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Possibly the worst sentence I have ever read

What the fuck did I just read?

By David Futrelle

So I’ve been doing a lot of weird search term combos lately, to see how various manosphere obsessions intersect. And the strangest combinations of terms often lead me to threads on 4chan.

I found the following comment in a thread on 4chan’s /pol/ forum that popped up when I searched for “yoga pants” and “race-mixing,” though the comment itself only contains one of these terms. It’s probably the most horrific sentence I have ever read, and all by itself it might possibly ruin your whole day.

CONTENT WARNING: Child sexual abuse.

generally the bigger the tits n ass correlates to an earlier activation of hormones due to getting diddled as a kiddle, so if you see a tittymonster in yoga pants you can bet she was raped by a degenerate boomer as a <10yo child, so yeah the mental issues are going to be all-encompassing, literally got fucked up

So yeah.

While this sentence is not, you know, true, it seems to be a sort of distorted extrapolation from a real research study published by two Penn State researchers last year which found that the stress of child sexual abuse can accelerate puberty in girls by as much as a year. Which is, to quote Mr. Anon here, fucked up.

So here are some prairie dogs hugging. because at this point I think we all need something a little less depressing to think about.

That’s a little better.

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42 replies on “Possibly the worst sentence I have ever read”

Hmm, let’s break out the checklist:

Scientific ignorance: check
Sketchy logic: check
Degrading term(s) for women and/or their anatomy: check
Boatloads of squick: check

Why yes, that is an MRA post!

I’d heard this theory about early sexual abuse of girls resulting in early puberty, decades ago. The person who told me it had, er, questionable attitudes towards underage girls. I was a teenaged girl at the time.


I just got a phone call from my spouse, who told me his quadriplegic brother was taken to the ER with stage 4 sepsis.

My quick Google indicates sepsis only has 3 stages. Is there anyone with a medical background who can help me out?

I know it’s bad news. Not surprising to me, but still bad news.

Dormousing It

I didn’t know that sepsis was staged, but I have survived it. My step dad has survived sepsis more than once. It is always a serious diagnosis and outcomes are very difficult to predict. I know that isn’t helpful but it is true.

How he responds to antibiotics will determine some of the outcome. The quadriplegia is a complicating factor that will make predictions even harder. I’m so sorry. This is awful for all of you. I hope he is in intensive care getting the treatment he needs. FWIW, my sympathies are flying over the internet to you and yours.

That’s gonna be a yikes from me, dawg.

Now, trigger warning here: I’m gonna talk about my own abuse real quick.

It didn’t really advance my puberty, I don’t think. I’ve always been a member of the Itty Bitty Tiddy Committee, but it did age me MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY.

And that might also be due to the verbal and emotional abuse I was also subject to before it grew into the awful clusterfuck that got that demon locked away in prison.

I was expected to grow up fast because I had to clean and care for younger siblings while their father sat around and did nothing because “Oh, I have bad legs, pity meeee and clean and babysit and make me coffee.”, and all of this began when I was like 7 or 8. And hell had no fury like that of when I eventually fucked up as a FUCKING CHILD will do.

And it truly fucked me up. I think this is part of the reason why I’ve got such a hard time functioning properly as an adult is because I’m still in “survival mode” as it were.

I don’t go out on work nights because I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere after school.

I associate dissapointment with anger, so I just keep my head down and stay quiet while an authority is talking to me, even if I have something to say in my defense.

I’m also terrified of fucking up minor things, to the point where I will break down sobbing because I am so scared of severe consequences.

And it’s because of shit like this that I didn’t actually have a childhood. I had to grow up because I lived in the monster’s den, where weakness was exploited and only caused hurt. I learned that adults were not to be trusted and I could only rely on myself. I had to withstand and endure, because what else could I do?

I mean, this whole thought process has me fucked up, y’all. The only real good thing about this is now that i’m an adult, I can try to give myself the childhood I never really had through toy collecting and video games.

As an English major, I want to take a permanent marker to that sentence.

As a human being, I want everybody to have a good childhood without emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. What I think of those who abuse children would violate the comments policy.


I hear you, and I’ve been a*** myself. I have similar issues but therapy and hard work have made things easier… slowly…

Recovery is possible even if it’s not linear. For me, giving myself a childhood as sn adult was a big part of it too.

Glad to hear that *#”;”/= got jailed. You did so well.

Hugs for anyone who’s survived or is going through hard times right now. Dormousing_it, I hope your brother in law responds to treatment. Thinking of you and your family.

That’s utterly horrifying to think stress hormones hasten the very thing abused kids need least – a sexually mature body. Is it possible that the correlation is backwards, and early bloomers are more likely to attract the attention of pedophiles?

Does anyone ever attempt to slap the living shit out of posts such as that one?

I’m being serious. I don’t have a Reddit account. I am seriously considering the prospect of joining JUST to tell these uninformed people how very wrong they are. (Yep, sounds like a fool’s errand.)

Letting these terribly uninformed people remain uninformed is unacceptable. Especially when they have the ear of other young, ignorant people whose main learning hub is other ignorant Redditors.


Amazing how such few words could condense so many types of vileness.

Pseudorationalists are the worst. Justifying all of their horrible beliefs with the thinnest glaze of hand-me-down evidence without the bravery to peek and see if they might be wrong. Utterly horrid.

