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New incel theory: Gay men are just “beta orbiters” who worship women so much they want to become them

Beta males looking for a woman to orbit

By David Futrelle

Apparently not content with being completely wrong about female sexuality, incels seem to be working overtime on being equally wrong about male sexuality as well.

And they’re doing a bang-up job so far.

Earlier this month, a self-described IncelFascist calling himself NeetSupremacist offered his colleagues on his “theory” about gay men: that the vast majority of them are former straight incels who decided to “turn gay” because they couldn’t get any women to fuck them.

Oh, sure, he said, there are some guys who are born gay — or, as he puts it, guys who have “mentally [sic] disorders which makes them gay and having a preference to the same sex counterpart,” whatever that last bit means. But, as he sees it, these real gay guys are the exception, not the rule.

As Mr. Supremacist sees it, most of the non-real gay guys who choose to become gay do so in their “prime time” between the age of 16 and 23 when they “suddenly become gay and try to fuck guys.” Never mind that these are the years when most sexually active people, regardless of sexual orientation, become sexually active. In his mind this is PROOF his theory is correct.

How come so? My theory here is that they have no success with females and they want to get laid, so they start watching gay porn and other shit and suddenly they are attracted to gay people.

There are certainly guys who discover they’re attracted to guys by watching porn — and other guys who discovered the same thing watching Chris Hemsworth in The Avengers. But watching gay porn doesn’t turn you gay.

They go to gay bars and see that they have success and before they know they are enjoying anal penetration to it’s fullest. Anal penetration is better than vaginal penetration in terms of tightness. 

Er, not sure why we’re suddenly talking about anal sex but I’m pretty sure you don;t have to be a gay guy to be into butfucking. And you don’t have to be into buttfucking to be a gay guy.

Many people gay people talk very feminine because they’re naturally low testosterone, having low T comes with having a high pitched voice which gives that ‘gay vibe’ and-thus resulting in talking like a female.

None of this is true. Gay men aren’t gay because of a lack of testosterone.

Many gays are bad framed low T subhumans (incels) and they become gay voluntary to escape their inceldom.

[citation needed]

Ask yourself the following question when you see gay people, are there any Chads? Yes I’ve seen some Chadlites and Chads within the gay community, but it was a minority. Most gays are ugly manlets and soyboy looking geeks, they are average and below average looking without any chance on the current dating market. Current society + gay media halo is pushing ugly and average guys to become gay in order to enjoy a sex-life.

Even aside from the repulsiveness of defining groups of people as “subhuman,” the fact is that gay men are generally held to higher standards of conventional physical attractiveness than straight men, as evidenced by the higher percentage of gay men who have body issues. And also evidenced by, well, just take a look at straight men.

But seriously, as I feel compelled to restate pretty much every time I write about incels: plenty of the straight guys that incels deem “subhuman” somehow don’t have the problem that incels have finding sexual partners.

This may be related to the fact that most of these guys, unlike incels, don’t go around calling women “roasties” or “foids” on a regular basis.

The only thing in Mr. Supremacist’s analysis that even approaches truth is the fact that guys who consider themselves straight sometimes do have sex with other men, for all sorts of reasons, sexual frustration being one of them.

But sexual activities are different than sexual orientations. Sure, some self-identified straight guys may realize they aren’t really so straight after trying gay sex; maybe they’re gay, maybe they’re bi, maybe they’d rather classify themselves as “heteroflexible” or some other label.

But others, even if they enjoy the experience, will continue to see themselves as straight for the simple reason that their sexual and romantic desires are and remain centered on women. Gay sex doesn’t actually turn straight people gay (or bi, or whatever) any more than straight sex can turn gay people straight.

Oh, but we haven’t even gotten to the most, well, advanced part of Mr. Supremacist’s theory: that gay men are really just “beta orbiters” of women who’ve taken their beta orbiting to the extreme!

