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Reddit TERFs discover that one of the STEM School shooters may be trans, and it goes about as well as you’d expect

Collage of comments from the GenderCritical subreddit

By David Futrelle

Some TERFs — trans-exclusionary radical feminists — seem nearly as obsessed with “trans crime” as Trump is with “immigrant crime,” and as Der Sturmer once was with “Jewish crime.”

And so, when the GenderCritical subreddit – Reddit’s main hangout for TERFs — discovered that one of the STEM School students who shot up a Colorado high school earlier this week is reportedly a trans boy, it’s not surprising that the discussion there quickly turned ugly. And more than a little weird.

TERFs favorite targets are trans women — whom they describe, in their own perverse jargon, as TIMs, or Trans-Identified Males. But it turns out that TERFs are nearly as happy to attack trans men and boys — or so-called “TIFs” — even though “TIFs” are, in the minds of the TERFs anyway, still “biological females.”

Some “GenderCritical” Redditors blamed the shootings in part on the testosterone injections and/or surgery they assumed that Alec McKinney, the alleged trans shooter, had gotten, although there’s no evidence so far showing that McKinney, a juvenile, has had any sort of hormone therapy much less gone under the knife.

“Yeah turns out doing irreparable [harm] to your body and turning up your aggression right away leads to instability,” wrote a commenter called norris528e.

Several commenters shared allegedly true stories of trans men they know who turned violent after starting their transition.

“This might … be anecdotal.” wrote someone calling themselves NecessarySpeed4,

but one of my sister friends was a lesbian whose girlfriend decided to transition to male. Pretty much right away, the new “boyfriend” started acting like an asshole.

My sisters friend was struggling with to support “his” decision to be a man and this “boyfriend” according to my sister displayed signs of male chauvinism making crude and sexual remarks towards other women and had started a habit of slapping women on their asses a few months later “he” left his girlfriend because she was a transphobe who didn’t fully support “him”

There was dark talk about the pernicious effects the “trans cult” — and/or the “kweer kult” — allegedly has on the psyche of “transdelusional” young people who, as TERFs see it, decide to become trans.

“Being in the thrall of a cult can and routinely DOES lead people to commit acts of violence,” declared GCMadamXX.

That’s what ISIS is, and the KKK and Boko Haram etc etc etc. Many cults have lured members into self harm or mass suicide. A horrific cult in Russia required women to cut off their breasts and men to be castrated. Sound familiar?

You seriously think a cult that encourages teens to castrate themselves is not a danger to wider society? Is not churning out sociopaths? Is not ATTRACTIVE to sociopaths?

We can give you a long list of violent acts committed by people in the thrall of the trans cult. A long and growing list.

Sosososhocking implied that the shooting was the inevitable result of violent rhetoric from trans activists.

Trans people: fuck terfs we should kill terfs

Also trans people: shoots up a school

Everyone but rad fems: surprisedpikachu.jpg

Some managed to convince themselves that the other alleged shooter, identified as 18-year-old Devon Erickson, might actually be a secret trans woman still living as male — based largely on his hair color and his not-exactly-macho aesthetic.

A commenter called libfem_decline posited that Erickson is “(potentially) a closeted TIM. At least, he’s got purple hair and furry tattoos.”

GCMadamXX similarly suggested that

The adult shooter is likely in the trans cult too. In March he posted on Instagram with the hashtags #tumblrgirl #aestheticgirl #cuteaesthetic #pastelgrunge #softgrunge #softaesthetic . Also he either wrote or tattooed an acronym on his arm that has to do with furries. Unfortunately he was definitely part of the rainbow kids crowd. There’s a selfie overlaid with the Pride flag.

This one could be a wild ride, ladies. Buckle up.

While few in the discussion seemed to have any trouble attacking trans men, there were some who couldn’t help reverting back to the primary TERF obsession, the alleged villainy of trans women — sorry, “Trans-Identified Males.”

“I’m actually surprised we don’t see more TiM mass shooters,” wrote Mountains_beyond, “as so many fit the “aggrieved narcissist” profile.”

While libfem_decline thinks trans women get too much “attention and validation and special snowflake fuzzies” to become alienated enough to shoot up a school. other Reddit TERFs are predicting a coming wave of trans women mass shooters.

“[J]ust wait,” warned coppershrike.

Many of the more insane TIMs will go out shooting as they age and reality starts becoming something they cannot deny.

Jelliknight agreed:

Imagine when society wakes up and all their documents are set back to MALE and they’re banned from womens spaces and no longer have the right to sue for being called a man. That’s when we’ll start to see a lot more TIM shooters.

You almost get the impresstion that Jelliknight is looking forward to the coming age of “TIM” violence — much in the way that misogynistic Men Going Their Own Way look forward to the the social collapse they think feminism is about to bring about, because in the ensuing chaos, MGTOWs think, men will be able to put women back in their place.