@Carrie, it might be fun to brigade reddit or 4chan sometime, though I’d only do it through a VPN or anonymizer or something. A subreddit would just ban you for being an sjw, but that’s not something 4chan can do really… hmm.

read more of the thread. All my love to anyone who’s feeling called out by this troglodyte saying these things, it really is horrible <3

@Dormousing: Former EMT, current engineering student:

… I’ve never heard of a fourth stage of sepsis (last time I did any reading there were definitions for Sepsis-1, Sepsis-2, and Sepsis-3.

There is one 4 point scale that can be associated with a sepsis diagnosis, and that would be a SOFA (sequential organ failure assessment), where 4 is not good news.

So, I’d say that if I heard sepsis and 4 together, I’d assume the situation is probably pretty bad. However, human bodies can be amazingly resilient and they can be heartbreakingly fragile; some patients who are very ill with sepsis (on top of other complications) respond well to treatment and pull through, and some folks who get transported with flulike symptoms die. I don’t know what the case will be for your brother-in-law.

Internet hugs if you need them, and I hope your spouses’ brother improves, and his doctors and nurses and CNAs do well. And that your spouse gets the support he needs. And that you have the support you need, regardless of what happens.

@paradoxical Intention: That’s terrible. It sounds to me like you struggle with self-acceptance. Collect rooms full of toys and video games, if it makes you feel better.

I can commiserate, because my father’s misogyny, alcoholism, and self-hatred left him unable to parent effectively, especially be a parent to girls. But I never had it anywhere as bad as you did. I eventually forgave him. I think his guilt feelings were a factor in his death.

Thanks to everyone who responded about my brother-in-law’s sepsis. And, for the cute animal pics.

As someone who first noticed men leering and getting all gross right about the time my mosquito-bite boobs started budding at the ripe old age of ten, I really question the cause-and-effect sequence proposed by this creeper here. I was molested AFTER I started developing, not before.

Also, the fact that I ended up growing to a bra size that’s awfully hard to find on the racks is down not to being molested (and the hormones that THAT is supposed to stimulate) but the fact that I gained a lot of weight on the Pill. Which I took for my irregular periods, not so I could go around slutting it up.

Also, OT: The kitty in the picture is German, if that flag on the wall is any indication. Es leben die deutschen Katzen!

@Dormousing_it–all the best to the family. I hope things go as well as possible.

I wear a 40I bra, and was not abused as a child. I don’t think these things are connected, either, I think it’s just genetics plus weight on one hand, and luck of the draw on the other.

@Scildfreja Unnyðnes

Oh, brigading them sounds awesome. I know it’d be pointless just attacking their dumb beliefs by my lonesome, as they’d just shoot me down because they’d vastly outnumber me.

But with strength in numbers and all that, they’d have to reckon with reason.

@ Paradoxical Sending you all the platonic hugs you want. If you feel you need permission from random strangers, then you have my permission to have all the toys you want and play all you want.

@ Dormousing_it Hoping for the best for your brother-in-law.

I have heard that any kind of stress can advance puberty, but I’ve no idea whether it’s true.

Here’s a Siberian tiger cub

@Dormousing_it and @Paradoxical, I only wish I had something actually useful I could say … anyway sending my best virtual hugs, and best hopes.

@Dormousing_it, I’m glad at least that he is getting treatment and it sounds like it’s being treated seriously. It’s the best you can hope for. I hope it all turns out okay in the end <3

@Scildfreja Unnyðnes

There’s not much need. Outside of their own board, the denizens of /pol/ are generally despised by the rest of 4chan. And don’t bother brigading. They might not be able to ban you but they will drown you out in a tide of madness while ignoring any possible argument you might have against them.


You forget that you’d be engaging them on their own turf, and they’d be more likely to assume you’re just one person who’s using multiple IPs and denounce you accordingly. Save your anger for making an impact where it will stick.


And don’t bother brigading. They might not be able to ban you but they will drown you out in a tide of madness while ignoring any possible argument you might have against them.

They’re also likely to dismiss your “strength in numbers” either by accusing you all of being sockpuppets of one person (without evidence, natch), accusing you all of being paid to post your opinions by Soros (without evidence, natch), accusing you all of being sockpuppets of one person who is being paid by Soros (without evidence, natch), or pure head-in-sand denial.

My brother-in-law survived last night. That was the critical time for him, it seems. He’s doing better today.


Ugh, best of luck, and *hugs* if wanted. 🙁

@Paradoxical Intent, and everyone else relating childhood abuse experiences

Oh dear gods, you have all my sympathies. Complex PTSD is a *bastard*.

I wish I could say that I was shocked, but I think the internet has broken my ability to be surprised.

I bought some new baby rats last weekend. Really sweet rats- they all got piled in with new friends and were bruxing and sleeping together within hours. These guys LITERALLY have far more empathy than this twerp does, and yet were still being sold as snake food. ¯\​_(ツ)_/¯. At least now they have the good life with fresh food, toys, and a shoulder to ride on.


Glad to hear that your BIL is feeling better and that his prognosis is looking less uncertain. It seems that these kinds of things always happen at the worst of times. :/ Sending you hugs, and a hope that you are doing nice things for yourself as self-care whenever you can!

This thread reminds me that I don’t think that there’s been an open thread yet for December?

Also OT: in case you missed my second apology, recently I showed my ass in another thread. Once I calmed down and pulled my head out of it, I realized that I was totally missing what people were saying to me, and how they were defining words, and was basically responding to the shit in my head. Which… is not a good thing. I hang my head in shame.

@Doormousing_it, that’s such good news! I’m so glad he’s pulled through and is in less treacherous waters. All my wishes for healing and recovery, and for you I hope you can enjoy the relief. <3

@Red R. Lion, you're a good egg <3 We're all clumsily trying to figure ourselves out. Good job.

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