I may have to resort to reaction gifs to get through the next few, er, theoretical claims of his,

“Basically,” he hetsplains,

being gay is taking beta orbiting to a new [level]. Instead of becoming the cuckold slave of the girl you become attracted to a man just to become ‘friends’ with the girl.

You worship the girl and the worshipping of femoids has reached a [level] that you want to behave and act like a female, you also take female preference habits (and females prefer to fuck men over other females) so you as a man also want to fuck men.

Sometimes it takes more than one gif.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Mr. Supremacist does not approve of his fellow incels allegedly gaying it up to get sex.

Nope! The guy who spends his spare time posting hateful nonsense on a forum where the regulars call women “femoids” and fantasize endlessly about murdering people in large numbers considers gayness a “cycle of disgustingness and sickness” and thinks those incels who have allegedly converted to gayness should be converted right back.

“[G]ayness is an illness that we should try to cure,” he writes.

I really like the idea of Christian Americans and how they create camps and schools to cure gay people by teaching them about the moral wrongdoing of being gay. They basically approach gayness as a mental illness and many gays tend to change after taking these gay curing sessions within these American Christian communities.

No, these programs — based on bad science and homophobia — don’t work. They just make those who undergo them more miserable. Though I imagine that to Mr. NeetSupremacist, the self-described IncelFAcist, that would be an equally acceptable result.

Once again, the tl;dr is that incels are 1) terrible and 2) wrong about everything.

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3 years ago


or anti-personality-disorder prejudice among the disabled community.

Just wanted to say thanks for that shoutout to PD stigma. I rarely see it mentioned, and it’s very nice to read.

3 years ago

or anti-personality-disorder prejudice among the disabled community.

Are you talking about the Autism community or the general disabled community? The Autism community does tend to be tightly knit and often doesn’t interact with people who have other disabilities but not autism.

Now in the case of the Autism community there definitely IS anti-cluster B/PD prejudice. It has to do with the fact that certain people with personality disorders are abusive to their partners, friends, and family members and autistic people are especially vulnerable. Our animosity is a survival strategy to protect one another.

S. P.
S. P.
3 years ago


Most animosity is a survival strategy. That doesn’t make it okay. I say this as an autistic person and an abuse survivor–the way forward is to work to be taken seriously, not to contribute to the stigma and prejudice surrounding another group of vulnerable people.

S. P.
S. P.
3 years ago

And by “to work to be taken seriously” I mean to work to end the ableism that keeps our pain from being listened to and our rights from being honored, in case that wasn’t clear.

(Sorry for the double post–the edit function disappeared, like, immediately.)

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
3 years ago


Christ, there’s more jumps in his logic than a basketball game.

Hell, there’s more jumps in incel “logic” than in a Mario game.

3 years ago

As to why the oppressed become oppressors, I think a lot of it is just the way humans are. A certain, ever-present cohort, anyway.

It really makes me think of my days in junior high* school; 7th graders were derided as “scrubs” and expected to endure taunting** and sometimes worse. Everyone*** looked forward to the day they entered 9th grade and could dish out what they had to take in 7th. It wasn’t so bad in 8th grade, but the 9th graders would still deliver some sort of smackdown if you got too big for your britches and that included spending too much time harassing 7th graders which the 9th graders saw as their purview.

I was completely unprepared for this and thought it was stupid. I still do. It wasn’t too bad for me, personally, because I was a pretty introverted kid and (I think) naturally good at keeping my head down.

*I’m USAian, and junior high was ages 12 – 14, in the early/mid 1970s before “middle school” became grades 6,7,8.

**This, in a Lutheran parochial school of around 100 students, total, no less!

***Not me; I somehow got away with having friends in all three grades, probably because I never called anyone else a “scrub”.

2 years ago

To be fair, I am mostly* a gay man, and a “beta” (leftist/soyboy), and I do think women are amazing, so the incels were sort of right?

(*bisexual and transmasc/genderfluid, mostly a feminine guy who’s usually but not exclusively into other guys right now)

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