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Just some MGTOWS dreaming of the apocalypse – and how it’ll make ladies less stuck-up

It’s no big secret that many doomsday preppers yearn for the apocalypse — if for no other reason than the opportunities it will provide them to say “I told you so” to all those who doubted their paranoid fantasies. And to possibly shoot some of these unprepared scoffers when they come begging for food.

empathy deficit entitled babies men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny rape culture rape is good actually

Visionary MGTOW imagines a utopian wonderland where men are men and women are strapped to milking machines

By David Futrelle Well, you have to give the MGTOWs credit for one thing: they do tend to have very vivid imaginations. Over on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, a fellow calling himself MGTOWrath recently worked himself into a lather over women who think men are “oppressive, power-mad, sexist, etc.”

armageddon men who should not ever be with ponies ever MGTOW misogyny

MGTOW meme of the day: “When society collapse, who will females go to?”

A lovely little MGTOW meme for Friday night. Inside of every Man Going His Own Way is a delusional doofus who fantasizes about society collapsing in a heap so that he can say “told you so” to all the women he’s ever had an unrequited crush on.

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MGTOWs predict a nightmare future of “land whales” and a 40% Bachelor Tax

The MGTOWs on the GYOW forum are thinking about tomorrow, putting on their futurist hats and pondering what will happen when, as they think is inevitable, more and more men “take the red pill” and walk away from women to a new life of happiness and wonder in which they devote their days to grousing…

a voice for men a woman is always to blame all about the menz antifeminism boner rage crackpottery creepy evil wives evil women excusing abuse imaginary oppression it's science! lazy women eating bon bons marital rape marriage strike men created civilization men invented everything men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny MRA not-quite-explicit threats not-quite-plausible deniability only men pay taxes apparently oppressed men patriarchy playing the victim precious bodily fluids rape rape culture shit that never happened taking pleasure in women's pain women's jobs aren't real your time will come

A Voice for Men doubles down: how dishwashers, TV dinners, and marital rape laws are rendering women obsolete. Also, the apocalypse.

We met new A Voice for Men writer Clint Carpentier earlier this week, when we took a look at a recent post of his waxing nostalgic about the good old days before marital rape laws, when wives couldn’t say “no” to their husbands and expect the law to take this no any more seriously than…

all about the menz antifeminism are these guys 12 years old? drama kings entitled babies evil women I'm totally being sarcastic men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny no girls allowed playing the victim

The Last of Us: Has evil feminism ruined the zombie apocalypse?

So it’s true: Feminists have started ruining video games with all their feminism. At least according to some dude called pullupjumper on MGTOWforums who recently wrote a post warning his fellow red pill dudebros about a little game called The Last of Us, which is not only filled with zombies but, get this, girls.

antifeminism creepy evil women grandiosity I'm totally being sarcastic men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny playing the victim

MGTOWer: Wearing makeup turns women into Darth Vader

On, Marcus20 offers a dire warning for all of his fellow Men Going Their Own Way who may not yet be Going Their Own Way thoroughly enough. This is a gender war. Some men don’t know there’s a war. But almost every man feels something is wrong. Some men who know there’s a gender…

antifeminism armageddon evil women grandiosity melodrama men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misandry misogyny oppressed men oppressed white men racism threats your time will come

It’s a Tsunami! It’s a Coiled Spring! It’s a Mixed Metaphor MGTOW MANPOCALYPSE!

It’s time for another mixed-metaphor MANPOCALYPSE over on! This time the Nostradamus Going His Own Way is a fellow calling himself Swetnam. Here are his dire predictions: I like to talk of men’s rights as a tsunami crashing against the shore..but men’s rights are just the cresting wave. Just behind that are a vast…

armageddon atlas shrugged cock blockade crackpottery creepy evil women I'm totally being sarcastic manginas men who should not ever be with women ever MGTOW misogyny oppressed men patriarchy sexy robot ladies the spearhead we hunted the mammoth

Will the coming apocalypse put bitchy ladies in their place?

Angry manosphere dudes sure do love them some apocalyptic fantasies! Which totally makes sense, since they all seem to imagine the apocalypse as little more than an opportunity to deliver a big “told you so!” to women and “manginas” and probably their pet goldfish. Over on, our robogirl-obsessed friend avoidwomen has been reposting assorted…


Trogdor005 awaits the apocalypse, which will totally put those bitchy single moms in their place

Our friend Trogdor005 has returned with a new manifesto on the greatness of men and the utter suckitude of women. It’s inspiring stuff, rendered extra HEROIC through his use of CAPS, BOLD TEXT, random “quotes” and “italics,” and, from time to time, red lettering. Trog starts by setting forth a now-familiar thesis: Men do everything,…

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