Jelliknight seems similarly eager to put trans people “back in their place,” no matter how painful and messy this process could get.

That’s a rather disquieting response to news of a school shooting.

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70 replies on “Reddit TERFs discover that one of the STEM School shooters may be trans, and it goes about as well as you’d expect”


You are correct. Wheresoever there is a post on Incels on WeHuntedTheMammoth, there too is a Nowherepants to tell us how the incel poster is obviously trolling incels or being misogynistic is totally a legitimate strategy for gay men to use in order to feel more manly or to provide a “Butthurt Report Form”.

The Nowherepants is also shockingly not nowhere when it comes to MRAs, and can be witnessed assuring commenters that an MRA who claimed to have awful sex that proved all women are awful is also toooootally just a troll like the first incel. Totally. So much so that he spentthree pages of comments arguing with commenters who have vaginas about what special sorts of goop can or cannot be created by the various parts of the human reproductive system.

…as proof that the MRA had to be a lying troll?

Funny how when it’s an MRA or an Incel saying ridiculous/awful stuff it must be because they’re trolling the MRA or Incel forums. But when it’s TERFs being TERFy, it’s amazing how stereo-typically ugly they are with their daddy issues and sexual frustration.

*Google search using a site: filter is kinda awesome for double checking whether the troll said the thing you remember the troll saying.


If it isn’t blindingly apparent, I’m pretty sure you’re a regular drop in troll.

If you want to surprise me, maybe do some self reflection about why launching into misogynistic tropes when attacking women with terrible ideology (instead of, you know, talking about their terrible ideology) might be bad form.

Wow, Nowherepants, wow!
That was so low below the belt, you dug into Satan’s wine cellar.

My response to Nowherepants, if it were possible to do so, would be to send over a clown and… um, won’t describe it because I’m not sure whether nonconsensual slapstick violates the comments policies… but it would be brief and non-damaging. Because I’m in a weird and kind of dark mood right now.

Emailed David. I think that’s just about enough from Nowherepants.

Truth is a hard, red pill to swallow….

Simply saying your words are truth doesn’t make it so. And when Roosh V. king of the red pillers has become an angry, bitter and lonely religious fundy, you might want to stop promoting the red pill “philosophy” as some kind of enlightening truth.

Well, that’s definitely enough of nowherepants, banned!

Oh, Jews, transsexuals, and immigrants commit crimes. The question is HOW MUCH. It is typical of propaganda to make people think the hated group is far more criminal than it actually is, in fact often when it is in general more law-abiding than the propagandist’s own. It is enough to have one trans commit a crime and it is a “crime wave” for them.

Gijoel –

Isn’t it the other way around? Isn’t original sin supposed to be the reason for sex (due to the need to populate the earth adter expulsion from heaven)?


As for their tacit alliance with right-wing extremists, that suggests a lot of sexual frustration and daddy issues(they desperately want to get nailed by strong, dominant, alpha males and crave for a trad lifestyle but are in denial about this).

Please leave your gross fantasies about women’s sexual desires out of this. I don’t want to defend TERFs or anything but absolutely nothing points to this and it’s just a way for you to wedge sex into a discussion where it doesn’t belong.

I strongly second that, plus framing women being independent and fighting for a cause as some secret sexual desire to be dominated and brought to submission is exactly what MRAs and incels say about all kinds of feminists and independent women. I sure hope it’s the last we see of nowherepants.

Anyway, has anyone else seen this video by ContraPoints? I found her video really useful in explaining all the criticisms lobbed at trans people in a good way that, at least to a cis person like me, answers a lot of questions one might have and gives good examples on how to counter transphopbic rhetoric.


Misogyny targeted at horrible people is still misogyny. Splash damage is A Thing.

So a guy shows some gender non-conformity and that means he must be secretly trans? Wasn’t the whole point of “gender critical” movement supposed to be about dissolving gender roles and letting people express themselves how they like regardless of their sex or something? 🤔


Wasn’t the whole point of “gender critical” movement supposed to be about dissolving gender roles and letting people express themselves how they like regardless of their sex or something?

Yep, the “gender critical” movement is about that to the same degree that the “pro-life” movement is about saving babies, or our beloved “Men’s Rights” movement about ending the oppression of men.

Trans people: fuck terfs we should kill terfs

Also trans people: shoots up a school

Everyone but rad fems: surprisedpikachu.jpg

In real life, of course, it’s more like

FARTS: lol let’s make sure trans people don’t get any kind of social acceptance. trans women are actually men trying to invade women’s spaces, and trans men are women full of internalized misogyny. They are SICK and need to learn to accept their genitals and the gender binary before they mutilate themselves. like a cult. A trans cult. That goes around gathering followers and converting people. Yes.

