dangerously degenerate.

“I have noticed most users here are attracted to younger, virgin girls and jailbait,” wrote an commenter calling himself cookie33.

Putting all of the ideological considerations aside, like the importance of virginity, the cock carousel and the shame of being a cuck to a fat/older woman, there is a part of the population that is physically attracted to such a women. 

You can almost taste the disgust he feels towards all those “cucks” and “soyboys” who are actually attracted to adult women of average (or even — gasp! — above average) weight rather than model-thin high-school girls.

However, incels liking fat/old women obviously have it easier than other incels, since their sexual attraction enables them to jump the moral barriers and ascend easier with these women. Also, fat/old women have lowered standards, which makes ascending even easier.

Yeah, I somehow suspect there aren’t going to be a lot of women of any sort lining up to fuck dudes as creepy as you guys.

Therefore, in comparison with ephebophile incels, should they be considered volcel, and even fakecel? 

Or should ephebophile incels be considered mentalcels, and incels with an eclectic taste in women should be truecels, since the latter have still failed to ascend despite easier conditions? Your sexual drives are part of your personality/behavior, and your personality is part of what defines inceldom (mentalcels).

All this complicated and confusing terminology when the phrase “unfuckable creeps” works just fine!

Naturally the debate that followed in the responses to cookie33’s post was exactly as thoughtful as every debate on

“Ugly landwhales and fat old cunts still go for the best looking guys,” complained someone called Vermilioncore.

“But it is nevertheless a realistic scenario for an incel to ascend with a whale or a hag,” replied cookie44. “With Stacy, it’s not.”

“True,” replied Vermilioncore.

It’s sad that they are all we have a chance at. But as time moves forward and tinder shows to women all the viable options, even hags and landwhales will begin to disregard anyone who isn’t attractive.

Hate to break it to you, dude, but Tinder isn’t the issue here. Most women don’t even need “viable options” to turn you down; they would honestly rather die alone than date someone as creepy and hateful as you.

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Prith kDar
Prith kDar
4 years ago

@ K.

It looks to me like Utah just doesn’t want to deal with him and is leaving it to Colorado to lock him up for parole violations. However, despite the headline, the judge won’t decide until Thursday if he’ll go along with that plan.

3 years ago

Also, fat/old women have lowered standards, which makes ascending even easier.

Not quite how it works, methinks.

As a 40 year-OLD woman, my standards have never been higher. I’ve already crashed and burned a couple of times, so I know what types to avoid, and I’m at a point in my life where I have the stability I always wanted and have never been more comfortable in my own skin, which means I’m not willing to settle.

(long time lurker, first time poster)

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