Trans adults: Wow. Hey, fuck you ignoramuses. Can’t you just let us transition and live our lives with at least the barest crumb of human respect? It’s not like what’s in our pants is any of your business. I don’t ask about your botox, lipo and tummy tuck because the cosmetic procedures you got to help your body match your self image and make you happy aren’t our business, Karen. Can you maybe return the courtesy, and use our pronouns properly? Also, nonbinary people exist.


Trans adults: … oh my god why are you being like this??? Even cisgender people sometimes use HRT to correct imbalances or if they have to have surgery that removes gonads, and they’re totally fine! It’s REALLY not different from that, and it saves lives! Here, here’s some data on how trans suicide rates plummet to almost the same as general population levels. That shows that on the whole, we do a LOT better when we’re allowed access to hormones and surgery and have the family and social support we need!

cisgender kids: *bullying trans kids much like the FARTS suggest*

Trans kid who can’t get help because schools are so much better at talking game about acceptance and anti bullying and mental health care and gender affirmation than actually delivering those things, much like how gun lovers are much better at talking about responsible ownership than the are at properly locking up their guns in safes not cabinets so they can’t be easily stolen: *shoots up a school*

FARTS: surprisedpikachu.jpg

FARTS: *conveniently ignores the massive majority of school shooters who are white cisgender males in a proportion that far outweighs their share of the population*

FARTS: AHA! SEE! Trans cult violence at work! This is just the beginning, it’s only a matter of time before more TIMs and TIFs snap, so we have to put a stop to them!

Trans adults: *screaming into pillows out of sheer frustration*

Sorry I didn’t post earlier I was busy screaming into pillows. This whole thing was just a terrible concatenation of some of the worst things about modern American society…..

Hmm, Victoria McCurley would like to discuss cis* women’s violence with the TERFs, I should think.

Now since TERFs can’t imagine that people are safe or unsafe based on their actions but rather based upon their identity, we should go ahead and ban cis* women from public schools. It seems only appropriate. /s

@Crip Dyke

TBH I think whiteness and white supremacism need to be considered as much an underlying factor in these crimes as cis/hetero maleness and male supremacism. And, well, shitty white queers are unfortunately a thing. (Gods only know I’ve encountered plenty of them, and plenty of both racism and antisemitism in my local trans community. And as a white person the first is something I’ve had to work hard at letting go of myself.)

*begins magical de-lurk girl transformation*

@TB Tabby:

These two articles, back to back, are a clear indication that incels and TERFs are two sides of the same vile sexist coin.

I get the gist of what you’re meaning here, and I appreciate the intent esp of drawing comparisons between awful groups, but it’s not really correct or a helpful comparison. It’s really, really not.

TERFs/FARTs have concocted a sort of “puritan” dichotomy: cis women are pure, blameless victims, while trans women are predatory, agressive, slathering sex beasts waiting to literally jump onto unsuspecting women and violently rape them. Many are anti-porn, anti-sex work, anti-sexual revolution. Some even slut-shame cis women, and they definitely use all of classical misogyny against trans women and allies.

It’s a cult of extremists, not feminists, though they like to appropriate misquoted extreme ideas, such as “reducing the male population to 20%” or however it goes, and other things that support the ‘pure, unblemished cis women vs animalistic sex-driven men/trans people/anyone with a drop of testosterone’ trope. Some concoct “lists” of violent suspected trans women to purportedly prove that literally every single trans woman is a sex predator.

Just give /gendercynical a quick browse if you want to see how inhumanely toxic this group can be. Or not, if you value your sanity.

So when allies say TERFs are just like incels, of which I have heard it said often (once, an entire published article was devoted to the topic), it plays directly into their ideology.

They can then say “SEE?? They bring SEX into EVERYTHING!! Even their accusations against their opponents. We’re not the ones that are desperate for sex, we just want OUR rIgHTs!! They’re SLATHERING SEX ANIMALS just like we’ve been saying ALL ALONG!!!11!!”

well, maybe not quite that blunt, certainly not in public, but then the quote “morally mandated from existence” wasn’t on the very first page of the “Transsexual Empire” either. The far right excell at packaging unbelievably horrific ideas in easy-to-swallow wording/packaging (i.e. “scientific” racism).

Point being, they’re supremacists. Cis supremacists. They literally want the eradication from existence of all trans people, that’s what their manifesto/mein kamph book “the transsexual empire” literally states, not that “saying the magic words” should necessarily have to always be the only way one is permitted to call out fascist/supremacist ideology.

And yeah, it sucks that any time the words “trans” and “sex” are spoken in the same hour, a massive amount of people feel comfortable openly expressing their virulent disgust. Trans people shouldn’t have to distance themselves from sex just to be allowed to live. I’m not trying to say that’s ok, I’m saying TERFs are far, far more akin to white supremacists, often even allying with neonazis or parroting their ideology, and the comparison to incels only allows them derail the conversation and propagate their propoganda.

Hope this was educational

*sheds magical outfit and re-lurks*

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